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Entries for Munich world cup
A few surprises when looking at the World cup entires: Quist and Rasmussen in the hwt 2x for Denmark Nikisa (sp) Skelin doing the 2- on his own !! Strong German w4x with Oppelt an...

what time is the GB crew announcement
I understood that the GB crews for the first World Cup are due to be announced today? Anyone know when? Cheers Daniel

1st May
I doubt I'll be doing any rowing related activities this coming May day on North Uist, but there'll be lots to come this weekend.

ARA Competition Review (UK)
Hi all, Does anyone know what the latest proposals are for the competition review? I think the last proposals were voted out in November or December last year?

ARA membership numbers... letter
So those of us based in the UK know that our ARA numbers have a letter in the middle. Over the years I've decoded most of these... U is under 14 J is junior A/B/C/D are...

New ARA website
The new ARA website appears at first glance to be a bit of an improvement on the old one. However, safety being our specific interest we looked to find any reference to it from the home p...

Full time athletes
In the UK we are now happy to accept that, to be competative on the World stage, our international athletes need to be in full time training and the state subsidise this through lottery gran...

Hurrying the recovery - Rushing into the catch
Dear all - While out on the water yesterday morning I may have stumbled on another rowing metaphor. Taking a good catch is a like painting a house. Most of the work is in the p...

Social Media for the sport of rowing
I have been invited to chair a panel for Sport England at an event to be attended by the people who run the major sports in the UK. Details here

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Guide for cheap gym and house fitness equipment
If you need informations about home gym,fitness machines, exercise equipment...

Lift question
I have a question about lift. In a moving shell at the moment of blade entry do the forces of lift develop immediately merely by placing the blade in at a good angle or do you need to apply ...

Missing blade - UK South
City of Oxford women's squad returned from Bedford Small Boats Head on Sunday 13th one sculling blade short. It was part of a quad set and our quad raced in the last division, landing practi...

Levelling the field
OK, I have a proper question. I've never been a big fan of lightweights. I don't approve of the entirely arbitrary weight limit etc.; these are well rehearsed arguments But...

PLA Code Translations?
Afternoon all..... A quick question for the British readership..... Not being all that good at knowing where to look, can anyone please point me in the direction of a list o...

Bookies' lost 'phone
May I be the first, among many no doubt, to say just how happy I am that Bookie has been reunited with her lost mobile 'phone. Rare it is, indeed, that we can all come together to rejoice...

The British Film and Television Awards nearly gave a prize to the TV coverage of this year's Boat Race. Was just wondering what I missed, by being out marching, that was so good? ...

Talk Rowing - where have you gone?
Have you not paid the invoice? The message "This Account Has Been Suspended; Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible." appears instead of the erudite com...

Dove Pier Incident Report
A soft copy of the in-depth report ("Lessons for Rowers") on the incident, which happened in October 2006 at Hammersmith, is now available for download from the Thames Regional Rowing Counci...

Big Sale on Polar Heart Rate Monitors
I found this site recently and picked up a S725 for $100... Amazing prices on Polar Heart Rate Monitors and other brands too.. ...

Medway capsize
I don't remember seeing this reported here: Published Date: 07 April 2008 Rower suff...

Shrewsbury Regatta Matchmaker
Dear All, We've just launched a new service to help crews find opposition at our regatta. We're hoping that this will enable Mixed and Veteran crews to get more races but ca...

canting the seat
I saw where Carl had the idea of canting the seat. I've been rowing for a little over a decade and it seems as though i've never really felt truly comfortable in a boat. It always feels as t...

Making more friends through rowing...
Me and my big mouth. So an old friend from Bellingham came to see me this weekend and we did four days of rowing around the lake. We had a grand time, touring large loops ...

Another US Rescue

The JIRR website ( is currently experiencing server problems. I've been assured it will be fixed sometime on Wednesday but in the meantime I've put the key information for crews...

Rowing themed crime drama
Whilst zapping I came across a murder mystery called Murdoch Mysteries. It's apparently a Canadian 19th century setting which is why it probably sounded Amercian but looked British. This o...

Birmingham regatta entries closed
Sorry we've had to close the entries two days early as we've reached our entry limit.

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