US Rowing National Convention
Is anyone from RSR planning on attending? If so, I will buy you a drink at Friday's reception. Bob Eldridge

Rigger Shims
Does anyone know where I can get 1 degree plastic rigger shims. I have a white plastic shim that has "1.0" printed on it...but I have not been able to find the manufaturer. For 2...

check out this new news group You guys can take over 'cos my knowledge on the subject is nowhere as good as it used to be, as you can prabably tell. My in...

Cold water survival doc jetzt auf deutsch
We're pleased to say the Cold Water Survival document is now available in German on the Leo Blockley Campaign website. -...

Diederik Simon's Olympic Gold Medal
This I hope will be answered by Ewoud or maybe we have some Dutch lurkers out there? I was interested to hear how the auction at Nereus went and especially how much did Died...

David "The Gorilla" Gillard disgraced
Finished behind 5 (five!) S3 Lwt scullers. Oh the shame. -- E. Dronkert

Pinsent in Bejing
In a few minutes a 20min report coming up on BBC2. -- ...

Recommendation for HRR lodging?
Hello RSR, Any suggestions for good places to stay in Henley for the '06 HRR? I'll be on sabbatical in England next year and plan to do a little regatta watching in my spare time....

Hampton SBH (UK)
The results of today's Hampton SBH are on my website, linked from or

Article from a RSR poster Bob Eldridge

DVD: Effective Sculling Technique
Has anyone seen or used this DVD, Effective Sculling Technique? Any comments on whether it's worth $35 USD? Whethe...

Bringing the sport into disrepute
Looking at the start order for the Scullers Head, I am shocked by the number of current senior international athletes who have entered in low status catagories. Under the current ...

Head pennants
Can anyone point me at any suppliers? Thanks, DH

Wooden Sculling Boats
Does anyone have one or two wooden sculls that they no longer need. ideally located in South East, UK? My friend is looking to buy 1 or 2 to use from his private slipway on the Thames (me, g...

Missing scull riggers - at BIRC
Doing me a favour, visitors from Sykes Racing in Australia took a pair of scull riggers up to Cambridge to deliver to Jon Davies of Rob Roy RC. Unfortunately they ended up having to tak...

How are the progress computers interfaced to rowing machines?
Greetings from a non-rower. Iım looking to get a rowing machine to enhance my workout. I may get into actual rowing when the weather in the Northern hemisphere gets better, but for now i...

Boston Dragon Boat Racing Seeks Men and Women
Neck-to-neck racing on the Charles River! Furious competition on the Olympic Basin! Surging finish on the Connecticut River! Living Root Dragon Boat, a Boston dragon boat club wants yo...

Hodge for sports personality of the year
Let's see if we can get those curly locks on the screen?

Googlism: sculling
Googlism for: sculling sculling is one of the nicest ways to learn how to row sculling is swiftly becoming a popular recreational activity for adults of all ages interested in fitness ...

Googlism: Rowing What? Rowing ... rowing is fun rowing is the best sport on the planet rowing is growing with qc rowing association rowing is ranked 13th in the latest crca p...

Child abuse is OK with IOC?
On Friday the BBC website showed Matt Pinsent's film of child gymnasts at a training centre in China & broadcast his opinion that he had been watching child abuse: http://news.b...

c2 ergo chain tool?
Anyone know where to get a tool to take apart a Concept2 ergometer chain? I need to remove a few links from my chain, in order to place a load cell in series without lengthening the chain...

Initiation at Durham Uni (UK)?
We've been told that there was an "initiation ceremony" at Durham Uni rowing club which involved drifting towards a weir until the shell was as close as you dare, and then rowing like hell t...

adaptive rowing and safety
Hi all, Interesting article on about adaptive rowing and it's future the two that worry me from a safety point of view are these:

Vesta Sculler's Head this W/E (UK)
As an 'Upriver Softie' I'm getting decidedly twitchy about this Saturday's race. The weather is looking atrocious; I know you can't trust the 5 day forecast beyond 48 hours, but at the momen...

Celebrity erg-ing
Apologies in advance if this doesn't work:

New World Record??
Can you help verify this possible World Record? Yesterday we held the Fifth Rowperfect Challenge. It was a resounding success, with eight members of the high profile New South Wales Ru...

Mako Design
In response to Bill in the "Rowing Ruling" thread (

Websites on
We (Nottingham Schools' Rowing Association) have a website hosted by OnStream ( which has become out of date, as the people who set it it up have now moved on. However, des...

rowing-club near Bangalore/India?
Hi, a friend of mine is going to Bangalore/India for two months and I was wondering if there will be a rowing-club where he could participate during that time. Google...

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