small world is rowing
I was on the phone w/ a woman who is interested in buying a boat I'm selling. I have a choice of other shells that are in her price range and was asking her what sort of boat she want...

sculler mirror
Does anyone know of a mirror that can be attached to a rigger. A long time ago someone in the UK mentioned they knew of one.

Where all the GB J scullers were
At the Coupe! With 14 out of a possible 24 golds, GB bulldozed the opposition at the Coupe. Congratualtions to the team.

Iranian juniors
I notice that there's an Iranian JW1x and JW2x entered at the Bosbaan. It'll be interesting to see what they wear (or are allowed to wear) to compete. No doubt NLRoei will provide the answ...

World Junior Championships
I'm just preparing my commentary homework for next week's World Juniors in Amsterdam, but my information on the athletes is a little thin, to say the least, comprising only the form from Ban...

Commonwealth Regatta Timetable
Commonwealth Regatta to be held at Strathclyde Park next weekend (5th & 6th August) - Draw and Timetable now available

ARA guidance (UK)
Dear group, I should shortly take delivery of my shiny new 1x and following a winter of training would like to try my hand at some novice racing during the '07 season.

1x protection outdoors
Hello, I'm about to have to rack my (new last October) single outside indefinately and was wondering what best practice is to keep her in excellent condition and in a manner in wh...

The litigious North Americans......
Blimey......something to consider over this side of the pond next time your entry is refused for the 8's head !! ;)

Where are all the GB J scullers?,_amsterdam_eentrbynoc.cp.pdf The (GB) team list for the junior worlds is up on the FISA site. It would be nice i...

Wash testing of launches - Tideway, UK
Alerted by RQ's New Rowing Info (where else?) I see that the Port of London Authority requires wash testing of coaching launches:

Commonwealth Regatta
You train hard. You attend trials. You do enough to win a place in the team. You tell your nearest and dearest of your suceess. At once, to get the cheapest prices, they book flights and acc...

Thoughts about the Home International?
Not a formal consultation, but as one of those involved in staging last Saturday's HIR, I'd welcome comments (good or not so good) from anyone who was there on what they thought of it. ...

single rec shell oarlock placement
Thanks to a lot of useful info found among the posts of this great newsgroup I managed to rig my home-build recreational shell and use it over the past few months. For all of you not famil...

Accomodation near Chiswick bridge
Can anyone recommend some accommodation near the rowing clubs at Chiswick Bridge? I'm in London doing some sculling for 5 days 13th to 17th of August, on a really tight budget so ...

Results for Home Countries event this weekend?
Does anyone know where I can find details of the results for the Home Countries regatta at Strathclyde yesterday? Thanks. AM

New Online Picture Gallery: 2006 Australian Masters Championships
Now available from:

Lightning precautions
No doubt St Neots has its usual bumper entry so with the forecast of heavy thunderstorms forecast for eastern Englnad tomorrow morning just a reminder of what is and isn't safe in a thunders...

Congratulations to Sir Matt and Lady Pinsent
looks like a possible 2- or 2X for the 2028 Olympics ! Congratulations to the Pinsent family on the arrival of twin boys !!! ...

PozBlog, LuzBlog and now HazBlog. What next for the World Championships ? WinzBlog ? Seriously; for those of us chained to our desks in this disgusting weather, the Blogs are...

No more straight regattas at Gloucester?
As you're probably aware the continuing road building at Gloucester means that this year's Gloucester regatta will be taking place at Ross, but I notice from their website that the canal c...

Photo request
Hello, Does anyone know of a photo taken from the start of a 2K multilane regatta course looking down toward the finish, just before crews have set off racing that is available on...

erg purchase for home
Greetings to all, Anyone have an erg at home? I am interested in purchasing one for training; not too sophisticated or expensive. Thank you, Pamela Sedor

Boat Race in Viking Longboats on TV
I saw this trailed last night: I _think_ it's on Channel 4 soon. AJP

Rowing Science Weblog - New Interviews
Posted today interviews with Valery Kleshnev of the Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter and with NK on the use of GPS in rowing. -- Alan Thomas Rowing Science Weblog RowingSc...

World Champs Boat Sales
Ive a long list of boats to be sold at the Dorney. If anyone is in the market please dont hesitate to contact me as I expect most will be sold before the event. Regards ...

Olympic videos
Hi I was wondering if anyone in the UK would be able to help me? I'm trying to source videos of the Olympic rowing events prior to Sydney (whcih I already have!) Does anyone have videos...

Andy Sudduth 1961-2006

Club Pennant at Nat Champs
Hi, is there such an award as the 'Club Pennant' awarded to the fastest non-composite crew at the Nat Champs? Perhaps just in O VIII+ and W VIII+?

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