Charles F. Kain, champion rower. 91
From Citizen Kain By: Brian J. Gail, For The Bulletin 02/29/2008 Am...

Best unused potential rowing lakes
In the South West try googling Blagdon lake near Bristol. Just about perfect and unlike Chew opposite(good sailing lake) is relatively unexposed and calm. I tried whilst coaching ...

Asthma and Rowing
Hi all For pretty much the whole of 2007 I felt I was really underperforming with my training, not hitting times that had seemed easy the year before and generally getting a bit f...

How far can you swim in warm water?
About 9 miles in 10 hours:

Cracknell across the Channel
Morning I've just got back from France, the conditions for James Cracknell's crossing were somewhat less than ideal due to the 3m swell throughout, but he made it. I'm writing a f...

Injury recovery - suggestions please
I damaged by quadricep insertion to the patella back in July (very very painful) and am now just about recovered(incidentally a weeks skiing appears to have been the thing that has really he...

RoSPA Rowing Safety Review (ARA/UK)
Any word as to if/when publication is likely? It's been a while since the draft report was produced. Regards, Phil.

Tricky math?
I need some clarification no a table published on the Vespoli Website: In this table they compare displacement and waterline measurem...

A bit of local press for Bristol (UK)

The Boat Race - a question
I will be in New York on the 29th March and wondered if any of the US contributors to this group know if any of the US networks will carry the race? thanks in advance ...

More rowing on TV (UK)
There were three very brief rowing snippets on today's Lewis on ITV. I presume it was the Isis and they were a 4x and and W2x (twice), not the sort of boats I'd associate with the Isis. On...

Rowing with Wetsuit
Is it practical to row with a wetsuit on? I want to get out on the water early this year, but the water temperature is still way too cold to risk going overboard.

big win of Rob
Nobody is writing about it, so here I am :-) Starting the trials with this big win and style lesson is really good for Rob and his fans. Go Rob! unmike fan

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Old wooden sculls technique
Dear all, Following a bout of flu, I have now lost enough weight to scull my 25 year old cedar Stampfli scull without the bottom stays of the riggers hitting the water and the stern bob...

The Lea
Little section on the London Local TV news last night about the water quality of the River Lea. The program featured comments from Richard Metcalf who explained that, when learning, scullers...

Masters Rowing and Strength Training
Interesting article at His conclusion: a) gym work, combined with periodized aerobic erg training, until ...

Matt Pinsent on TV (UK) tonight
This should be interesting - on BB1 tonight, at 10.50pm Inside Sport: Beijing Special Wed 20 Feb, 10:50 pm - 11:35 pm 45mins Gabby Logan presents an Inside Sport special fr...

Indoor rowing
Could anyone suggest a chatroom or a newsgroup regarding the issues of indoor rowing and the machines used?? I am very serious in the use of my Infiniti R900APM and would like to find lik...

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2 pairs of concept 2 sculling blades for sale
2 pairs of concept 2 smoothie sculling blades for sale due to purchase of different blades contactv 07919492233

Gold medal standard times
The Aussies are reported to be targeting 6.00 dead as the GMS time for the mens 2x, given this is 3 seconds faster than the current worlds best it seems a stretching target to say the least....

Best use of GPS in rowing so far?
Seen on the Tideway yesterday: A crew with a rather snazzy Garmin model that was loaded with charting software (showing the river depth according to the most recent charts). ...

Dutch come through!
Thanks for the great time A3aan! I had a wait between flights in Amsterdam, Ewoud and Adrian took care of me. Ewoud gave me perfect directions to V.E. Amstel club, where I met Adrian. ...

Sculling in rollers broadside on
Yesterday, while making the turn at #2, a Channel Marker, I found myself in a bit of trouble and stopped rowing for a minute of two. What happened was that a series of rolling waves-I...

FISA Team cup Seville
Does anyone know the entries for this event? I'm curious as to which combinations Juergen is trying.

Favourite rowing photo
I have a new one.

Reading University Head (UK)
Just a quick message to remind people that entries close this Saturday, OARA only with cheques to the address given on OARA. The stream on our stretch of the Thames is very low at the ...

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