The Doping Dilemma
Recently rsr has had a number of threads on Drugs and Sports, so for those who may be interested Michael Shermer has written a rather fine article on "The Doping Dilemma" in the April 2008...

Fluidesign Rigging
I was wondering if any of you guys could tell me if fluid have any height change (difference in gate heights) built into their riggers? Or is it just the case that the height is adjust...

The Missus (MA Cantab) says that Oxford this year's are the ugliest boat race crew ever. (And I thought she watched the Boat Race for the rowing). Has there ever been a less facially...

Grotty looking Boatrace.
I think the Boatrace crews look pretty grotty from all angles with the short large area oars. It would be far nicer to watch Macons in use again at least by one crew and also interesting to ...

Voice vol 2 issue 2 now out
Nuff said. RQ.

New Club in Minnesota
I am pleased to announce the formation of a new youth-focused club in the greater Twin Cities, MN. Twin Cities Youth Rowing. We have a few older boats and a site on Bryan...

Boat race course
The boat race is always traiditonally said to be 4 miles 374 yards (6778m). Google Earth allows you to measure the distance on the ground and by cutting all the corners and going in a stra...

Boat Race on US TV
There has been a question here about the possibility of the Boat Race being available in the US. Here is the news off the Boat Race official web site > ESPNU to televise the ...

Pittsburgh Rowing Club
I see (thanks to RQ) that Pittsburgh is going to have a competitive rowing club and community water sports centre. I visited Pittsburgh on business last year and couldn't understand why the...

Rebecca Romero interviewed by online cycling mag

All For One - Cal Crew Documentary
Has anyone seen this? I stumbled upon a few preview clips of it going through Youtube looking for rowing clips and was wondering if it's worth the $45 to get a copy. The cinematog...

Breaking Boat Race news
Problems - Cambridge have had to make a substitution. See RQ.

Swampings in Ohio
A couple high school eights swamped Tuesday night. See:

ITV coverage of boat race
Can only hope it's better than the website. Some little gems "It was not until 1839 that the event relocated to London, with the by now annual race taking place between Wes...

Boat speed measurement graphs
I know many of the group are interested in measuring boat speed and analysing race strategies and so in a bout of wholly uncharacteristic self-promotion (snigger) I am linking to a post abou...

Short rowing cartoon
This is quite sweet: -- ---------------------------------------- Children's Partyware at Party Ark http://www.par...

Original Adidas rowing shoes...
I just came across this website from the USA that sells the original Adidas rowing shoes from the 1980s... Read down for the custome...

HBR schedule rearrangement 23/3/08 (UK)
Sunday 23rd March: As the weather forecast is set to get worse as today goes on, the women's boat clubs of OU and CU have agreed to switch their reserves and Blues races, to min...

Leicester Regatta (UK) Sunday April 20th.
Leicester Regatta is now open for entries on the OARA details of the event are on our website Mike

level hands crossover
It seems to me that trying to scull through the water with the hands at the same height and the right hand approaching the body first at the crossover involves a variation of power through t...

wildlife photo from C Carroll
Charles emailed some photos to me, I couldn't resist. This was one of a series taken by a club member at Charles' club in Sau...

Voice issue 2:2 copy deadline approaching
The deadline for news, announcements, letters, classified ads etc for the next <a href="">Rowing Voice</A> is 10pm on Tuesday 25th March. See th...

Scottish Schools Head
Pictures from the Scottish Schools Head are now up on my Flickr page, These are lo-res images, if anyone wants the hi-res version they can contact me ...

Trailer Loading
I have found the ARA's advice on towing etc but does anyone have any information on how best to load a trailer? e.g. what boats where etc - would be a particularly useful document for Univer...

OUBC swamping and the boat race
I have heard rumours that Isis suffered a swamping whilst practicing on the Tideway this week which necessitated them having to be rescued. One wonders what they were doing out in cond...

Christianity and Childhood's End
I thought about the novel Childhood's End today, as writer Arthur C Clarke died. Clarke's science fiction dealt with mankind's meaning, mostly where man is not alone but is in v...

About the Water Safety Review
It is my understanding that the "stakeholders" in this exercise - Jane & Stephen Blockley, the ARA & the DCMS - all have (or should by now have?) received copies of the final report of thi...

Top Gear 0 - Sir Steve Regrave 1
Courtesy of the Tideway Slug. Got to admire the nerve of the the Three Stooges! aka Clarkson, Hammond and May. The last...

NZL Olympic M2x
The New Zealand Olympic Committee has confirmed Rob Waddell and Nathan Cohen will represent New Zealand in the Menís Double Sculls at the Beijing Olympic Games. http://www.rowin...

Have you got a FOMO?
If you have a Fear of Missing Out - watch this... The ultimate regatta weekend, you really can't afford to miss.

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