Happy New Year
Hi Nick - All the best for 2006, which must be nearly upon you. Jan & Carl -- Carl Douglas Racing Shells - Fine Small-Boats/AeRoWing low-drag Riggers/...

Spot the Cambridge President
Anyone else spot Tom Edwards making a cameo appearance on Channel 5 last night, during the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures hosted by Prof. John Krebs? Krebs needed a graphica...

Rowing in Paris
I am going to be in Paris at the end of Jan. Does the weather permit sculling, or is it too cold? Are there any clubs that might allow a guest to row? TIA

Fat Smoothies for open water rowing?
Anyone have any experience with the Concept II Fat Smoothies in rougher water or ocean rowing? About half of my rowing is conventional 1k and 5K events on relatively flat water an...

Searched Google, but couldn't find a recent consensus on the answer to the following question:- Who makes the best pogies for sculling? Godfrey, Rock the Boat, etc... ...

Any reviews of the Schwinn WIndjammer rower?
My husband and I just discovered land rowing while at our university recreation center. He is a longtime runner and I have always done a mixture of things (swimming, running, biking, ellip...

ARA Anual Holiday
Taken from the website today... "Seasons grettings 23/12/05 Seasons greetings from the Amateur Rowing Association. The Amateur Rowing Association is closed for Ch...

do rowers (or coxes) ever really retire
the last time I was in a boat was the last day of Cambridge town bumps, which ended rather dramatically with me cracking a vertebrae (see the slug, Jul-Dec 05 "injury and insult"). Yet som...

Single sculls rig
Hello, I've been searching (also - it's been a little 'slow' at the office today) for rigging charts for single sculls as I want to play about with my position in the boat and the...

Sculling photos
Hi, Please can you help? I remember seeing a wonderful photo of a male sculler surrounded by his supporters swimming in the water around him with flags etc after a Worl...

East Tennessee
Hi all Mick and I are about to have a short trip to Knoxville and wonder if folks have hints and tips on what to see. I've searched here and noticed there's a fairly new boathouse to c...

It's time for rowing - robots !!!
I think humans don't need to row themselves anymore. This is the job of robots today. So we should create row-bots and let them do the rowing for us !!!

A 12-foot shark attacked the boat of a New Zealand team competing in a trans-Atlantic race
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A 12-foot shark attacked the boat of a New Zealand team competing in a trans-Atlantic race on Tuesday, rocking the vessel and leaving the rowers "shell shocke...

Indoor Rowing - is it a sport?
We recently had our local paper refuse to print anything about our club competing at the British Indoor Rowing Champs because the editor didn't think it was a sport. I remember haveing a p...

Michael Ruhe - Testicular Cancer
From the FISA site. http://www.worldrowing.com/news/fullstory.sps?iNewsid=286778&itype= Interview with the Strokeman of the German Olympic 8+ Michael Ruhe. Diagnosed with te...

Enclosed decks offered by Kaschper
This appeared on Row2k and the Kaschper website today, Dec 20. Safety Update: In response to the FISA 2005 safety recommendations to boat manufacturers to include enclosed decks for ad...

Buoys on the Crabtree Reach
Anyone else think the buoy at the Milepost is a bit too close to the bank at low water? On Sunday morning quite a few crews/scullers were going OUTSIDE the buoy going up against the tid...

Touch that matters when you need it most. (Stress and muscle tension release body massages) Cleveland, Ohio
Hi, My name is Robert, I am giving massages to relieve stress, muscle tension and sores in upper and lower body. My massages last 90-95 minutes and I am focusing...

Erg training tips
I'm 47 y/o and been rowing a bit more than a year. My 2k Ergscore is only 7:50 and I want to get it better. Looking for Erg training methods or books for the same. One suggestion was to tr...

Trial eights
The Slug has already commented on Oxford's disregard for the navigation rules in their race and now we have the Cambridge coach decrying his race "It was a fair test of the men, but it was...

At least FISA are on the ball....
Thanks to RQ, new FISA safety guidelines : http://www.rowingservice.com/FISA-min-guidelines.pdf

What does a bowball help?
Dear all, in an earlier thread I cited this picture http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90/Aceel/collision2.gif which I found on the homepage of the Frenc...

Vet Fours Head Results
Does anyone know why the Vets head winners have not yet been confirmed, even though it took place a month ago? The website says they will be announced on the 28th of November, but this has c...

Pudding Races? What are they?
Excuse my ignorance but what is a pudding race and how are they run?

Burway Head Photos
We all had a great time at Burway last weekend, no pots but a good day out and our two junior Crews learnt a few things. There were a couple of photographers down the course, does anyone kno...

Natural Law?
Dear all Generally it seems to be taken as a natural law, that a single when capsizing is turning around its longer axis and afterwards swimming upside down. Why? Would...

Land Rowing - Any one give me a few pointers?
Ok, I'm trying to lose some weight at the moment, so purchased a Concept rowing machine. Having little or no rowing experience (Other than a few sessions at a gym) I'm currently r...

'Safety kit' for scullers/crews
I wonder if I may make a suggestion please? In order to make my train for work on time, I tend to have to scull earlier than the rest of the squad where I row. This can often mean I

Wing Riggers in Cross winds
HI All I just had a very frustrating few days at the dam. There was a consistent cross wind blowing the whole time and one of the doubles (with Rowfit wings) I was coaching just c...

Canadian Rower and Coach coming to London seeking advice and contacts
Lightweight excollegiate rower and Coach at the Vancouver Rowing Club (www.vancouverrowingclub.ca) coming for a working holiday to Central London in early January 2006 for 6 weeks or possibi...

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