Cool video of 84-year-old rower
Worth waiting for the advertising to end...

St. Catharine's Boatworks?
Does anyone have any info on St. Catharine's Boatworks? I believe they are now out of business but I would really like to get my hands on one of their singles.

Princeton Chase - Columbia Men's boat is all over the place
What happended to the Columbia University Men's boat at the Princeton Chase? Go to the following site to see:

Wingfield Sculls
Does anyone know, or can point me to a report of, the results of last week's race ? Thanks Paul W

London 2012 Dorney travel plan
The 2012 Olympic travel plan is open for consultation at The chapter relevant to Dorney is at http://www.london2012.c...

Whilst browsing rowing machines on ebay I found the following:

Rowing at Roundhay - Leeds
Hi, Does anyone here row with a club in Roundhay park, Leeds? I was contemplating joining, and just wondered if there was anyone here who knew more about the club. Tom ...

Marlow LDSc (UK)
This info from Marlow this morning: "The organisers of the Marlow LDS decided on Thursday evening that the LDS Championship Sculls will take place as arranged on Saturday afternoon. The

Secondary Schools in London
Can anyone provide a list of secondary schools in the vicinity of London with strong academics and a good rowing program? By "a good rowing program" I don't necessarily mean boats that win. ...

New Sculls & Rigging
I'm hoping to get a new set of adjustable sculling blades, and have almost settled on CII Smoothies - maybe on the same grounds as 'no-one ever got fired for buying Empacher'. I'm guessing ...

Sinking feeling I hope this...

warm clothing
any one know where i can buy a fluorescent ski type hat for winter nights. uk residing.

Marlow Regatta (UK) 2007 Events
Marlow Regatta has announced the events it plans to offer over 2 days in 2007 (23rd & 24th June).

Transferable rate meters
Where I'm currently rowing we share lots of boats and are hopping in and out of different ones all the time. Many don't have wiring in for 'regular' rate meters and so I am considering buyin...

Blade Colours (UK and wider)
A quick scan through ARA (UK) rules sees no mention that crews have to have their club colours on their blades. Are blades colours a "nicety" rather than a rule? Are there rules in

Glasgow Rowing Club
This year's Glasgow Rowing Club Fours Head will be held on 25th November. As usual, there will be two races over 5000 m. from Belvedere to Glasgow Green. Details can be found on t...

Bucket rig forces , equal or not?
Could someone with nothing else to do please try to work out the difference in the spread of the the load between a conventional rig and a tandem/bucket rig. I am trying to find ...

build your own cox amp
Hi all, I have designed a kit cox amplifier that is reasonably easy to put together, and is very competitively priced compared to off the shelf units. If you are inte...

Head Of The Charles Regatta: Submit photos to win HOCR prize pack and be featured on
Submit your photos from the 2006 Head Of The Charles Regatta. WIN a Head of the Charles prize pack and be featured on Get a free 11 x 17 poster (use code HOCR43)

Steering feet
I have just put another steering foot back together again on a club boat. A tedious process that many will be familiar with, of taking the footplate off the boat and detaching the plate from...

Head of the Charles Regatta
Interesting article: I guess they should have had underseat buoyancy and bulkheads...

Patagonia Rowing -
Has anybody noticed that Patagonia has begun getting into rowing a bit? I ran across this website the other day and while it still looks like it's being worked on, it's interesting. Nothing ...

Fitting explosive bolts to a boat section
I can't believe this is seriously being proposed. The idea is that if a cox sees an impending collision he/she can jettison the bow section and row away in a sort of blunt-nosed four ...

Row the Head of the Charles on your Erg
There was a discussion on the Conept 2 forum about hooking up the Erg to Google Earth. Here's a free little program that lets you do just that to row the Head of the Charles on your erg:

Masters training questions
I started rowing 5 years ago and became an addicted rower. Taking part in a view masters regattas showed that my technique is adequate but not so my performance. Therefore I am looking ...

Fours Head (UK)
If you haven't already got your entry in for the Fours Head, you're too late, as they're full & over-subscribed (more than two weeks before the closing date). See you there if y...

Hold it Hard command & IA/Level 2 Coaching course(UK)
Can those who did the IA more recently than I give any indication as to when the prescribed method for holding up a boat became the recommended procedure. I swear it wasn't part of the IA th...

Funding row
Not sure if this will come up as a link or not,,1923178,00.html Article is about plan to make funding of male heavyweight squad cond...

UK-Child Protection-photos at regattas
I note the article mentioned by RQ yesterday:,,171-2406853,00.html The referee in this case seems to have gone OTT, and the FA has come to some ...

Weight Classifications
I'm looking to break into this sport and would like some additional information regarding mens weight classifications. I've read the FAQ and all it says is that there are two classifi...

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