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"Don't feed the lightweights"
Hi all, I'm looking for a picture of the "Don't feed the lightweights" T-shirt, to use it as part of a trick I want to play on a lightweight I know (who, incidentally, HAS got s...

Stolen Janousek Scull
Hi, Please can you keep your eyes open for my which was stolen in the last few weeks from Christchurch Rowing Club. As they didn't get the riggers you may get/have had someo...

ARA competition review
This paper was broadly welcomed by Council today with the hope that there would be as much consultation as possible (especially from competitors) before rules are finalised in November.

Football 1 Rowing 0
FISA "The change is due to clashes with other events taking place in the local and national calendars in both locations." Now the simple soul that I am thought that this reason ...

From tips and tricks to secrets of Fitness
All about fitness, wellness and health...

New Video showing R2 sweep pair for dry land rowing
For the first time, we have a video of the R2, a machine that certainly is a milestone for us, online. It comes up at the starting page of Best wis...

Coach and cox recruitment (London, UK)
Thames RC (Putney, London, UK) is recruiting for both volunteer coaches and coxes: Coaches - Coxes - http://thames...

Aylings 1x AX2
Hey Guys, I've just aquried one of these boats and it has a slightly bent fin. Can anyone help with some guidence on how to change the fin and will it take a 'Sims' fin.

Croker Sculling Grips
Quick question. I want to swap a pair of blue croker grips on a new set of blades for some yellow ones. So far I haven't had any luck getting them off and I don't want to cut them off in c...

From tips and tricks to secrets of Fitness
All what you shoud to know about fittnes and secrets of nutrition, diets, health...

Sites for 2nd hand rowing equipment - UK
Does anyone know what has happened to the UK rowing notices site? Doesnt seem to have been updated in ages! Anyway, I just wanted to put down a list of sites that I know of where ...

WTB: Concept 2 PM-1 monitor
Mine seems to be slowing down -- giving times and distances that around 40% low. I replaced the sensor once, which helped for a while. Now the problem is back. Anyone ...

Just how much noise from a Concept 2 (versus Waterrower)
I'm about to buy either a Concept 2 or a Waterrower. I'm going to use it at home (and ideally not in my garage because I'm in Texas and it'll be hot). In almost every aspect I'm l...

Great Race 2007 footage.
(Can you have footage in a digital medium?) Coverage of the races (mostly unedited) of this years races. Click on the internet...

Video 1968
I don't really do sentimental. I watch sport to see who wins. But sometimes you see something and it gets you boom just when you're not expecting it. Anyway here it is: htt...

minimum water depth for training/racing
Our city is dredging a new lake and they have asked us how deep the water needs to be for rowing. I know that technically, the draft is very small for shells, but my intuition is that ...

Rowing in Florida
I'm planning to spend a few days in Florida after Head of the Charles, and an completely confused by the areas and hotels on offer. Does anyone have any recommendations - and if they are nea...

Rowing in Hyderabad India
I've just learned that I am to spend the better part of a year in Hyderabad India. Does anyone know of any place to row there? I have seen photos of rowers on the Hussain Sagar and know th...

Help! Newbie question about Concept 2 PM3
Hi all - I've recently replaced my old Concept 2 model C with a new(ish) model D, which entailed a change from the PM2 to the PM3. When doing pieces at variable intensities on th...

Manual Megaphone
Anyone know where I can buy a manual (i.e no electronics/batteries) megaphone in the UK? Thanks

Dreher ex demonstraton sculls (UK)
Anyone considering a new pair of Dreher sculls for the new season? We have ex-demonstration stock available for sale at a discount. These have been used a couple of times by potential ...

Zagreb Results and Photos
Can any RSRs help? I need the results for hte FISA Master's regatta Zagreb for Saturday. I was too lazy to go down on Sunday morning and collect a set (as I wasn't racing mix...

Tattershall Bridge incident
I was limping painfully home from Boston yesterday when I heard a 4x4 had gone into the river from Tattershall Bridge, at about 15:50, with at least one fatality. The last crew must have gon...

New Safety DVD
The October issue of the Rowing News mentions a new Safety DVD from Rowing Canada. The Rowing News calls it "a primer on rowing safety." Has anyone seen it? Cordially,

More rowing Wikipedia
It's surprising how many Wikipedia articles having rowing reference wrong or don't metnion them altogether. I've corrected those of Sandy Irvine and George Mallory. There's probably lots m...

Can anyone take a single from London to Edinburgh for us?
We need to return a repaired single to its owner in Edinburgh, but so far have been unsuccessful in arranging transport. Is anyone able to help, please - given suitable compensation/i...

Moving crews up when category has enough entries
If a category has sufficient entries, e.g. 7 crews entered at S4, but S3 only has one entry, should the S4 crews be moved up to S3? It clearly states on the web site: ''Plea...

This is a great opportunity to do what you love (rowing..) and explore and enjoy a new (?) fantastic place - Malm=F6/Copenhagen, Sweden/ Denmark! (Malm=F6 is the base for the EMG but rowing ...

ARA's AGM Agenda Reading that, it seems like the ARA is organisation not particularly determined to air & keep up with the current ...

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