Wanted: Innovative Small Stream Rowing Solution
Wanted: Engineering Solution to a Simple Problem of needing to continued training while away from home for 8 weeks. Ok, I have an erg that will go with me, but I'm looking for somethi...

ARA Membership for Juniors (UK)
Why is it that J13s and below don't need ARA membership to compete? Admittedly, they might not care much for "Rowing and Regatta" magazine, but surely they need to be insured just as much as...

Slimy RSS trail
After the previous rss feed http://www.usrtriton.nl/rowingservice/ I tweaked the code for The Tideway Slug http://www.usrtriton.nl/slug/ This one has a description for each item but ag...

Munich performances
Performance of the regatta has to be Alan Campbell in the Mens 1x, not only for winning on his singles debut but the way he won. Most people would have thought Hacker would have won the way ...

Germans out of Empachers?
Interesting. Coverage seems to show 8+ in Hudson and Vespoli? Anyone know anything?

FS: Stampfli Oarlocks
I have a set of Stampfli oarlocks for sale in new condition with stainless steel pins and 4 sets of the colour coded pitching shims (three sets are new and still in the plastc wrappers). ...

slide update
Hi , a little while ago I asked about my poblem with black grit on my slide. Well by just washing it with water and a rag , it help from creating that black dirt. thanks for all the ...

www.boatsforabillion.co.uk - Get one billion hits to raise money for new equipment
www.boatsforabillion.co.uk is trying to get as close as possible to one billion hits whilst selling advertising space to raise money to purchase new rowing equipment for Southampton Coalport...

IRA - Stanford?
Did Stanford really drop to below the top 12 in national rankings (from #2 at one point), such that they are not listed in the seedings? http://www.row2k.com/ira/IRA2006SeedingandHeatA...

European Rowing Championships
"Britain's contribution to the debate was made by David Tanner, who asked the assembly to be mindful of damaging the World Cup and the television coverage which existing FISA events enjoy. B...

Boston Marathon
I am considering doing Boston Marathon later this year with some friends from university. I was wondering if anyone else had done it before (I did it 2 years ago in a not very good 4x) and ...

Munich World Cup coverage
Are there any available torrents of coverage from last week's World Cup? BBC, Eurosport, someone else's?

Draw for Met....
Anybody seen it or know where to find it yet?

Where to stay for Worlds in Eton???
Hey Everyone, I'm look for good value (Cheap) for money accomodation for the world Champs in Eton this year? Anyone know any good places.... Cheers Gra...

erg scores
Greetings rowers and paddlers (but mostly paddlers in a dragon boat!) If you are on a competitive team maybe you can answer this question about erg scores. I know it is a valuable...

Dear All, I am coaching a women's crew and I would like to stick straws to the saxboard as markers of the length that the crew should achieve each stroke. I know that this is a fa...

Getting back into shape
I am, or was, a lightweight rower who at one point could pull a 6:26 2k and steady state at under 1:55 at a 160 HR. However, I haven't worked out at all in the last year and a half. Right ...

WANTED 8+ For Hire
Loughborough Students Lightweight Mens 8+ are looking to hire an 8+ from Met through until Henley Royal Regatta. If you have a spare 8+ that you would be willing to hire out please email se...

Infamy for RSR regular
This is a UKcentric entry The times (on page 31in my edition) has an article on the possible health benefits for men of small but regular amounts of alcohol. To illustrate the article ...

Dead Heats
When is a dead heat not a dead heat. The photo on the FISA web site shows the finish of Lwt 4- heat. Can one honestly say that we align to the same accuracy as we judge finishes <...

Dead Heats
When is a dead heat not a dead heat. The photo on the FISA web site shows the finish of Lwt 4- heat. Can one honestly say that we align to the same accuracy as we judge finishes <...

Dead Heats
When is a dead heat not a dead heat. The photo on the FISA web site shows the finish of Lwt 4- heat. Can one honestly say that we align to the same accuracy as we judge finishes <...

Racing Starts
There seem to be lots of variations of racing starts - what do RSRers find works best for them? Does it vary depending on boat type and level of experience? I'm currently teachin...

Northwich Regatta (UK) Draw and Schedule
...now online at http://www.northwichrowing.co.uk/

Lovely bank holiday weather (UK)
Anyone out there on the river Wye? How's it looking for the weekend with 3 regattas coming up and lots more rain forecast? It looks to be a breezy Saturday and Sunday at Nottingham to...

Part year membership
How does your club handle this? I'm having a bit of a row (no, not a *row*) with my club. Our subscription year is Sep-Aug, and they will not entertain the idea of giving reduced...

Young's Brewery (Wandsworth, UK)
Not exactly rowing related, but doubtless well known to many rowers from the Tideway - Young's Brewery is merging with Wells Brewery (from another rowing town, Bedford) - http://news.go...

another rowing film
TCM last night had the Rudolf Valentino film The Young Rajah. I was sitting to dinner in front of the TV late after a very frustrating boat repair day, and caught the movie about 15 ...

Forward-facing oar system
http://www.forwardfacingrowingsystem.com/ http://tinyurl.com/orare (similar 1991 patent) It puzzles me that this concept isn't hugely popular. It looks like they've got the mecha...

retraction - athlete and 'loser' quotes
I always get snagged on this topic - good sully troll!!! According to webster, a race car driver is an athlete, that's good enough for me, so I apologize to all the fat-assed ch...

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