Which boat do you row? Why?
> In another thread [email protected] wrote: > > And a topical question: > > > > Is it possible that something that provided a large advantage for a

Rowing bouyancy aid
Just came across this, which I thought was interesting: http://www.balticlifejackets.com/product.asp?prod_id=37&lang=eng No connection with the company, and I've never seen one o...

Peter Reed's lungs
11.68 total lung capacity. Bloddy hell !

Boat light range updated.
Outrageous commercial plug, tune out now if you are easily offended. I have just managed to shift my range of lights for rowing boats to a fully waterproof light (yay! about time you a...

Don't drink Root Beer
Seriously, I tried it just now, I thought it was the same thing as Ginger Beer. But it's not. It's brewed with cough-mixture I think. I even bought a four-pack. I fee...

Stabilizing floats
In reading about what to wear for winter rowing I got confirmation of something I understand very well: Capsizing in winter is a serious affair. Some of you know that I just star...

Winter clothing
It's getting cold. Even here in Southern California. What's the recommended attire? I searched for this in the archives and found a number of recommendations. Since most d...

Nice balance
From today's Hell of the North, a 6 km race for 1x and 2- in Groningen; 1: http://www.gyas.nl/media/gallery/333/IMG_3711.jpg 2: http://www.gyas.nl/media/gallery/333/IMG_3713.jpg <...

Waterproof radio?
Does anyone have a waterproof radio that they'd recommend? This is for boat-to-boat communications (while rowing, of course). I'd prefer something that you can clip onto your clothing and,...

Uni rowing this year
well the season is now kicking on and christmas is nearly upon us. How do we think the season is panning out for the various uni's and where will they be come the end of the rowing season? <...

UK Head cancellations this weekend
For those in the UK who haven't already picked up the information about this weekend's heads, Burway, Glasgow 4s Head, & Evesham have already been cancelled, and Marlow 4s & 2s have asked ...

hospitable clubs in NZ?
Can anyone recommend a friendly club/s in NZ that might be warm towards a couple of Brits taking a couple of singles or a double out for a paddle while over on holiday? We're off to NZ for ...

Atlanta 1996 1x
Here's one for the eyes: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2380823499853540262 Very nice camera work... where has that been recently?

Ideas for a Junior training Program
Can anyone out there help me. Am trying toput together a training program (both for land and water) for a group of athletes J15 and J16 both boys and girls. Need some pointers on...

Newbie again
The other thread got hijacked...so here's an update. Went out this weekend again. It was a significant improvement over my first experience. I rowed about 7 miles and have the bliste...

vets 4;s head
Any ideas when (and where) the results will be out for the older version of the 4's head?

HOR4s mug shots
yes, it's spot the undeclared sub time again! http://www.hor4s.org.uk/2006winners.htm (crew orders may be iffy but hopefully the names are correct) liz

Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment http://blentoo.com/fitness-equipment-treadmill/fitness-equipment.html

RUTHLESSLY KILL TERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, Robert Mueller, Keith Alexander, Mathew Hayden and John Negroponte
UPDATED VERSION. Even if you read this before, you should read it again since I UPDATED it with more EXPLOSIVE DETAILS about these UNDERCOVER FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS. ...

who is racing in TSS1 at 4's head ?
I see that Cop has been out in the TSS 4x. Is he racing with them tomorrow ? If so, that is one hell of a line-up !!

Cambridge Rowing Shells Limited
Was just interested to see what the rsr heavies thougth about this new company setting up in the UK? http://www.crsrowing.com/page.php?page=index Interesting website, althou...

GB Rowing Funding spat
it seems the kid gloves are off and knuckle dusters to the fore..... the row with BIRO about reducing funding to athletes that don't train at Caversham is now going public....

non-profit incorporating
Our rowing club is thinking about filing as a 501c-3. I heard that it is hard to justify a rowing club as such. We have a youth program & offer scolarships. Has anyone been able to file f...

Vets Fours Head 2006 (UK)
Is it happening? No updates on the website, no draw received by email, all telepone numbers being unanswered?

I'm having a little trouble on the erg, which will probably translate to the boat. In Xeno's DVD's he talks about exhaling during the drive. That is very much counter to many oth...

Alden Horizon weight
I started a new thread because the other one drifted a bit. It is now confirmed. The Horizon 17 comes is 92lbs, not 60lbs. The data on their website is from several years ago when th...

Today kayaks, tomorrow racing shells...?
Check this out! http://www.foilkayak.com/ In case anyone is unfamiliar with what's going on here, the foil (IE airfoil, like an airplane wing) is mounted horizont...

would you row here?
http://www.srarowing.com/ this turns out to be my closest rowing club, and a bizarre club it sounds to be too, everything seems to be run on a system of classes, which I suppose ...

Supposed dangers of new oarlaock
Having posted elsewhere my thoughts on the alleged safety issue supposedly arising from the uses of a certain type of oarlock, I reckon this topic merits a new thread. First, re...

UK - Granta vs Nepthys
This is the reserve race for the Ox/Cam lightweight men. It's been going for about five years, I think. It was hinted in the Boat Race newsletter that Cambridge aren't going to ...

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