Andy Haden
I just read that he has leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy. God speed big man.

The media nerve centre for the RWC was opened today in Sydney's historic Rocks.
...that's handy for Campo. He'll be able to give interviews in his shop and ring up the fees on the cash register whilst selling souvenir goods at grossly over-inflated prices to curious st...

Where is Doormat?
"Let's face it, their defence was shocking" ~ John Drake on Re:Union describing Auckland in their NPC match

NZ and The Pacific
As a lurker and infrequent poster I have "had it" with some of the crap that is posted by Kiwi's, Poms and Aussies on this topic.(maybe others as well!) My opinions are as follow...

Italy - 'doing a whata comes naturally'
First there was Canada, but now Italy look set to follow in the long line of "the smallest book of war heroes" and "tanks with four gears in reverse." Italy coach John Kirwan is conside...

Iestyn Harris
He's probably going back to rugby league.

proof - Campo has lost it,,8021-823492,00.html Campo's choice for the pack. Joe Van whothefuck? at No.8 - still, he is a tackle-shy girl from the backs so what the hell do...

Alan Jones is at it again.
I heard Alan Jones on Sydney Radio this morning going right off his tits. Apparently John Mitchell has been working with Telecom NZ and have come up with a laptop computer that can do marvel...

Warriors first, then....
Could Australians witness not one, but *two* finals chokes by NZ teams within a few weeks of each other? alvey

The Aussie Rugby Club
The Aussie Rugby Club By Aileen Wallace (Adapted from and with great thanks to "The Geebung Polo Club" by Banjo Patterson - - copyright A.Wallace2003) It was somewhere up in...

R.I.P Joe Edwards - Folkestone Rugby Club
Heard today of the passing of an ex teammate of mine. Collapsed and died playing for Folkestone at the age of 48 last weekend. A big bloke in every way, and one you were always glad to...

How crap was Cullen?
Pretty obvious now that Mitchell has been right all along in the dumping of Cullen. He was nothing but WOEFUL in the shield game. Nothing on attack, poor kicking options invisible in defense...

Bobs, Bobs... Wherefore art thou, Bobs?
Is anyone else suprised that Bobs is not in here asking why BOP crapped all over Auckland?

Who should open the RWC03 Cup?
We should be thankful that we live in enlightened times where there is a forum to debate who should open RWC03. It seems that just about nobody wants John Howard judging by votes cast at h...

Wilkinson could net 5million GBP per annum
Interesting article at Anyone have any views? I mean apart from the usual UK media sledging. TJ ...

World Cup in Holland
Does anyone know how much of the world cup will be shown in Holland? I am moving to Amsterdam next week and hope desparately that I'll still be able to watch the games....

SA vs England - what will SA look like?
Shape and size of the Bok team to square up to England in the WC. . It will be a team that will be strong and solid in the front row, but softish at lock. The loose forwards ...

World Cup Indices
IG have just issued their markets for the World Cup. Winner Index 60/40/20/10 England 40 - 43 NZ 37 - 40 Aus 27...

Booking tickets to Sydney Club Rugby Grand Final
Can you buy tickets for the game beforehand? Can anyone tell me where? Thanks. -- Rocky Road - in Oz

[ZP] Results 27.09.03
English Premiership results --------------------------- Saturday 27th Sept ------------------ From Sporting Life ...

In keeping with the level of postings around here at the moment...
... I offer you a time-honoured newsgroups tradition. Post the next line, I'll start you off... We love you All Blacks, oh yes we do-oo, it's just a shame that you play like po-o...

They can fuck off then the ungratful hobos,8659,7388324-23217,00.html Whinge whinge whinge. Apparently the evil NZRFU is preventing a few polynesian players from playing in the RWC. Never m...

french rugby team tour
Hello, My name is Franck, I'm a french rugby player and I would like to organize a short tour in London for my rugby team and supporters. I reach a rugby club in London to play a ...

Canterbury v Wellington (spoiler)
What a bizarre game!! 38 - 38 Wellington should be thankful they came away with 3 points. For 65 minutes (barring the 1 minute in the 1st 1/2 where they scored 2 trys) - they were ...

The correct time to Gloat?
Just a passing thought; but when is it ok to gloat about the WC. I always thought that it was consiedered good form to wait till the result and then say how fantastic you are but our NZ frie...

Taine Randell - on the beeb
For those of you AB fans living anywhere you can get BBC World (and that seems to be everywhere now), you may be interested to set the video for this one. Should be an interesting 30 minutes...

Leicester v Newcastle Teams
from the tigers website Leicester 1 Graham Rowntree 2 George Chuter 3 Ricky Nebbett 4 James Hamilton 5 Louis Deacon 6 Will Johnson 7 Josh Kronfeld ...

Once again, from the department of creative statistics, here is part 3 of the cumulative summary of world cup stats for 1987/91/95/99. These data refer only to the final tournaments, not the...

Just noticed
That the TV licence in the UK is Half Price wait for it.. If you are blind..... no wonder the ...

Ringing Waltzing Matilda
Guess the Aussies had got one over the old farts at the IRB Go to the Ringing Matilda heading.

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