Lewis (UK)
The Independent's TV review mentioned that the new Lewis sidekick (apologies to the non-Brits here) has a rowing connection and it played a part in the programme. Did anyone see it, if so ...

Feeling 'dead' at the end of an outing
Was I the only RSR reader watching 'Lewis' on ITV the other night, in which the victim's body was found sitting bolt upright in a 1x by the bank - with a bullet through his brain? ...

Monmouth RC trailer accident
I was sorry to see (http://makeashorterlink.com/?X6DA12E8C) that Monmouth RC had had an accident with their trailer (presumably on their way to Stourport Winter Head), but glad to see that...

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Crazy Rowing Ad
Saw this at Heathrow today: Philips is advertising one of its razors with a photo of a sweep four, and each oarsman's blade sort of branches out about half way down so he has three separat...

Coaching Conference statistics
The ARA have proudly announced that a record number of delegates attended the annual British Coaching Conference. However, for those interested in statistics, over 25% of those attending whe...

Regatta Programmes
I wonder if anybody can help here. We have just had our first Sprint Regatta of the season (Southern Hemisphere) and I wonder if anybody has a really efficient programme as we always seems ...

:S6 ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! :S6

How to sell a boat?
Christ's College BC Cambridge are looking to sell their 1st VIII. However, we are struggling to find routes of advertising its sale especially as RQ's message board has not been updated for ...

Shell buoyancy & Cold water immersion - Germany makes the message
I received this message today from Germany: "You might like to hear that the first issue of the new- released 'Rudersport' (the DRV's magazine) features as the major he...

UK Coaching Conference
is anyone out there going and has joining instructions they can fax to me? I haven't received them and the ARA is closed (aargh!) 01223 440918 is fax Thanks eternal gratitude ...

Rule 43 - the recommendations.
Hi all, As other threads are going over old ground again, I hope that this thread will remain focused on simply the 2 original letters from the coroners. Is there anything here ...

Cold water/Ice survival
I came across this the other day http://www.exn.ca/video/?Video=3Dexn20020325-icewater.asx whilst not exactly rowing specific; it does have some tips about cold water immersion su...

Vertical Spacing on Boathouse Racks?
We're thinking about redoing our storage racks and having been debating the vertical spacing. Does anyone have some good number for vertical spacing for Boathouse Racks. Bear in mind we...

Rule 43 letters - what next?
We've written to the Coroner with our comments on the ARA response to the Rule 43 letters. The text can be seen at: http://www.leoblockley.org.uk/news.asp No, Anton, this i...

boat marts?
hullo just wondered if anyone else knew of any online places (UK) to buy singles - I've been watching rand racing (is that Rowing and racing?) http://www.randracing.com/used_boats...

ARA-approved PFD
I read, and have been told, that the ARA was involved in designing - and prototyping? - a buoyancy aid for use by rowers. However, I can find no such device for sale on the WWWeb, regardles...

Rule 43 letters
Letters and responses now posted at http://www.ara-rowing.org/news/060122_rule43.php Rob.

bad rowing in bad film
my bride checked out a film, had quite a bit of rowing referenced, called Must Love Dogs. I'd not seen it mentioned here, or I don't remember it, I'm sure it was but it didn't goo...

WinTech Boats
Does anyone (probably in the US) have any experience of racing in WinTech boats? I haven't heard much about them, and not sure how they compare to other major boat companies with ...

Thames - Whale Alert!
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4631396.stm How cool!

Thames Wild life
A new hazard to river users has been spotted by the Houses of Parliament. A healthy Pilot Whale is currently reported to have swum up the river into central London. For those who...

I was out on the Henley Reach last night and saw three crews without adequate lighting. They had lights but these were either too dim to be visible, mounted on a sloping canvas so not visibl...

JFYI Cracknell and Fogle First double to arrive. Congratulations and respect to both. Apparently future plans involve a loooong beer ( or six) and a "lie down"

Coaching launch/catamaran?
Can anyone give me the contact details for the company that supplies the yellow catamaran coaching launches (in the UK)? Ta, Laurence --

Albano system buoys
Does anyone know of a source for replacement buoys for Albano systems (US)? Can't Google it. Thanks for any info. Steve Giddings

Radley/Army Rowers (Eaton Hall?) 1953-1957 - Pangbourne Regatta 1954
Sadly, my father passed away this weekend, looking through my father's effects this week (Patrick V Knight b1937 d2006) I have found some photos of him rowing. If there are any si...

To the rowing community, I have a background in elite rowing and have recently finished my competetive career. I am now focusing on bringing the sport to at-risk youth here...

Skeg Placement
Jonny wrote: > I know that the prototype boat for the one Tomkins and Ginn raced in at > Athens had 3 separate locations for the fin and rudder. One was at the > stern, one at ...

Has Cracknell made up his mind ?
Cracknell was reported as saying he wanted to use the Atlantic Rowing Race to decide his future in the sport. I wonder if he's made a decision and what that decision will be ? The fact that ...

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