Heights Of Seats Above Waterline
I measured the heights of seats above the waterline for a crew sitting at backstops in their eight, and came up with the following measurements (port-/stroke-side only): Stroke: 8...

CO2 emmisions
Hey group. climate change question. How much CO2 does an elite 8 emit during a 20 minute race?

Cold Water Immersion story
[saw this on Wikipedia, from Kenneth More's autobiography recalling filming the 'Titanic' disaster picture, A Night To Remember] There was no tank big enough at Pinewood Studios to fi...

Dick Dreissigaker versus Mark Campbell
This has to be THE most authoritative ergo discussion ever. Fight in the Dog is a US blogger on rowing stuff (read him - generally interesting stuff) he has had the balls to call...

Best High School Teams
I asked this a few months ago and wasn't very specific. I was wondering what are the best High School teams for Heavy weight are in the USA And if possible which of these a...

What is the avg. age for people in this group? Where are you located? How long have you been rowing? How often Do you go on here? What is your favorite rowi...

Russian fails dope test GB W4x promoted to Gold
Just noticed this on the BBC. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/rowing/6311153.stm Great for the GB girls but rather depressing for the sport as a whole. How come it takes 6 ...

ARA Launch Safety Packs
Hi all, I've been lurking on rec.sport.rowing for a while now and thought I'd get involved with posting, particularly as I have a question I'm hoping someone on here will be abl...

cheap foldable rowing machine
Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on a cheap rowing machine? It needs to be: 1) Less than =A3200 (willing to buy 2nd hand) 2) I live in quite a small house so it...

Rowperfect on YouTube
During the World Rowing Championships , the TV reporters borrowed a Rowperfect from us for their reporter to try out a 500m piece coached and encouraged by the world famous Dan Topolski. <...

2k Times
What is a good 2k erg time for a 16 year old in order to be competitive in college. My current best is 7:11.7 which i did almost a year ago(march 12, 2006). I know i've gotten stronger so ...

Rowing Online Community/Jamoja.com
Hi, I have come across a nice new website for all Rowing lovers. www.jamoja.com. Its a brand new site. The site has only been up for 3 weeks. The great thing is that you can upload and pos...

We've got that sinking feeling....
Shek Mun Head Race, Shek Mun River, Hong Kong. 5 eights flounder in choppy conditions and the race is called off. 2 eights abandoned by crews and towed back by Marine Police (one...

work heights for different crews
Hello This is Gareth Gruenbaum from Rowing Center (UK) Limited. We sell Swift Racing Boats, and are looking at standardising our wing riggers, and the issue we need to decide is what i...

List pollution
I'm not sure how these lists work (ie. is there a list administrator here, for instance) but is there any way to get rid of all this MI5 crap that is being spammed around at present? <...

Model Rowing Boats
HI All Does anyone know where I can find a company that makes model rowing boats that might be suitable to be made into a trophy. Sort of 20-30cm size. Thanks Jmai...

Tutors and Assessors
The UKCC Level2 award ( former Instructor's Award) has to be delivered by a coach who has been accredited by 1st for sport. To become an accredited Tutor or assessor a coach must have...

Share your thought on using Crokers and Concept2 Oars?
Dear all, Just wanna ask for your opinion on using crokers oars and concepts oars for sculling. What do you think about the difference while using the two brands of oar...

Eric Craies Dies
Eric Craies - the grand old man of New Zealand Rowing Coaching died on January 24th. He coached an eight at the Tokyo Olympics who were widely tipped to make the final but succumb...

The Complete Steve Fairbairn on Rowing
Expect this is a question that has been asked before, but... If this book is so scarce to command such ridiculous prices for modern pre-owned copies: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/Sea...

water flow at the catch, or who's your bowman?
I was pondering the velocity of the water *relative* to the oar at the catch, and how the flow velocity varies from a bowseat's blade to the stroke's blade in an 8+. I went back...

pitch meter
Hi, can anyone tell me where to purchase a pitch meter?

Scotland Trials - Inverness - Feb 07
Hi all, A list of those invited to Scotland Trials, to be held in Inverness on Saturday 17th February is now available on the Scottish Rowing website. Please follow the link...

Wudi/Flying Eagle Eight quality issues
Hi All, Just want to share my experience with you. I am a coach and club manager of a school rowing club in Cape Town, South Africa. We ordered a Flying eagle International (A-gra...

revolutionary coaching launch?
Looks like you can coach a crew from overhead: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/01/19/BAGE7NLI001.DTL I can't see any other use for such an outlandish cont...

Seminar Topic - advice sought
Rowperfect UK runs an annual coach education seminar. In the past we've had speakers talking about technique, training methods and testing. But this year we want to change the focus to oth...

Remarkable headlines
So I was searching for rowing news and stumbled upon: "Victory in dead Israeli sperm row." Is that something like winning a Tideway regatta when there's a sewage warning?

Some research into costs of sealed compartments
Some research into costs. I have no connection with any of the companies mentioned, they are there as an example only. I have a small sample of 'foamalux' sheet - white expanded PVC 3m...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HjaWNXj90E Sheesh. -- Henry Law Manchester, England

Carl Douglas and the Cows
For anyone who subscribes to the "Rowing News" there is a photograph in the February 2007 issue (p. 61, Volume 13 Number 12) of someone's rowing a Carl Douglas 1x by some admiring cows at Ve...

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