Jen Goldsack racing at the US trials
Interested to see Jen Goldsack racing at the US trials (didn't realise she had dual citizenship). Does anyone know if this is a serious attempt to switch camps or is she just after the racin...

For Sale (UK): Catamaran Coaching Launch
18ft catamaran GRP hulls, epoxy coated wood deck and console. Requires a cosmetic repair to cockpit side, hence price of =A3400 excl engine. Currently ashore in Maidenhead. A 9.9hp...

Lost at HRR
Has anyone seen a set of 8 carbon single action seats in a black bin liner in Henley. There were last seen on Saturday evening (7th July) about 5 pm during boat loading. The trailer was at...

Special fin
From, picture gallery of Strathclyde U23: What's the point in having this arrangement?

Oar Blade colours Black and gold chevrons
Hi Would anyone know the rowing club that has black and gold chevrons as their oar colours.Lower chevron black,middle chevron gold,top chevron black.The black chevrons are the sam...

Grim research
In a conversation today someone told me they recalled hearing of a mishap at the UK's National Schools' regatta around the '60s having cost the life of a competitor. Does anyone...

St. Neots Regatta (UK)
Unfortunately I've just received confirmation from the Organising Committee that the 2007 regatta is offiocially cancelled due to the river flows and the meadows being under water.

What it costs to represent your country
I have picked this up from Tideway Slug, which confirms something I had gleaned from coaches of athletes who had been selected for England and Wales. 'No doubt the weekend's resul...

Tour de France - Bent again
Oh what a surprise. Someone gets caught again for doping. The sport should be thrown out of the Olympics and the Tour de France never run again.

World Cup Regatta 2009
It has come to my attention that the ARA have bid for a World Cup Regatta in 2009. As Lucerne always gets the third, it will either be the first or second. It is rumoured that they have...

Is the state of British lightweight rowing so healthy?
The media were gushing about the state of GB lightweight rowing after the excellent performances in Lucerne but looking at the Strathclyde entries the future doesn't look quite so rosy. ...

Women's VIII
I represent a small university boat club and due to an ever-expanding women's squad, we are looking to buy a new women's VIII. We currently race a 1996 Janousek and are looking to improve on...

Practical Flood Precautions
With reference to the flooding already in central/west England, & to the Environment Agency warning that an ocean of water is now flowing into the higher reaches of the Thames, as red-flag...

More cancellations
Bewdley cancelled. Racing at Nat Champs abandoned in the middle of this afternoon. When will it stop raining!?

polishing a composite boat
I've done a bit of a trawl through RSR and come up with a blank to my following question. Namely - what is the best means to bring a faded old composite (not wood - there are plenty o...

Talk Rowing (Shameless promotion)
I'm undecided as to whether this constitutes SPAM or not so I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt! I'm sure some of you know of and use I'm sure so...

Rowing in Amsterdam
I'll be in Amsterdam in early September. While I doubt that I'll have the time, I've been wondering if there's a place to rent a shell to row if I did have an opening. Do people row the ca...

Boat transport to Zagreb
Are any clubs taking trailers over to World Masters that have room for other boats from York City, or boats we could share, obviously sharing costs? We would like to take a pair, and are al...

Boat transport to Zagreb
Are any clubs taking trailers over to World Masters that have room for other boats from York City, or boats we could share, obviously sharing costs? We would like to take a pair, and are al...

Rowing Voice issue 3
A sneaky little extra Voice edition is out, Henley Royal special. RQ.

C2 gates bursting open
Probably one for coastal rowers only this one. I went for an unscheduled swim yesterday in Shoreham senior sculls final. It happened when my starboard blade hit a big wave on the recove...

awesome job board
I've just found a great new job board. is free for both employers and jobseekers. Everyone can post videos with their resumes or job posts, AND you can get emails and SMS's ...

Lucerne boat transmitters
Hi group. I'm just watching the Lucerne coverage on Eurosport and noticed antennas on each bow number. Can anyone tell what they are used for (I guess for timing), and if it's f...

What happened to the Dutch 4-?
It looked more like the steering standard at BUSA regatta rather than a world cup, and I suppose that it was fortunate that the Italians didn't object. I presume some sort of equipment fai...

Boat transport to Germany
A friend has asked me to arrange to get a touring boat from Molesey to Hamm in Germany. Please call me on 07963 046038 if you can help. Thanks Karon

Lucerne world cup on UK TV?
Are the BBC showing the world cup this weekend on the TV? So far I ahavent been able to find anything in the TV scheduling, I thinkit may have been buried under the Golf and Tour de france c...

Men's Head Coach vacancy - Thames RC, London, UK
In addition to the Women's Head Coach vacancy currently being advertised, Thames RC is now also advertising for a Men's Head Coach. Details on the TRC website here: http://t...

Help with Schroder brand oars, resetting sleeves
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of the company that makes the "Schroder" brand of oars? We have a set of these that have cleaver/hatchet blades, black carbon shafts with a b...

Boat Race Problem
I overheard at Henley last Thursday that one of this years winning Boat Race crew from Cambridge may not have been a student at the time of the race? One of the german rowers apparently drop...

Transport from Dordrecht(Moekhoek) to Henley Vets
Is anyone coming over to Henley Vets that hasnt already left that could bring a single over (if with a trailer a single and a double) from Bots sports? Regards Donal Ca...

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