26 Dec 2003 17:27:49
Dan Santoro
Arg Old Boys team looking for S Africa tour

Daniel Cignoli in Argentina <[email protected] >

Hi....a Masters club from Argentina asked me to help them
find a few sides in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth to get a
tour organized. Can anyone help?

Please reply to Daniel Cignoli at
<[email protected] >........glad to help & Happy
Holidays/New Year!

"Trapper" Dan in Florida

From: "sm/loscignoli" <[email protected] >
Date: 2003/12/24 Wed AM 11:29:35 EST
To: "Dan Santoro VINTAGE" <[email protected] >

Dear Dan

Do you know South Africa Rugby Team, from Port Elizabeth and
Cape Town? Could you send me e-mail? We want to visit S
Africa the next year and play Rugby with Veteran Team

Thank you
Marry Christmas and New Year
Best wishes

Daniel Cignoli
Pingüisaurios Argentina