French money rewards for RWC
Well guys, I've seen there were some frenzy discussions about the bonus rows owed by the NZ federation to their players. For France, here are the expected amounts : (in euros - one eur...

Bok Team to play OZ 2003/08/02
South Africa: 15. André Pretorius 14. Stefan Terblanche 13. Jorrie Muller 12. De Wet Barry 11. Ashwin Willemse 10. Louis Koen 9. Craig Davidson 8. Juan...

Springbok Joke
Three South African boys were playing in the street, when they got hit by a truck, and were killed. For some reason they went to heaven and meet God. God: (In a big South African acce...

Militant unionism New Zealand rugby.,2106,2588729a9413,00.html Unionism strikes at New Zealand rugby's heart Militant unionism has finally reared its ugly head in New Zealand rugby. ...

Tipsters' Cap NZ/ENG RWC final
Ok it's still too far off and either team might fail to get there, but since NZ and Eng are clear favourites for the final right now, I thought I'd kill some time and see what the general co...

The Silver Ferns deserve $88,000
No reason why the All Blacks shouldn't get $8.88 - good luck to them, they deserve every cent of it, but not 1 cent more. Ticket prices for all future rugby games will cost 50% more. ...

The AB's are worth the $80,000 bonus. Feel free to quote my bank
It is with furious and righteous indignation that I have watched the events unfold in the last week. On one side we have an insipid and delusional bunch of tedious communists, and on the o...

Wallaby joke 2
Bloke is walking through Brisbane CBD and gets mugged. When the bloke comes to the cops find nothing stolen but they do find 2 tickets to the rugby test shoved in his pocket :-) ...

Australia strengthens backline defence
By bringing back Latham.

Tipsters' Cap SA/OZ - predictions required please.
Multi apologies for being the late Steve Parrett - I do sometimes have a day job you know. Anyway, your predictions required for the upcoming match. Mike, your thread is noted an...

kids in sports
The major reason children should be involved in sports is to watch dad beat up other dads and to watch mom in a cat fight.

Wallaby Joke.
The Wallabies practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Eddie Jones immediately suspend...

Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club TRAINING is well underway at the newly-named Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club and hopes are high that all the hard work achieved in the summer

When does the Curry Cup start?
According to Boots and All, it sounds like it's already started...

Can you guys really just not find it in yourselves to say that the "old farts with zimmer frames" have had an exceptional season? Aus and AB, home and away in far from pretty style, but they...

NZ - Bonus dispute resolved Though I won't be happy until everyone has signed the participation agreement.

Wallaby squad for Saturday v. Boks
From the ARU web site: Chris Latham returns to fullback for Saturday's Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series clash with South Africa at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. Latham is the only...

Bonus Row Settled
Press conferance at 2pm- its over - no details as yet.

All Blacks reduce bonus demand "The New Zealand Rugby Players Association is believed to have cut its World Cup bonus d...

You gotta see this!!
Rugby World Cup 2003 - IRB Rugby World Cup 2003 Following complaints made to the IRB about the All Blacks being allowed to motivate themselves by performing the 'Haka' before their gam...

Finished ranting and raving yet ?
For every system there is a system which will neutralize and defeat it.... It would be interesting to hear from our many SH experts how they would put together a game plan to take the ...

Coaches winning %
As we lead into the RWC, i think you can get a clear indication of where the teams are going based on their winning form. As it stands, NZ and England are clearly the favourites if only beca...

Possible IRB ban on All Blacks participation in RWC
It seems that if NZs rugby players don't sign the RWC Ltd participation agreement by Thursday the IRB will impose sanctions against the NZRFU which may include dropping New Zealand outright ...

George Gregan on "Passion"
-- X-No-Archive: yes SMH 28/7 "I dont buy into that whole passion thing. I think its a load of rubbish personally" Change him before this attitude pe...

ET's Tri Nations PReview #5, 2003
howdy boys and girls, since there is no NZ game this week the Preview will only be of interest to the three Aussies and two SAcans in the ng, but I 'll post it anyhow :-) gives B...

What is it with SA players and injuries!!!
"Gus Theron's dream to make his Springbok debut against the Wallabies has almost certainly been shattered by an injury. ",,2-9-838_1394117,...

Didgerman....if you stick around after the WC then...
maybe I'll respect you but for now your logic and knowledge of the Southern Hemisphere game leaves something to be desired. Nik

Get a grip NZ....
This is unbelievable: Are the comments here reflecting the general feeling in NZ? Two wins, with s...

A picture worth a thousand words (at least)

So Scebe ...
... do you still intend staying away from the RWC in protest? Do you still intend spending your money on watching the NPC final instead? Or might you yet consider jumping on a flight ...

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