Private/for profit boat clubs
Just curious, are there any other boat clubs that have a single owner, not a board, and are run for profit? I know of 2 in CT.

Is it just me?!
from FISA e-newsletter "The United States boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow meant many American athletes never got the chance to test their Olympic medal winning abiliti...

Summer Placement Rowing and Accomodation
Hello All, I'll be going on a 2 month summer placement over the summer in the Wokingham/Reading area and was looking to see if anyone knew of reasonably priced accommodation round...

Rowers World forum hacked?
The RW forum has been hacked. On my browser I only can read: "Hacked by Cobra ATESKES.ORG" Anyone knows how to fix this?

Russian federation officials banned
FISA has announced that all Russian team officals will be banned for 1 year from 27th Jan The atheletes ca...

James Cracknell in a Burgashell
From the Burgashell website: <<18/1/2007 - James Cracknell in a Burgashell James Cracknell has selected Burgashell to build him a boat to row the English Channel for S...

Plans for outdoor storage racks?
Hello again RSR, Does anyone have experience (or plans for) building freestanding outdoor shell racks? We're considering a number of designs for outdoor rowing shell storage (8s a...

General purpose rowing / exercise boat?
Hi All, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but here goes .. ;-) My daughter (17) and I (51) have a 16' Canadian canoe but although it's ok, I don't feel paddling i...

Live blog from ARA UK Conference
My first posts on the talks this morning: From Zero to Hero by Adrian Cassidy Developing Juniors by R...

Sportnation report into professional coaching.
Many UK readers may have seen the report quoted in the Times Newspaper yesterday on the subject of Profesional Coaching in sport. I have put some thoughts together on this:- ...

max heart rate - follow up
Thanks to those who responded to my query about heart rate not corresponding to other indicators of exercise intensity. I filed it away in my mind as something I should probably mention to...

Suggestions for a rowing honeymoon?
Hello RSR, My fiance and I are searching for a honeymoon destination following our mid-March wedding, preferably somewhere with a nearby rowing club that might allow us to take ou...

UK ARA Coaches conference live blogging
i have learnt that there is wireless internet in the hotel where the ARA is holding the coaches conference next weekend. would there be any support (readership) if I set about doing so...

Size for a lightweight man?
My 14 year old son is 5'10" and weights 140lbs. I realize he will never make it as a heavyweight, but if he grows 3 inches and puts on 25 pounds would he be about right for a lightweight?...

talk rowing....dead ?
The lunacy that is has been "suspended" anyone know what's happening to it ? (it's always good to read the juvenile banter that goes on there as a bit of light relief fr...

Rowing on Lake Michigan
Hmm. As noted by RQ, Chicago are bidding for the 2016 Olympics (after all nowhere in Europe will be in with a chance) and the rowing course seems to be planned for Lake Michigan...

more cancellations
Maidstone Small Boats Head is also cancelled for Sunday 20th (rescheduled after the December cancellation) again because the river is unsafe for rowing What a frustration for all ...

Mahe Drysdale V Rob Waddell
Fascinating scenario playing out in NZ! The current and three times world champ finds himself having to contest his olympic spot against the former world & olympic champ. Rob Wadd...

Thames Valley Trial Head online entries - open again
The website entry system has now been restored following the server crash. Go to the TVTH page on the Marlow Regatta website and login using the link at the top of t...

henley fours head?
likely to be cancelled or what? have not been to henley myself since the weekend and the river was very high then and over the bank in parts, so has it totally burst its banks now? anyone pr...

Russian doping violations again! the Russians have been caught again. Surely the whole Russian federation should be suspended. the fact that there wer...

Canadian swamping (old)
from row2k: Money quote: "It was a tragedy that no one could have ever foreseen, and nothing like this has happened again in the 20 yea...

Can anyone tell me if Lola-Aylings have ceased to exist? I've been trying to phone them for a few weeks and got no answer, and now I see that their website has disappeared. Sarah ...

Scull length for a recreational single
Hi All, I've searched RSR for this but with no luck. I have a 17 foot recreational single, spread of 159cm and inboards of 88 cm which gives a nice overlap. What should the overall leng...

Home Gyms
The Bowflex Sport Home Gym :-This new, sleek Bowflex=EF=BF=BD Home Gym utilizes the same Power Rod=EF=BF=BD resistance as our top-of-the-line Bowflex=EF=BF=BD models and allows you to do ove...

Weybridge Head?
Hi all. What are the chance of Weybridge going ahead this weekend? I see that Wallingford was cancelled (again) and that morerain is forcast for this week. Yours hopefully

What makes a Veteran?
One of our rowers recently enquired as to whether he was old enough to row. Not having the problem of having any doubt about this for myself, I couldn't answer with anything better than "Whe...

Technique / Coxswain Evalutations
I'm putting together formal rower and coxswain evaluations forms. I have most of it's done, but looking for input and suggestions as what to definitely use or keep out. Ther...

Tideway vets Race Time
Hello Does anyone know when the vets race is due to start this year. I'm wanting to book my flights. The Vesta website does not give times yet. Thanks Malcolm

Swamping on the Tideway?
Posted on takrowing (!), anonymously(!) so take it at face value, but is there any truth in it or any further details I saw Westminster 1st 8 sink today, haha, there was a huge wash a...

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