olympic obession
Has anyone seen this excellent book recently tried RW in Henley they've not got it. RQ mentioned it on RS quite a while ago. Gareth

busa head 2006 results
As usual the BUSA site is slow. Anybody know where the results are ?

Marianne Monster
The cover of the latest Rowing News seems to be a photograph from nlroei. http://www.nlroei.nl/Fotoboek-display-45032.html. Does anyone know this young lady?

I have heard a rumour that at least one crew was swamped by rough water at Nottingham at the weekend. Given that the weather was predicted to bad, what where the doing on the wate...

FS: Concept-2 Rower in Upstate NY
I have a used Concept-2 Rower Model-C For Sale. It is in very good condition. I'm the original owner. It includes a heart-rate adapter, Model-D handle, and original manual and instructi...

FS: Concept II Oars In London Ontario
Used Hatchet blade CII oars with adjustable small diameter handles. New grips and wear plates installed. $250 CDN

Fisa bye-laws updates
A. Bow ball change - now must be "hard rubber or a hard material"; can be built into the hull, must be "ball shape". B. Riblets etc. Before: No substances or structures like ribl...

ARA Equality review
It is worth reading, via the ARA's web site, their latest action plan. It is a masterful work of political correctness. I dread to think how much the ARA paid the external consultants to pro...

http://www.nlroei.nl/Fotoboek-display-45224.html They still have 5 weeks. -- E. Dronkert

Clear Lake guy at CRASH-B
some of you know I started a struggling community club in Lake County, Ca, where I live. A member is going to be competing at Crash-B this weekend, I think somewhere in the cate...

quick safety comment
I'm sure people have seen this (linked on row2k) http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/62303.htm I bring it up only to point out that this is the second instance in the US...

Fastest type of boat propelled solely by manpower
I'm a sub editor on a newspaper in Whitehaven, UK, and our weekly quiz includes this question: "Which is the fastest type of boat propelled solely by manpower?". The answer given is Racing E...

sharing sports photos
Hi there! Some time ago I have designed a website (sportopsi.com) and now I would like to refresh it a little by adding photos of different sports/athletes in action. So, I'm wond...

What Rowing can learn from the Winter Olympics
1. 1 vs 1 Formats The Giant Slalom Snowboarders have an excellent format - race side by side, then go back to the top and do it again with reversed stations (here's the clever bit) st...

RateCoach mobile phone software
RQ recently posted a link to the updated ratecoach software for java mobile phones by Nick Ablitt , only problem is I can't get it to work on my Sony K750i, the last version of the softwar...

I would appreciae some help. I am currently working hard on assisting my coxswains to improve their skills. Does anyone have or know where i can access a coxing assessment form? ...

UK Coaching Qualifications
Some simple questions. Are they worth having? Are they run in a user friendly format? Are there enough of them? Do you have any suggestions for improving th...

Ergo choice on Wikipedia
Hi all, We seem to have a lot of non-regulars asking about ergo choices... Would it not be a good idea for someone with a little bit of knowledge to write up a wikipedia post to...

Robert Rippengal RIP
Dreadful new in today's Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-2050065,00.html I house shared for 3 years with Robert and his ex wife in Cambridge and it's a dread...

Weighst or rowing machine?
I'm wanting to buy some exercise equip that is not massive and is easy to move and somewhat compact. I live alone and always try to buy things that I can move by myself ...

Seat Racing... how to & how not to
The Rowperfect Seminar, 2006 Duncan Holland, Chief Coach for Cambridge University Boat Club is speaking on the sometimes contentious subject of Seat Racing for Crew Selection.

Knee Pain
I row starboard, 3 seat in a 4+. I have recently developed pain in the outside of my left knee. I can't figure out what I'm doing to cause this. The pain seemed to start after training on ...

Bird flu and rowing
Sorry if this has been done before, but with it looking likely that bird flu is coming to the UK, what do you reckon the impact will be on rowing (if any), given the significant amount of co...

School safety courses
http://www.thecouriermail.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,18168978%255E36399,00.html One of the suggestions out of the recent Brisbane river-cat vs schoolgirl 8 case is a training...

Diet & Weight Loss Secrets of Bodybuilders and Fitness Models
Lifetime-Natural Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Success Coach From New Jersey Teaches You How to Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle, Burn Off Body Fat and Develop Uns...

Silver oar
I have had a slim silver oar given to me - it's some sort of prize I suspect, it's about 15cm long and has two inscriptions on the handle part: 1864 GF Josselyn 1866 A F Bryant <...

molesey vets head
A crew from my club raced at Molesey Vets Head yesterday and returned with tales of a competitor having a heart attack shortly after the finish Does anyone know anymore and of cou...

Weight and boat speed
I've googled for the answer to this because I was sure that it had been done before but I can't find anything much, except some material from Carl which was actually part of a buoyancy thr...

Safety Measures for Junior Rowers in Singles 1x
I would like your opinions for the following. In winter temperature of our rowing water drops to frosty degrees. I coach a junior team and it is not always possible to take out a coxed four ...

Here is a dilema: Last year I rowed the Rhein regatta, in a very old 4x+, I fitted it it with a small plastic greenhouse like wooden structure, and we taped all the riggers so that we h...

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