Information on Sargent and Burton and Keenan
I just came into possesion of a Sargent and Burton single scull as well as an apparently quite old Keenan single from the now defunct San Francisco Police Athletic Club. Would anyone have in...

"True Blue" on DVD?
Everyone's so contemptuous of the film in RSR that someone surely must have a copy to sell. I like it and would like a DVD copy since sooner or later my VCR will expire. Oh, an...

Rowing Software (all free!)
Hi Group, I have a couple of programs you may wish to try. The 1st is a new version of "Rowing Timer" for Desktop/Laptop PCs. This software is designed to make it easy to ti...

The Boat Race vintage history oxford cambridge FA
The Boat Race The Story of the First Hundred Races between Oxford & Cambridge by Gordon Ross, 1954 Dustwrapper a bit chipped,book itself VGC ,256 pages. Really nice book,in great condit...

Measuring scull length
I'm currently looking at my rig in the single and am confused about the measurement of oar length and inboard/outboard etc. To get the overall length, where on the spoon do you take th...

Regatta capacity
A Marshall's thread led onto people discussing the fact that many regattas at this time of year are full or nearly full; this is in sharp contrast to a number of regattas at other times of y...

Rowdata MiniRate
I am thinking of buying a RowData MiniRate as they seem the most cost effective rate meter avalable. I believe that they work using a tilt switch. Can anyone comment on how easy they are to ...

Wave pattern around a rowing shell at different speeds
In another thread, Carl Douglas and others were discussing waves created by rowing shells. I have created some (predicted) wave patterns around a HW8+ shell that might h...

Filippi carbon fin
Hi, Whilst perusing the Filippi website I came across this page: which shows a carbon fin. I was just wondering if anyone has ...

Looking for Atlanta Olympic mens eight 2000m final video
Is there somebody who has a video of the 2000m men's final of the Olympic Games of Atlanta? Or doe you where I can find it, please let me know Thanks.

Heart Rate Zones Calculator
For sch and anyone else it may be of use to: is an excel calculator for training zones (using the concept2 thresholds) that may b...

Heart rate that makes no sense?
I was trying out my new heart rate monitor this evening at training - a polar F6. I hadn't done the determine your own heart rate zone thing and just let the watch calculate it using the usu...

Even newer capsize drill
On Sunday I saw a new method for the capsize drill that made everyone present at Bradford on Avon chortle. My son Dominic who is 12 had finished his outing and was making way back to bank. N...

Physics part II
OK, so we always talk about ratio when rowing. We try to teach 2:1 3:1 or similar during practice to "let the boat glide, minimize check, not rush or whatever" (although the boat decelera...

Boat race video again
I know this has been asked before, but does anyone have a source to the 2006 Boat Race in decent resolution? The one on the Boat Race site is low-res only, and the Bittorrent link is showi...

Cracknell quite fast
...In the London marathon, for a hwt rower. Still, could probably have done a little better if he didn't start as fast. Results for: JAMES E. CRACKNELL Runner No.: 32910 Nati...

GIVE YOUR VOTE - 50 bikini girls
50 bikini girls are waiting for your vote. Rate the girls, enjoy the pictures!

Teaching Capzize in cold countries
Take a look here... Weather is no excuse For a while you will see pictures of a single in a swimmingpool indoors.

Redgrave's eight at Notts City
Humdinger of a final. Lost by a canvas (I think) to Newcastle. They seem to be fairly athletic people but they're very rough and ready. They probably won't qualify for Henley but they will ...

Any cox photos I could use?
I'm about to try producing some "coxes wanted" ads to go up in the local area; I plan postcard size with a photograph of a cox doing his or her stuff plus some text and contact details. P...

Fisa Min Weight
Just read the bit on the slug about the discrepancies between the weights of the BIRO fleet of pairs (all Lola). What is the groups feeling about a boat which weighs considerably more...

WRCjnr Website
I see the WRCjnr team have created a new website where they have lots of interesting and relevant things to do with their club and junior squad, its interesting to see what the juniors can c...

Rowing Video Podcast
That was a cool set of clips from the Weybridge Juniors. I've tried to use edited versions of my video archives to recruit local juniors at Palo Alto Rowing Club via an iTunes video podca...

Coate Water Regatta (UK)
I'm being persuaded that I should race at this regatta - but can't find any details on the Web (the link from David Biddulph's page doesn't seem to go anywhere). Can anyone point ...

Cold water immersion article.

Weightlifters guide reveled for Fat Loss
Learn the simple proven science of fat loss at:

Rowing video -- E. Dronkert

Leaning out
I have just started coaching a womens 4+ in which two of them lean out at the finish. I had the same problem last year (different people and crew) and really struggled to make much headway w...

Welcome back A3aan
You been in jail or something? Dave H

fitness testing
for fitness testing, we do 2km runs and the beep test. What is a good result for these.

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