Boat Race Illness
Anyone fancy a bet that Cambridge lose someone to illness this week? After sitting out there and getting all wet?

The Miracle of Green Tea
The Benefits Of Green Tea: Green Tea Contains The Following: Tannins - A group of simple and complex phenol, polyphenol, and flavonoid compounds. Produced by plants, all of ...

HORR - 10 sinkings in top 50
Well, I was sat in my little marshalling spot up by Kew Bridge hanging on to a tree for dear life, and missed most of the "fun", but here's what I gathered from the marshalls... ...

the HoRR (UK) website...
... is a steaming pile of unwashed rowing kit. As the event's 'shop front' it's a peeling-paint, fluorescent strip-light Kwik-e-Mart selling nothing but Pot Noodles which no-one has ...

Congratulations Rebecca Romero
Just wanted to say congratulations for a silver medal in the World Cycling championships after only taking up the sport last year. I have been slightly disappointed at some of the comments s...

Little River Marine
Does anyone own or have an opinion on boats from Little River Marine in Gainesville, FL? Thanks.

FISA athletes survey
Fascinating stuff. Given all the problems with the stream at Gifu in 2005 getting on for twice as many competitors thought Dorney was unfair last year. The boat racks weren't liked as much...

The very essence of sculling
At the beginning of "Steve Fairbairn on Rowing" Ian Fairbairn sets out two thoughts that his father employed in his coaching. These epigraphs can be thought of as coefficients and obviously ...

carrying boats on cars
Hi Just looking for some advice. Can I carry a standard Double scull on my Estate car (car length 4.5m). Janousek Double. Uk driving. Daytime May07. looks like I wi...

Camping at Henley Royal regatta
I wanted to get some advice about camping at Henley Royal and what people thought the best campsite was! After checking the Interweb I get the feeling that I may be asking this question a bi...

Regatta in waves (Marlow Spring, UK)
I would be interested to hear what people think of the new (I think) format for Marlow Spring regatta - poster at The reg...

Cambridge drop their cox... Kieran West said: "All this pulling up and down isn't generating results. We put our heads together and d...

Bow balls
On various occasions in the past we have discussed bow balls, and particularly the dangers if they aren't attached sufficiently securely to provide the protection for which they are intend...

Boat Race Boat Builders
Hi all As a young whippersnapper I've only taken serious notice of the last four or so boat races. So, a bit of a trivia question, I was just wondering when the last time either c...

Muppets on the tideway
An eight of ours, that was out after 8pm, was told off by a coaching launch driver from a Putney club for being in the correct position. It seems that being correctly lit, and well ov...

Olympics as a business
A few years back we were talking here about the overcommercialisation of the Olympics and the perhaps over-controlling licensing of the word 'Olympic' and the five rings. So what ...

capsize hits home
Rumor out of the southland, Harbor Patrol had to pull out my (and JD and KC's) alma mater out of the water after swamping. It's pretty breezy here and storm moving in down south acco...

Head of the River Amstel
On Google Earth: A few crucial waypoints along the new course from Amsterdam to Ouderkerk, upriver, approx. 8 km long. A...

from start to finish
Hi everybody, right now I am training for the Pan American Games in Rio I've asked my coach for the best race strategy I could use, but he states that this type of practice is to early in th...

Posting disappearance
Hi everybody, Is there anybody that can explain me why some of my posting never made it out there, although i received the confirmation from Google. Anybody has any idea about what I am...

taking a scull to france
I don't mean 'scull all the way there across the channel' in a guin batten styleee, I mean taking one's single sculling boat with one on a trip to france, how could this be done? is it at al...

dumb newbie question
OK, I've made A LOT or progress with this group's help, and Xeno Muller's DVD's. I got one dumb question though: What is "paddling". I've see nseveral references on th Conc...

Website for athletes with heart ailments
If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor/physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport "so long as you don't over do it!", th...

Cambridge will withdraw from HORR
Just a guess on my part! But if it happens, remember you read it here first!

Team Telekom
Some nice images in this commercial: Is this the German National Team? Is Telekom their primary sponsor? Or is this a private (not...

Boat race on YouTube
This apparently featured on BBC's countryfile. Is it me or is the cox missing a vital piece of equipment?

Steer by wire
I had the idea of connecting a servo motor to the steering spindle of a boat, and control it via a microcontroller. The microcontroller would know the current steering course and with a sm...

Brand newbie needs advice
I am interested in getting started in rowing. Never done it before (except a hundred years ago as a Boy Scout in a rowboat). Need alternative to running. Have Concept 2 ergometer. Have t...

Vets' head distance?
"Hammersmith Bridge to University Stone, Chiswick" (from ). I've tried valiantly to find out how far that is without success; can someone tell me, or tell...

Safety Review etc
RoSPA review? what will they be looking at. I have been asked by the Captain of my club what he should do if, after a head race hace been cancelled, he is invited to boat crews in ...

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