Scullers Head
Help ! The current forecast says to expect 23mph SW wind, so I expect things to be 'interesting' from Harrods down to Fulham. (The Vesta website says "The forecast for Satur...

Derek Porter? Still going?
Hello all, just hoping anyone, preferably Canadians, can tell me the story with Porter, is he still on a comeback. I realise that he was in the double with Wetzel and wetzel was injured for ...

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Fitness and Exercise Guide And Advice
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Marlow Fours & Pairs results
Now available at Because of the time constraint on leaving Dorney the prize winners to contact the organiser on <...

looking for the bows of a scull
Hi all, I'm looking for the bow section of ideally a clinker scull if not a wooden shell for the roof of my conservatory. It needs to be about 3 feet long, anybody (UK Based...

Is this the best use of our money?
I was waiting to see if someone else felt as I did but I've seen nothing so here goes. On the TRRC site and discussed in passing in the 'Out To Launch' thread are the cash awards to Clu...

Marlow Fours & Pairs at Dorney
The final Crew Instructions, Safety Plan and other updated information have now been posted on the Marlow RC website <...

Evesham Head cancelled
Message from the captain: The race committee meant this morning and it was a unanimous decision that we could not prejudice the safety of the crews and helpers. The decision was made t...

Cancellation of Kingston SBH
The following from "KSBH 2007 HAS BEEN CANCELLED On further examination of the situation this morning, river conditions have worse...

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new editor for Rowing & Regatta (UK)
spotted on ARA news page ... advert for a new Publications person with a responsibility to edit Rowing and Regatta mag

Marlow Fours & Pairs change of venue
CHANGE OF VENUE Due to recent and forecast heavy rain The event has been moved to Dorney Lake but the times of the two divisons have to be brought forward because of two oth...

Marlow Fours & Pairs
Since my latest post has been relegated down the list by non-rowing issues I repeat the information. THE START ORDER has now been posted on the Marlow RC website and crews are ask...

Coffey Simulatoar
I was recently fortunate enough to find a Coffey Sculling Simulatoar (yes, that's how it's spelled) in nearly new condition just 90 min from my home for $175. Even a blind dog finds a bone o...

OARA down
Has anyone been able to access OARA today? I am expecting entries for the Wycliffe Small Boats Head (1st Dec) and no-one seems to be able to get into the system. Phil Clements

Aerobic exercise on a rowing machine
I have a magnetic rowing machine, a Lifecore R900. I've been working out on it pretty hard for a few months, and it looks like it won't be too long before I can't any longer get my heart ...

OT: Pedal boat It doesn't seem like an efficient design...then again, for this crossing it might be far more important to be comfortable. -Martin

Oil Slick Follow-up
For those who are curious, Ellen Braithwaite just emailed me this link. The advice, I suspect, is as close to "official" as we are going to see. >

Marlow Fours and Pairs Entries Close soon
A reminder that the closing date is Saturday 17th Nov (tomorrow) at NOON. Entries via OARA only, payment online or send cheque to MFP Treasurer at Marlow Rowing Club. Two division...

Out to Launch?
The Slug has done a real service - see latest section, on Darwin Awards: Well done, O Noble Mollusc! Carl -- Carl D...

US IRA Meeting thoughts
I know there is a strong international flavor to this forum, but I would be interested in seeing what the group's thoughts on the upcoming IRA meeting in Philadelphia are. I do not have comp...

rowing jewelry
Anybody know of a UK based jeweler who makes and rowing related stuff?

[UK] Scullers Head
Just a quick reminder that entries close on Saturday (17th) at noon. You still have time to enter via OARA, or drop a traditional paper entry (with cheque) in to Vesta. The draw will be av...

Cambridge Racing Shells
CULRC have been trying out a nearly new CRS eight for the past week. Since this group has seen a fair bit of (sometimes animated) discussion about CRS in the past, I thought I would share my...

Just for Liz
About a second of rowing, around 39 seconds in The rest is just - sheer nostalgia.

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Designs for Rowing Tank
With the awful winds we experience in the Western Cape in South Africa, we often struggle to get onto the water. In order to get some useful training done we are looking to build a rowi...

Fours head penalties
Just as a bit of fun The tideway slug is normally quick to pick up on any inept behaviour by a club. So its strange that the performance of Twickenhams crews in the fours head has...

Rowperfect. .. when?
When is the new version of the Rowperfect coming out? I am tempted to get one instead of a CII, but I don't want to wait if it is going to be a long time away. The CII has advant...

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