Scull balance with larger Skeg
Hi All, I'm 63 and started rowing and now sculling last year August. I'm realy struggling with my balance on a single, I've read what I can find on balancing ( on this group as well ) <...

No truth in the rumour...
...that Carl is considering branching out into the automotive industry:-

today's M2- semi final
Even the 6th place GER crew in today's SF2 would have won SF1 by a street. Anyone know why?

travelling to Geneva
I'm forced to go on a trip for work to CERN in Switzerland for the second week in October. The prospect exhibits once and for all what an old ass I've become, as I should be excited, all I...

Well, the latest drama has come to fine conclusion. According to my embedded sources in Sausalito, Charles has received his new boat. I can imagine him sitting cross legged on the fl...

Concept 2 US prices
Does anyone know how much a concept II costs over in the US? Their website just seems to point me to details of International Dealers. Ta, Morph

Naughty Russians busted again...
W8+ - Exclusion! All go home! LM2x - Disqualify! Both busted. I guess there's a certain logic that if one of you is going to cheat, you might as well both. One might think that ...

Misleading ARA advice on leptospirosis
I have just read a news item on the ARA website, giving advice on how to avoid being infected with leptospirosis. They are commenting on a recent confirmed case - a coach from a Thames ro...

Rowperfect for sale
Excellent condition complete contact 07810864166 or 07919492233

CRS - Cambridge Racing Shells at the World Champ's age=3Dnewsmax&newsid=3D1073 Translation of DK rowing site: The danish crew Christian Place...

Underweight German LTAMx4+ Boat
Can any experts out there explain why the German LTAMx4+ was only relegated to last place in its heat rather than disqualified? This seems like hardly any penalty at all as they have just st...

sell bags
Louis Vuitton, Fendi SPY Bags, Fendi B bag, Chloe Paddington bags, Chloe Silverado bags, Chloe Edith Bag, Balenciaga, Goyard, miumiu, mulberry, prada, Marc Jacobs, Gucci 85th, Dior Gaucho, J...

4-stroke outboards: Honda vs. Mercury/Mariner
Does anyone out there have substantial experience with the 4-stroke engines of both Honda and Merc/Mariner, and a strong opinion that one make is better than the other? I hope to find some i...

Bio-Row rigging charts - thoughts?
I was just curious to see what people thought about the rigging charts that have been put up on the Bio Row website, the website link is here WHere yo...

Association of Rowing Coaches site update
Hi All The webpage of the Association of Rowing Coaches, South Africa ( ) has been updated with the following new articles. =E2=80=A2 Spee...

Rowing Voice
Regular readers of the Rowing Service will already know that Chris Dodd and I are about to publish the next edition of the Rowing Voice. As well as the main issue (out this weekend) we ar...

rowing machine cylinder repair
I use to own a concept erg, but the noise got so annoying to those around me, that i had to sell it and go for a cylinder sculler type machine. My original machine (Delta) burst a seal, so i...

Here's a tricky one (UK interest)
This year 1st September falls on a Saturday and indeed is the day of Hollingworth Lake regatta. The rules on junior categories mention "the first of September preceding the event", so the qu...

Swampings back in the new
By the look of it (thanks, RQ) more swampings being passed off as tributes to the skill of all concerned: "...

New Head Race UK
Bradford on Avon are to be hold a new head race on Saturday 15th of September. It will be approximately 1500 metres upstream. For future years we have space for around 12 trailers and will b...

Riggers rumour
Has anyone else heard a rumour that Janousek/Stampfli have dropped Nevilles and will now be sourcing their riggers from Eric Sims' new outfit? If this is true does Neville's have any more b...

Concept II noise, E any better?
I want to buy a Concept II ergo, but am worried about the noise. I have been unable to find out any hard data (e.g. decibel levels), I was wondering if the model E, which I have never ...

awesome new job board
I've just found a great new job board. is free for both employers and jobseekers. Everyone can post videos with their resumes or job posts, AND you can get emails and SMS's ...

Peter Thiede wunder-cox
GER 8+ cox. From former DDR. Briefly: First world champs: 1990 Tasmania Been to all Olympic / WC since 1994 excluding 2000 Olympics where GER did not qualify Always in the 8+...

Silver Skiff Armada Cup Klagenfurt
Just a note to see if anyone knows of or is thinking of taking a trailer to any of the above events this year. Regards Donal

Rowers' Revenge Triathlon 2007
Entries are now open for the 2007 Rowers' Revenge Triathlon, this year sponsored by the world's largest health and fitness group, Fitness First. The annual Marlow Rowing Club even...

Children's Rowboats
Hello Group, I have two stitch and glue constructed Children's rowboats on E-Bay, ending 7-17, 7:00 am PST. They are quite nice, and quite cool. 50 inches LOA. P...

Trailer to GBR Weekend
Hi All I'd like to put an entry in for a coxed four to race at Gloucester and Ross regattas from Reading University. However, with us all being students except for our director of...

The requirement for an ATA Carnet for people bringing their own boats to the Masters in Zagreb has appeared on the web site Nothing like last minute no...

Mould for sale
I have the mould for a coxed quad(Harris) that I was going to use for a project but decided Im not going to go ahead with this in the forseeable future and as Im selling my current trailer i...

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