Stain removal on wooden shells
I have just purchased an old Carl Douglas double which requires some TLC and elbow grease to get it looking good. I am planning on varnishing the hull which has many scratches and dents, bu...

For those who still think Beijing embodies the Oly**** spirit
See: This follows a week after Jaques Rogge was reported to have publicly derided Matt Pinsent's critical TV report o...

More ARA points system absurdities
So the draw for Wallingford regatta is out. In Novice Single Sculls there are 2 people who went to December Trials (one of whom has won the Novice Penant in the Scullers Head twice, finish...

We've got that sinking feeling - update
On Jan 30, 7:58 pm, Carl <[email protected]> wrote: > >>Do you think what happened will, at very long last, stir the HKRA to > >>mandate shell buoyancy or will t...

Knees in or out?
In looking at old pictures and listening to various rowing historians, I have gotten the impression that fast scullers of yore (1800's) rowed with knees outside the elbows instead of inside....

GB Team
I see Grobler has resisted the temptation to change the men's 4. I personally would have liked to have seen Hodge and Reed go up against Ginn and Free. No news yet on who the GB mens pair wi...

head race entries query
dear all I have a quick question about head race entries in case anyone knows the answer, I have trawled the ARA website and their rules of racing and cannot find anything to answ...

Regattas on the Tideway
Looking at the Hammersmith regattas maps I was left wondering how you organise the course so that the start and finish lines are nowhere near parallel - particularly the ebb tide course? <...

Sad news event
David Halberstam, author of (among many other things) the rowing book, "The Amateurs," has died in an auto acccident.

Rowing on San Francisco Bay, more photos For those interested the above website offers of few photos from last week's OWRC Regatta.

Trial memberships
Hi, I'm trying to organise a series of rowing taster sessions for some work colleagues which will end in a fun regatta. Does anyone have an idea on what sort of paperwork they have to ...

ARA Almanac
Who else has been bowled over by the rather-less-than-glitzy cover of this year's Almanac? Presumably nothing much happened during the 2006 season? Or maybe all the photographers' images hav...

Sculling Finish
Hi everyone I'm getting back into my sculling again at the moment as I have a new boat on the way and am really looking forward to using it over summer (I'm aiming to complete the...

Chronic skimmer
A friend and I are training for the Corvallis to Portland row. As this is a very, very long event, I'd like to be as efficient as possible. My partner trains hard and long and is very fit, b...

Row2k RSS feed
If anybody is interested, I've put an RSS feed for on It's fragile; if row2k changes their HTML it will fall apart. Not su...

Rowing Story no. 15
So this is 98. And it's about ten minutes before the Boat Race and I'm sitting underneath Putney rail bridge and the stakeboats are coming at me really fast. Which isn't the way...

Anyone still using these units? If so and you need spares, I have them. Impellers, rubber bases, magnets etc Even have some unused units if anyone is interested. ...

Selection of GB Crews
Hello to all, my first post, so I hope it hasn't been covered before, but here goes. How have the GB Selectors decided on Lightweight 8's in the last few years? I...

Visiting Berlin
If any of you visit Berlin on a frequent or even infrequent basis, do get in touch, as I spend a considerable amount of time there (here!), and may be able to help you get a paddle. Early mo...

Hours after the Race
I told myself that any day you can go rowing is a good day. I told myself that if "I rowed my own race," I would consider this race successful. I told myself that if I took ...

Quadding Technique
Hi, Can anyone give me a tips on good quadding or guide me to some links? I would be very grateful. Thanks

ARA Rule 2.3.3
With the demise of the "Day Ticket". Just how rigidly are regattas going to enforce this rule? "All competitors shall carry their racing licence with them to a regatta. Any Compet...

Boat club at Runnymede
A quick question for those that know the rowing clubs of the Thames. At Runnymede there is a boat house (next to French Bros boat house) that has a pair of crossed oars coloured maroon and b...

Wing nuts for an Empacher foot stretcher
Does anyone know what size they are? I think it's either 5 or 6mm but don't have a boat handy :) Cheers Simon

Do we have any members/lurkers in Atlanta, GA?
It looks as if I'll be in Atlanta on business for the week of June 18th; I'm wondering if there's anyone reading this group who might be able to fix me up with an outing of some kind the...

OT usenet dieing?
This group doesn't seem to have noticeably slowed, but I wonder if number of new subscribers has decreased? It seems to be one of a only a few usenet groups that continue with reasonable a...

Capsized rowers rescued from icy river - US EXETER TOWNSHIP - Five members of the University of Scranton women's rowing te...

Streetrower Pro launched
Photos and video clips of the all new aluminium and carbon fibre Streetrower Pro have been released at The Streetrower Pro has been designed for the enthusiast, ...

Boat size and crew weight
Spain traditionally is a "lightweight-country" Most of the top boats here are for lightweights, and it isn't easy to find boats for heravyweights. Here is my question: Apart ...

Rowing in SF bay
Scanning my slide collection I came across this, taken near the Golden Gate bridge in 2002. It's not a rowing shell as we know it, but as I rec...

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