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HRR draw
HRR draw now available from Regatta Radio: -- David Biddulph Rowing web pages at

(Temple Qualifiers) Thanks to those that helped.
On behalf of the rest of the Pembroke / Queens Oxford crew, thanks to anyone and everyone who helped us: get our boat out, repair the rudder, and get back in at the relatively high sided b...

Any news from Henley
Weather, state of the ground, conditions etc.?

for the sience junkies: journal update
There are four new papers published recently that I've found. Good=20 stuff. If anyone knows a good free file hosting site, I'll put them up. = (all are .pdf files) Here...

(UK- centric) HRR footings
Can anyone report on just how bad the mud is up at HRR? Am I right in thinking that wellington boots will be required to get around due to the depth of the mud? jmh

Catamaran again
Ive lost the details for Simon Johnson international (Website wont open)and the hungarian firm that was making Cats. Ive a lottery bid being determined on Monday so if anyone has any i...

Another one bites the dust
Ironbridge off - when's it ever going to stop raining? Dan here's an excuse for another pun

Amsterdam GB super VIII & the Chinese crews
Reading the various reports in the press online it all sounds very impressive in Amsterdam last weekend - both in terms of one-off GB- squad experiments and the all-conquering run-up t...

BBG Olympia 1x for sale
I am headed to San Diego in July. Instead of shipping/trailering my BBG 1x to the west coast, I've decided to offer it up for sale. The pertinent facts are below: -2000 BBG Olymp...

r.s.r and the IBTR
Courtesy of Brett Meares, who answered my post in this group, and his fellow Atlanta RC colleague Ed Bauer, I was treated to a wonderful morning's sculling on the Chattahoochee River north...

Tahoe Regatta 2007
Here are a few photographs taken at this year's Tahoe Regatta in Northern California. Lake Tahoe in June can be a stunning lake to row.

Sculling hand heights miracle
After a humiliatingly bad loss in single sculls at a recent sprint regatta where in the aftermath of a bad start, panic set in and all technique went out of the window, I recently decided to...

Mystic Henley open for business
Right, it's all up and running now, Mystic Henley - predict the future for the crews entered at Henley Royal Regatta. Predict more winners ...

Royal Dutch Rowing Federation elite 4- at Marlow
So, can anyone shed some light on this crew....u23's ? I don't see a corresponding entry at HRR, are they just coming over for Marlow ?

E. Germany rowing history
The Chinese doping thread reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask. Are there any books or comprehensive articles out there that discuss in detail the E. German rowing p...

Article in Guardian,,-6719959,00.html Quote from Chinese anti-doping commission official: "Athletes from sports where doping is more prevalent such as a...

HRR Entries
Does anyone know when the entries will be published? -- Regards John Whyte, Managing Director, Whyte's of Yarm. 01642 737068 [sho...

Wine for Henley
Morning I will be making my annual pilgrimage down to HRR is a few weeks and due to lack of other options will be driving down in my van. Having spent 7 years working in ro...

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UK Vet Champs
Any news on the update to the UK Vet Champs results. Just interested in whether there will be an accurate set of times out ( or alternatively some well made up ones) for the post race view a...

Health of the sport
All, Sorry for the long time away: It's been all work work work (and 2 stone of carbo loading.. *ahem*). Having not been around the scene for a little while, I found myself ...

Testing one two three!

Neck "burner"
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0100_01C7B27C.B83DDFA0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Rowing Demographic
I was wondering if anyone had any information on the demographic make up of rowers? I suspect that (in the UK at least) the rowing demographic is, despite on going efforts aimed...

HP a bit whiffy
I was at Nottingham for the Coffin Dodgers Championships on Sunday. It's the first time I've been to HP for about three years, and I've not missed it. One thing that struck me was the s...

Work through the pin for a 1X
I've looked through older posts about the suggested distance and the ideas vary wildly. Nuts and Bolts of Rigging suggests negative 2 to +2 cm; others here suggest +4 cm measured from the f...

New boat drink driving legislation Surprised that no rowers seem to have as yet expressed interest about this. Note that th...

Statford regatta off
Unfortunately the water level is very high and it's throwing it down hard (in Brum) again at the moment. The upper reaches of the Avon had 50mm+ of rain yesterday.

Nat Champs RowShow (UK) - continued
So as not to intrude further on the Voice thread: Here's the sort of garbage we get in response to our efforts to improve the standard while reducing the cost of the exhibition: ...

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