Baking Powder before 2k testing...
I heard from various sources that taking a certain amount of baking powder...(i believe it has something to do with amount/body mass)...on the day of 2k testing, it is said to help your lact...

Altitude acclimatisation
Can anyone tell me where I can get good information on ideal periods for acclimatising to a change from training at sea level to racing at altitide.

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week........................
Our politicians loved talking about it this week, but they won't do anything about it. Get the details from The Expert: <...

FS: Concept II Oars in London ON
Adjustable hatchet sculls. New wear plates, collars and grips installed. $250 CND Jim

Veterans Boat Race (that's Oxford, England vs Cambridge, England)
Anybody know who won? Or should that be, how much did the Tabs win by? ;-)

Tape round the edge of the decking on a wooden single
So, HoRR/Vesta is out of the way, time to turn to sculling. The ageing wooden vessel (the only one in the club heavy enough for me) has tape round the "corner" (sorry for non-nautical lan...

Is disqualification enough ?
As a result of ULII's complete disregard for umpires commands to move over our bowman was made to crab. Not only did this break his gate it nearly broke his ribs and he is now unable to tr...

The brotherhood of rowers is as strong as ever
Trafford RC had a couple of disasters over the weekend from which we were rescued by the wonderful efforts of two other clubs. I thought I'd write it up (a) to pay public tribute and (b) ...

Trailer Accident Database
Greetings fellow RSR readers: See today's row2k at for two stories on recent rowing shell trailer accidents. The American NTSB keeps an online database ...

Signup problems on new ARA website
Am I the only person to experience problems signing up for the new ARA Website? I've received my activation code, go through all the pages filling in the necessary until the fin...

Research and Design
Visited my favourite boat builder's website today and noticed this text: ~~~~~~~ "Research and Design" more than just a catch phrase. In the ongoing effort to develop the best po...

Sydney University Boat Club Fire
Bad news from NSW. The historic 1960's A - Frame boatshed of SUBC was completely destroyed by fire this morning at ...

Seat Racing Slides
The slides from the Rowperfect UK Seminar 2006 on Seat Racing for Selection are now available. Duncan has also given us a set of sample races and some anonymised actual results in the f...

split times for HORR !!!
Anybody have anything to do with the publishing of these ? It seems to be taking an age to do something seemingly simple. (Spot the oarsman who had a clash and wants to salvage something f...

Stuff I didn't know...
... and that I gleaned from this newsgroup in the last couple of years that I never knew while I was rowing. 1. The boat is propelled by suction on the back of the blades. WTF? Who <...

rowers in the water (just seen on By George Kelly CONTRA COSTA TIMES ORINDA - Moraga-Orinda Fire District firefighters assisted in the weekend res...

Missing links, was ARA New Website
Can anybody help? Following RQ's reminder we were trying to update links on our website to the new ARA website. One important link is to the Rule 43 correspondence which was in the J...

National Coaching Commision
There is to be a meeting of this commision this coming weekend 1/2 April. If there are any coaches or clubs in the UK that feel that they have matters that they would liked raised...

hammersmith regatta (UK)
Now the UK Head season is drawing to a close, its time to start thinking of regattas On the poster for Hammersmith Regatta which is on the 22nd April, the organisers want en...

Octuple rigging
I am back in the UK again and looking at the possibility of setting up learn-to-scull for non-students in my area although this is still very much in the formative talking stages rathe...

New NZ Rowing website and newsletter
A new rowing website has been opened in New Zealand - we are providing daily coverage of the 2006 AON Maadi Cup and other rowing news and information from Recreational...

HORR marshalling
I think I witnessed the worst marshalling I've ever seen by crews at the HORR. (Many may have seen worse so not trying to claim a prize) Pretty much everybody from 180-200 were sitting 500m...

Faces of RSR
New! New! New! James Lee now included on Faces of RSR. See page 2 of -- E. Dronkert

Gym rower technique post #1,173 - but you have to hear this
Strong guy, but so short and choppy an action that he shot the machine _backwards_ every so often. Despite only pulling 2:45 he beat me by half a length over 2,000m. -- ...

What have the ARA ever done for us.
In a similar theme to John Cleese in "Life of Brian" "what have the Romans ever done for us" I thought we could compile what the ARA do badly or well. This site has become a...

New ARA Website (UK)
Can you believe it, a new website for the ARA!!! Would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts...

Good sense
In the past week I was witness of 2 episodes that made me reflect. The other day I had to watch a novice coach (first time coaching) sending his novice team in the in sub-40-degree (Fahrenhe...

UK Tideway only: location of Chiswick Steps?
Hello to all Knowledgeable Tideway types Am having a discussion with someone about the location of the Chiswick Steps...can anyone tell me where they are exactly? I think th...

demographics of rowers
There's a lot of heresay about how rowing is no longer the territory of Oxbridge toffs but does anyone know of any solid data? I'm thinking socio-economic grouping ABC, proportion of club r...

NCAA Men's rowing
Big push happening, 4-5 of the bigger schools pushing for it but a couple key ones very much against. Many issues, of course, but biggest reason is recognition and status of a N...

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