CUBC racing the Head
A welcome surprise:

Burway Head - on or off?
Burway head this coming saturday; does anyone have any idea as to whether it is likely to run or will I be able to go to a cat show in Leatherhead that afternoon instead? what are the river ...

Catalina race
Anyone have a link to the official rules? All this talk about blade hydrodynamics has made me think about unconventional craft. Can't help it, it's in my DNA, I have to complicat...

HRR and continuous affiliation
Just checking up on the eligibility requirements for this year's HRR and notice that clubs must have been established and continuously affiliated to an appropriate national federation for ...

Training diary for rowers
I've been working on an online training diary with rowers and other endurance athletes in mind. At the moment it's pretty simple with the idea of keeping it easy and quick to use, so you ...

Fin/Skeg question
I'm writing a short article on the physics of steering for my club magazine. There is one thing I was wondering about: why are skegs almost universally placed about halfway down the stern,...

Wooden boatbuilding question
Anybody on here ever got involved with fixing wooden rowing boats? I have recently purchased a badly vandal damaged 1980s cedar Stampfli single. An insurance writeoff. Some teenagers broke i...

Here be curiosities
The start of the Grand Winter Handicap in Brussels last Sunday. Open to any boat other than racing shells, 5km with time allowances on the start, first-past-the-post finish. I'm ...

Empacher K46 as 4+
Hi, does anyone have experience with the empacher K 46 as a 4+. The boat should be for Teams up to 85 kg. Thanks for your respone! Kornie (Germany)

NZ national championships
Interesting to see the information from the NZ Champs and how different it is from the GB version. It looks as though the whole of the NZ squad are competing including Drysdale who is racing...

Marfan syndrome and rowers
The thread elsewhere on the sudden death of the Chattanooga rower makes me wonder whether the rowing world is aware of Marfan syndrome. (Not that I've any evidence whatever for a link bet...

This is just weird

Wey to Row Junior Rowing Courses
New for 2007, Weybridge Rowing Club (Club Marked) brings another perfect summer course for the beginner rower. Many learn to row courses have been held at the prestigious Weybridge Rowing Cl...

buoyancy - the size of the issue
Here in the West Midlands we have 515 boats and 71 of them are deemed <b>by their clubs</b> to need additional buoyancy. That's 14%. Of course this might be an under estimate a...

Vespoli boats
Can anyone in the UK who has had any experience with Vespoli boats please assist? Are they a viable option? e.g. Can damage be repaired easily in the UK, do any UK manufacturers ...

Catalina race
Anyone have a link to a site where I can get an idea of how fast these boy go in the MDR to Catalina race? It can take six to eight hours to make the crossing on a sailboat. I've been wond...

Family rowing boat?
I'm been thinking of getting what I might describe as a "family rowing boat" for the summer. Larger, stable, able to carry the kids to have fun at the lake, fish, read a book, etc. This is...

North Jersey residents are all over YouTube (The Record)
Melvin Falcon of Paterson wanted to send his niece Angie Gonzales, 23, a special New Year's greeting. She is stationed with the Army in San Antonio and soon will be shipping out to Iraq. ==...

Rower rescued from Lake Whatcom in Washington state, US
Hi all, King 5 news in Seattle, Washington, US is reporting tonight that a rower (they said kayaker, but the shot of the empty boat looked like a Maas 24 - http://www.maasboats....

Kaschper 1X?
Anybody have thoughts on Kaschper singles, in particular the Extreme or the new Raven? Fluids seem to be all the rage, particularly with Ltw's but I'm interested in a HW single for interm...

Hungry rowers hit -- Edd

Teen rower at Chattanooga school collapses and dies Date created: 2/16/2007 10:25:32 AM Last updated: 2/16/2007 10:26:16 AM A sophomore athlete has collapsed and died af...

Recreational Rowing Boat Survey
Hey Everyone, I'm an Engineering Student at the University of Bristol part of a team doing a design study for a recreational rowing boat. We have a survey &...

Another oen bites the dust
A few more UK jobs have just been binned: As usual, the attractions of cheap & imported have swayed th...

henley head cancelled?
Does anyone know if Henley 4s and 8s head has been cancelled this weekend? on the calender on david biddulph's site it says it has been cancelled due to fast stream conditions (just like pre...

Vladimir Radyuhin Vladimir Putin sent out a clear message to Europe: toeing the American line of trying to encircle Russia was fraught with new confrontation and was against...

Wanted: A Teacher of Mathematics and a Teacher of Economics / Business Studies
Bedford Modern School in the UK are currently advertising for two teachers, one of Mathematics and one of Economics / Business Studies, who can preferably play a major role in the Boat Club....

old head race starts
While thinking about the "Taking the catch..." thread, I downloaded some samples of old film from I was interested to see crews starting from a standing sta...

Bedford Head (UK)
Many thanks to the organisers of Bedford Head. Great to see the organisers responding to the changing conditions and balancing safety with everyones desire to race. Just one question, anyo...

How To Start and other Race Plan Questions
I have always done just normal full strokes to start out. But I heard that To gain the momentum of the erg you do 1/2,1/2,3/4,Full Then a Quick Ten, Then Settle. I this a Good Start? ...

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