Dorney lake
Found this on google.Not sure about the video,but i liked the sound track

Skiing resorts/rowing clubs - Europe
Dreaming ... Im looking at the possibility of getting a small apartment in a ski resort with a view to using for skiing in the winter but close enough to be able to row on a lake in the summ...

SARA EGM result
From "30 December SARA EGM: At today's EGM there was, as intended, a lengthy debate around a number of issues relating to buoy...

2007 joel rogers rowing calendar
Does anyone know where to purchase the 2007 rowing calender by Joel Rogers? There is a picture of it at: but it doe...

Leo Blockley
Exactly 6 years to the day, Leo died in Amposta, Spain, when his club training session was overtaken by a storm. He was 21 years of age, with his whole life ahead of him. Leo d...

New Rowperfect
Does anyone have information on the Rowperfect which was out since Christmas? Thanks in advance Meryl

rowing machine "mileage"
Anybody have any idea what "high mileage" vs. "low mileage" on a rowing machine is? Is 3,000 kilometers "high" or "low"? Thanks a heap, -Zz

I'd love to know who's downloading my boat trestle design
Every so often I look at the web stats for my domain; it's never very active but I do see, month in month out, a continual trickle of requests for my PDF file detailing the c...

Width of river, bumps races, etc
I'd like to know a little more about the organisation of the various non-university bumps races that go on in a few places. In particular I'd like to talk/write to the organiser of whiche...

Christmas rowing
Hi all Just a quick note to say Happy Christmas from Hong Kong to all RSR writers and readers! I have had a good couple of days on the water, my back seems to have fina...

"realistic" rowing machines
Hi group; I'm considering purchasing a rowing machine. The top priority is exercise, but I want a machine that simulates real rowing as much as possible. I'm more concerned abou...

Adhesives used in boatbuilding
Curious if any of the boat-building fraternity out there can comment on adhesives used to bond internal structures (decks, bulkheads etc) onto the inside of the moulded shell. Obv...

Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment

Buon Natale
To all of you of course :-)

Adjusting the rigging for a men's club 8 - advice needed.
Hi, I measured an eight that is used by our club's first 8 last weekend and i find i need some advice. i can measure a boat well enough and to within the recommended in ...

Water rower worth considering?
Hello All, First let me say I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Anyhow, I have been looking at used rowers online and was curious about the Water rower. I have be...

Is Concept II ruining our planet?
In this season of festivities we should all be thinking of our planet. It's what Jesus would have wanted. And there's no more environmentally-friendly way of getting around than in a boat....

SARA EGM - not called in time
In the SARA Constitution you will read the following: d) Any General Meeting shall be called by _at least_ TWENTY-ONE DAYS' WRITTEN NOTICE. In computing the period of notice, no accou...

A few new Faces of RSR
Recently added: Caroline Turnbull, Christopher Anton, Hannah Thomas, Robert Treharne Jones. Updated: Nick Suess (with picture of him and Carl). See --...

Winter circuits
Someone has decided to change our winter circuits this year and instead of our usual increase in total time and time per exercise before Christmas, followed by a slackening off after (to acc...

Cold water rowing
I hate to bring this up again. The weather is getting colder and I continue to think about the dangers of rowing in very cold water. A prior discussion on RSR didn't seem to converge ...

Clothing layers do you put more layers on or take layers off if you can't let go of the oars? -Martin

OK, I now have about 10 to 12 hours rowing without the stabilizing floats and have a couple of questions. 1- I can't seem to go straight. I tend to make a slow turn to starboard....

GPS Question (Again)
Hello All, I was shopping at a local sporting goods store over the weekend and there was a Rep demonstrating the National Geograhic Topo software which looked quite nice. It is p...

Leaving the Sport
As most of the correspondents to this group are likely to be involved in the sport untill they graduate to the regatta enclosure in the sky, this may sound a daft question. When a...

Leaving the Sport
As most of the correspondents to this group are likely to be involved in the sport untill they graduate to the regatta enclosure in the sky, this may sound a daft question. When a...

You all knew I'd write. Five fantastic days at the WACA, and I watched every single ball. And Monty is a star, and but for the idiots who kept him out, it could all be very...

Blade shots
Hi group. Just found on the german Concept2 website: Has anyone else pictures like that?

One Anton down
One to go. Christopher Anton on "Faces of RSR": E.

Just thought I would share my misery with your good selves. Had a little op a week ago to repair some cartilage in my knee. The Dr reckoned I would be back in action after a couple of months...

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