Jumpies dangerous?
I don't know the details, and I am not looking for a medical or legal opinion; just asking what is normal. A 17 yearold boy on my son's crew team was hopitalized and required surgery ...

trailer for u23's
is their anyone on the tideway who will have a spare spot on a trailer for u23 gb trails in oct? beer/money/other available in return.

Pot recycling
I've not had the most successful rowing career so far but I have got a reasonable collection of pewter pots as a result. While I'm hoping to add to my collection some more pots and preferabl...

Finish line photos from Dorney
Does anyone know where I could get a side-on photo of the finish line at Dorney for the women's double final?

Erging and Music
First I'd like to say the people in this group know an extrodinary amount about rowing. Being in the U.S. sometimes it is hard to follow all the things that are going on across the sea, but...

Missing lane 7?
Was there any discussion on the ludicrousness of FISA's rule 75 which meant that both the USA and New Zealand had to row 4000m on Thursday effectively scuppering any chances they had in the...

Adaptive rowing
I read in the paper this weekend about how disappointed Redgrave was with the performance of the GB rowing squad as a whole. My main gripe about this is that he, along with the media ...

Bubble line and waves - should there be more?
I noticed watching the coverage at Eton that the bubble line at the finish dramatically calmed the waves that had built up down the course. Not sure what they are like to row thr...

Men's single at Eton
Couple of questions What went wrong with Campbell's equipment? I heard Hacker collapsed after the final - I trust he is now OK?

Buying a boat 102? USA
OK, I have my choices narrowed down. Now comes the next step. When buying a car, the sticker price is a starting point. How does that work when buying a new boat? Anyone wa...

Who killed Kenny and why? If they did how come he is always in the next episode?

Club Emails - technical help please
Dear RSR, Most members want to receive club notices by email nowadays... as membership secretary, other committee members forward me emails to then send to the current list of me...

Club Emails - technical help please
Dear RSR, Most members want to receive club notices by email nowadays... as membership secretary, other committee members forward me emails to then send to the current list of me...

How China is Recruiting Coxswains
>From today's Wall Street Journal: China's New Reality Show Goes for the Gold By MEI FONG August 29, 2006; Page B1 BEIJING -- Wanting to be a millio...

Video of BBC coverage
Is there any kind person out there who could lend me videos of the BBC coverage. I was so busy at the Championships that I didnt see a single race - and whilst I will eventually b...

Capsize drill
I was speaking to a friend who was at Dorney, who expressed suprise that when, having crossed the line, a pair capsized. He watched whilst one of the crew struggled to extract his feet and t...

I was intrigued to hear in the lightweight men's eights medal presentation that one of the Polish medallists was named Szymon Wisniewski Julius Beresford (a former Captain of my c...

FISA spectator questionnaire
I happened to spot one of these in the office last week. It seems designed for FISA to gauge what sort of people attended and what they were exepcting or wanted - in itself no bad thing. But...

FISA fairness committee
Having driven the above (whihc for Carl's benefit is not entirely composed of blazerati, but athletes as well) I was impressed by how much effort they put into trying to ensure that the cour...

UK: BBC TV commentators
(in my opinion:) Topolski: 0/10 Adds no insight whatsoever. Has a bunch of stock phrases about rowing and randomly applies them to whoever's on screen. To be fair, this has th...

Dorney technique - my half penn'orth
Sorry if this has already been discussed but I've been offline for three weeks. GBR men's four ... in every stern-on sequence I saw over the he semis and finals, bow's button came...

Boston Rowing Marathon Transport
Just a quick question about transport for the Boston Marathon. I'm planning on taking it on in a single scull this year, and I'd be very much doing it off my own back, taking a single ...

Does every winning crew or podium get dope tested at the rowing world championships? And what kind of tests are performed, for EPO as well? -- E. Dronkert

Adaptive rowing in regular tv sports programs is preposterous
Why must there by World Championships for people who can't keep up with others in the sport? Or more specifically, why does it get any attention in TV sport? It's sad when extensive covera...

M4- interval times
500m int2 1000m int3 1500m int4 2000m 1 GBR 1:22.99 1:27.16 2:50.15 1:27.09 4:17.24 1:26.51 5:43.75 2 GER 1:24.91 1:28.47 2:53.38 1:28.08 4:21.46 1:23.18 5:44.64 ...

Stampfli x1 single
any information on x1 singles from peoples experiances of the boat and the company. i include after sales as well as the process of checking the boat over once it is delivered. any other inf...

Live online commentary at the worlds
http://www.rowingservice.com/worlds06/live-wchs06sat.html RQ and Trevor

Las Vegas Rowing
I'm looking for former rowers living in the Vegas area, to help get the Las Vegas Rowing Club. up and running. Steve

Las Vegas
I'm still looking for members to help start a rowing club in Las Vegas. Steve

Las Vegas
I'm still looking for rowers living in Las Vegas, to help open a Las Vegas Rowing Club Steve

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