training for 500 M sprint
How does one train for a 500 M sprint on the erg? I started doing a 2K, but I started out too fast, got exhausted and stopped after about 500 M. But I thought - I'm did pretty well a...

Redgrave 8 TV programme
There have been a few enquiries on this group about when the Redgrave 8 TV programme was going to be shown. An article in the Daily Mail confirms that there are now no plans to show the p...

Congratulations to Pauline
I have just found this on the BBC News website MBE Pauline Rayner, chair Thames Rowing Club, services to sport. How appropriate for club rowing! It is good to se...

Most heart-warming rowing news of 2007,,2230041,00.html Needs no comment from me. Carl

Competition review again (UK interest only)
A discussion over at talkrowing has made me realise I've lost track on what has happened to the Competition Review. I thought that the NCC proposals were due to go back to council earlier i...

Happy New Year
Happy 2008 all. Going to be interesting.. W

Dr. Darryl Strickler
Dear Darryl - it's been a while since we last wrote, and I can't remember whether I have given a proper reply to your last message. It was about the full resolution of some of m...

Sand Blasting
Has anyone tried sandblasting oars to get the paint off ready for repainting? There has to be an easier way than sanding them by hand...

Events, ARA points and good competition at regattas.
I am directly involved in organising two quite different regattas, one of which is multi-lane and attracts crews between Open and Senior 4 from clubs, schools and university colleges and the...

Merry Christmas
To all who post and lurk ON RSR, May I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas and great good fortune in the coming year. Cordially, Charles

Rowing Correspndents
I am sure that there will be many amongst the readers of these pages, both in the UK and elsewhere who will mourn the Times Newspaper's decision to dispense with the services of Mike Rosewel...

Medicine Assistance
Here is a company called American Consultants Rx that I came across that is offering free discount prescription cards designed to save up to 60% off of generic drugs to non profits,hos...

Practical experience of Rowing-specific PFD
I'm a recreational single sculler based in the UK. I've had my share of swims over the years and even in summer our piece of inland water is not warm. So far I've managed to recover succes...

Rowing in the press
RQ is saying this today, "the Times has just changed its policy on minor sports, and from now on will be using only full-time staff to cover them, not the 'sport specialist freelances' who...

Waddell : Drysdale showdown - the inside story
Just got a copy of the WERC news group letter from Mahe about the race last weekend. It makes interestin...

Anybody got R + R magazine issue 20
Anybody got a copy of the last but one issue of Rowing and Regatta mag? If so, was there a write up of the first ever FISA coastal rowing world championships in Cannes in October? ...

Another area of safety - boat lifts.
A local engineering company donated two of these to our club (value about $1100 ea US) Boats that go on t...

Is "Cerberus" among us?
A Blockley-gram elsewhere in this group on the subject of the safety review drew attention to a post on the "support us" section of from someone hiding under ...

Update on Rowing Safety Review (GB)
The Review is complete and we have seen and commented on the draft report. We can't disclose details as yet, but for more information and background see today's news posting on: ...

Job Search Made Easier
This site really was a surprise.Check out that features over 7000 retailers and services.It also has a large employment search section as well which really hel...

Hudson rep in the UK
Hi there, does anyone know if Donal Casey is still acting as a UK importer for Hudson boats. I have just tried to email him on his old address and it is not getting through? ...

Spy film uk and sculling...
FAO Carl Douglas A couple of weeks ago late at night I saw a spy film about the cold war and unfortunately I didnt take the name of it. However the dastardly russian double agent ...

5km racing in Brussels, Feb 10th 2008
The Royal Sport Nautique de Bruxelles is organising its annual international rowing extravaganza on Sunday, February 10th. This consists of two separate events, a 5km Head for fours (coxed ...

Good on C2 = good on water?
I've just discovered Concept 2 rowing and have surprised myself by finding that with only ten days of training I am already doing times close to top 10% percentile of times on the C2 websi...

KRI#1 Regatta
Check the results from the regatta at

headphones on a rowing machine
What kind of headphones work well on a rowing machine? Could you copy the content of a compact disc to something small enough to sit in a shirt pocket, and then plug headphones into ...

Altitude Training Camp
HI All, I have been reading up on RSR for a while but never felt the need to post so I guess this is hello! I will be going to Switzerland (Lenzerheide to be precise) for a ...

If you need informations about home gym,fitness machines, exercise try to find your answer...

Diana Story
So this is Turkey. Or it might be Greece. In fact I have no real recollection of where it was except they spoke in a language that no-one could understand and it was pleasantly hot. ...

max heart rate
Some people have mentioned the inaccuracy of 220-age as a value for max heart rate, put I'm hazy as to what the alternatives are, can anyone point me to any information... Cheer...

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