Off Topic-Cycling/Doping
Cycling is clearly in a downward spiral of doping abuse. Ulrich and Basso are out of the tour. a cloud covers Armstrongs career and splits the audience. Riders die in their beds every month ...

Simon Johnson International (pitch gauge)
hullo does anyone here (probably UK based) recall a pitch gauge maker called Simon Johnson. I borrowed one off one of my coaches a while back and found it much easier t...

Rowing in Zaandam
I will be in Zaandam from July 12 to 16 and would like to continue training for upcoming USA and World Masters events. Can anyone suggest how to make contact for sculling and/or erging...

Erg advice
Hi all I'm new to this newsgroup, as well as to rowing in general. I used to do some canoing many hears back, but have no real experience of on water rowing. My prim...

RS updated
Sorry about the gap guys - busy yesterday and loads of technical issues at HRR this morning (for which read NO BLOODY CONNECTION!) Grr. Anyway, the Rowing Service news is now updated ...

Seat Racing -- any instructions out there?
Did a web search but didn't find any detailed step-by-step method -- any links would be appreciated. Slowslide

Tried a rowbike?
I was searching through some old topics and saw quite a bit of discussion about a product called Rowbike. I was interested, so I looked it up... ...

UK: M6 Sunday of Henley
Anyone travelling back up to the Midlands / North West / Scotland on the Sunday of Henley (2nd July) should take note of the signs on the M6 warning that it will be closed overnight on the...

Ban Schools from the Temple
Not a single school crew qualified for the Temple. Isn't it time that were barred from entering to stop them cluttering up the qualifying races? The only exception I would make would be...

Coxbox for sale

Britannia Cup Seedings
Can anybody explain them to me? At Marlow, in elite coxed 4s it was 1. Army 2. York 3. Aberdeen All well and good, but in S1 it was 4. Army 5. Marlow 6. York

Boat Cleaning
Just wondering if people had any recomendations for boat cleaning stuff? Specifically we are talking about an oldish carbon boat which is just looking a bit mucky all round (even post soapy ...

amsterdam regatta 2006
Anybody seen any results relating to UK crews from this regatta

Boat of my own
Hi rowers from all countries, Maybe you remember a bit of me: last summer, I was looking for infos about the Chinese boats. Well, I finally gave up and bought my own single scull...

NK Impeller Information
I'm currently working on a cheap device which allows me to measure my boat speed whilst rowing - similar to the NK Speedcoach. I'm sure that anyone who has used the NK Speedcoach to train wi...

HRR Draw
Anybody able to post the draw quicker than HRR website? Thanks in advance. VIP (Very Impatient Person!)

Simple Rowing Boat
Reading a computing magazine, I came across InterSystems' new rowing boat. It reminded me of som...

(Rev.1.4) Sports, The Game of Not Facing Evil Individuals - The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Boycott {HRI 20060618-V1.4}
Sports, The Game of Not Facing Evil Individuals - The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Boycott 18 June 2006 ...

One for the Henley historians
Does anyone know the maximum number of events won by one club in a single year at HRR? Thanks in advance James

N.A. Open Water Race
The web site for the North American Open Water Rowing Championship to be held in Seattle on August 26 is

Liverpool 8 in today's Indy
They're casting it as a North vs South battle. Shame it wasn't written by Christopher Dodd as then it might have avoided unfortunate howlers like "..167 year old event where women are still ...

Rules conundrum (UK and anoraks only)
The discussion at the West Midlands RRC on Monday evening got around to the region's winning crews at the Nat Vets regatta and the subject of veteran status events in general. I raised the...

Andy Holmes interview
It's from 1989, but the stuff about rowing with Redgrave is really good stuff. (PDF) Sample: DG - This victory, which you you...

Question about carpal tunnel.
Hi: I'm currently 58 years old. I've been rowing pretty steadily since about 1999 and passed the 10 million meter mark recently. I now row an average of about 3 km per day, bu...

GBR Rowing trivia question
Who was in the GBR Lwt 8s in the gold medal winning years 1978 and 1980? A

Respraying after a repair
I've just finished patching up one of the Janousek kids boats at the club using plastic padding. Its now all finished and all the knocks and chips have been smoothed out and filled. Howeve...

Hands up in a single
Hi, I'm due to do a regatta in the 1x soon and it's just occurred to me I have no idea what to do to let the starters know if I am ready or not (i.e. straight etc). In ...

Stable boats
Hi, A coastal four if centre seated is a good beginners boat on flat water. I know there are some 4x+ versions around (Dover etc). Clubs used to build their own but Burgashell mak...

Redgrave Story
So this would have to be 1999 in the 4+ again. And I'm getting off the air-conditioned team bus and everyone's blinking and gasping like British tourists getting off the plane because it's...

Marlow Regatta - 2 Days
As has been aluded to in a previous thread, Marlow Regatta is considering a possible move to 2-days in 2007. A questionnaire was sent out to all 2006 entrants and if any of you out there hav...

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