Solution to Auckland's development worries
Great clubs like Real Madrid in Europe have 'B' teams in the lower divisions. Problem solved! Auckland can be given another NPC team, to start in the 3rd division, but able ...

NZ v France - myth or reality ?
To all of you rugby experts out there. You've seen France play against their pool's opponents... honestly, what do you think ? 1) impressive team - definitely the sort of French team t...

Welsh selection disappointing
Wales have not selected a full strength team to compete with the ABs tomorrow, so we are unlikley to have much of a contest. Jonathan Davies is quoted on the BBC site as saying the fol...

Hey-I understand that the froggies beat my beloved USA, but the real question is who did the Aussie fans back during the game-the French or the USA, or do the Aussies hate both equally? ...

Best wishes for England
I'm getting worried boys, the "England Bashing" is getting so bad I'm starting to feel sorry for them. This from someone who has always said he could support a "Hitler 15" against England. <...

Englands fine disgraceful
How dare the IRB fine England, don't they know we invented the game! The English Rugby Union should invade the IRB and conquer like the good old days. Then we would be in charge like we ...

What water bottle is it they are using at RWC2003?
Anyone know where to purchase it? I can't find it on the official webshop. Thanks.

Something special brewing..
I received an email from a friend in Melbourne this morning and his words were bursting with excitement and enthusiasm. He reports that he has bumped into lads from Dublin, San Francis...

There has to be one shock tomorrow
Ireland V Australia Both already through but Ireland have chosen a strong team. However Oz are rather strong themselves. France awaits loser, Fiji or Scotland awaits winner. Therefore w...

Aussies outwhinge the poms
Heh Heh , well its been a long time coming , but at last the Aussies fear us So much so that they were doing their utmost to get England banned, What a hoo ha in the press , BAN EM , DEDUCT ...

NZ vs England NZ vs France Australia vs England Australia vs France for the final It has been a toss of the coin from the start

Just Make The Pitch Bigger
Every season the IRRC tinkers with the laws to try and make the game more open. The result is a legalistic nightmare, incomprehensible to the general public and an obstacle to the developmen...

A joke for our welsh friends :)
Little Johnny was in his prep school class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came in - fireman, policeman, salesman, doctor... ...

Whats the story!? (Scotland v Fiji)
Now they aren't the biggest teams in the world, not even favourites but it is a crucial match between both teams as the winner goes through to the next round so why have ITV demoted the matc...

Scotland Fiji 2 Tickets
I have 2 spare tickets for Scotland Fiji, one Class A and one Class B. Please phone 0422472703 to arrange collection.


This guy's having an outstanding game. How does Betsen managed to get picked ahead of him? He's been outstanding in the first half. -- Mr Scebe Losers always whine about thei...

What really happened on the touch line? RWC official suspended Referee Steve Walsh has been handed a three-day suspension ...

"NEW" Point System
The IRB announced a new point system: 1. If a team cheats and uses too many players they get fined. 2. If a team cheats and makes their opponents play on short rest then the ...

England's siege mentality
Such is the global media interest in the World Cup that eventually even total non-entities get to be interviewed. And so it was that just before the tournament started, I found myself ...

Not all Welsh are Nigels A nice touch I thought. Though it did occur to me to wonder whether the porcelain figurine would really be of Umaga, or perhaps just Barry John painted di...

Random Prediction.
After musing on the feeling over here, press comments, TV coverage, tea chats, etc, I have come to this worrying conclusion... ________________________________________________________...

Variations to come
Not long ago, England sacrificed a chance at a world record winning steak by playing a 2nd fiddle team against the French. The French then returned the favour, seemingly unconcerned about lo...

Lost track
Bugger! Somehow I've lost track of all the rotten things the English squad has done so far. Having an up to date list on hand is important, I think. My partial list (in no part...

Guinness supplies in Melbourne
Heard on the radio that the Guinness run in Melbourne has gone from 400 barrels to 1800 barrels for this weekend. Seems that the boys will be having a good time, hopefully the Irish will be ...

Super 12 Squads
The five New Zealand Super 12 squads for next year: Blues: John Afoa, Orene Ai'i, Ben Atiga, Daniel Braid, Rupeni Caucaunibuca, Justin Collins, Steve Devine, Greg Feek, Rico Gear...

go fiji
looking forward to a great game tommorrow

Reminder: The RSRU Tipsters' Cap - SA v Samoa
Only a couple of days left to get your entry in for The Tipsters' Cap this week. -- Regards Steve

England bashing
It amazes me the number of people on here who are intent on giving england a good bashing, surely the only reason for this is that they are actually very worried that we have a bloody good c...

Top 6 dirty teams
Having seen the furore from Ferdi about Dally's slap of love, and England infringing, and only 10,000 pound fine. I know England will appear at the top of mosts peoples list, just because th...

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