What type of single do you recommend?
Hey, I am getting a single but I am not sure what to get. I have been looking at Van Dusen, Fluidesiegn, Pocock. Whats your favorite? Why? Thanks

In boat speedometer
Hello all, I'm thinking of buying a speedometer for the boats I'm rowing this season (2- and 1x). I'm am tempted by the ubiquitous speedcoach gold especially as the single I'm cur...

My sculling muse
This isn't about accidents in the murky light before dawn, or about buoyancy, or many of the other subjects we discuss on rsr. But it is about Mary Elizabeth Stone, who rows out of my club i...

Eton Omega Rigger...
Anyone with useful experience of adjusting the Omega rigger, please provide a review. I'm particularly interested in the security of the pin, once it has been made true to the boa...

Hi rowers, I intend to buy an old wooden single scull from a member of my club in France. The boat is fairly old but it is a dream of mine to have my own boat. A rower of my...

Try this rig sometime!!
>From the Head of the Charles: http://www.row2k.com/gallery/pf_gal.cfm?dir=2005Fall/HOCR2005/Youth8&start=26&offset=24&label=HOCR%202005%20Youth%208

Is the Competition Review dead? (GB)
AFAIK nothing official has happened since September last year. Should we be celebrating the demise of a dog's dinner of a proposal or mourning the passing of a golden opportunity to shake up...

Jim H. Runsdorf Volunteer Search - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
http://www.peterjaysharprc.org/ Jim H. Runsdorf Volunteer Search 7:00am Wednesday, October 26, 2005 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Call (212) 304-2870 Help us find Jim Runsdorf...

ARA Coach of the Year Awards
The Thames Regional Rowing Council is looking for nominations from within the region for the ARA Coach of the Year Awards 2005. We then need to process these and submit them to the ARA. Coul...

Accident on Harlem River - New York City
There was an accident on the Harlem River this morning: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/newyork/nyc-miss1025,0,215056.story?coll=ny-main-tabheads3 A four person shell (doesn't say if...

Rowing Beast website
Does anyone know what the story is here? This site (www.rowingbeast.com) appeared earlier this year and was providing a forum for discussion of all sorts of Scottish rowing issues, but it ...

Spare Capacity
Wallingford head over subscribed by 50% Fours Head entries closed one week early. School's Head split Several large clubs now turning away new members, in particular <...

Safety Advisor - Position in club
Dear All, There is a move in our club to add the Safety Advisor to our Executive Committee. Currently they sit on the rowing committee to try to keep us all abreast of the safety ...

Head of the River Fours (UK)
Entries are now closed. Although the closing date is not until 29 October 2005 we accept the first 550 paid entries and we have now exceeded this number. Commiserations to ...

Looking for HOC results
Where can the results be seen? Is there an website of web base newspaper to get ths info. ESPN.com didn't ahve anything.

Good idea Scullers Head (UK)
Hi all Just thought you might want to comment on Chris' email to past competitors of the Scullers Head (UK) reminding folk it's entries time again. One arrived yesterday (obviously not...

Looking for results of FISA Masters 1996 + 2000
Who can provide me with the complete results in electronic format (preferably Excel) of the FISA Masters Regatta's of 2000 (Hazewinkel) and 1996 (Budapest)? I need these for a statist...

Google Earth revisited
Since the last time I looked, G.E. has added an enhanced-definition area to the West of London, which includes the Weybridge, Staines and Eton/Windsor reaches. A certain purveyor of aquatic...

Draft safety document - Hong Kong
Hi all As I don't have anywhere to host the document, I have pasted it in this message - no idea if it will work or if Ewoud will kill me for breaking etiquette, but whatever, I'd like ...

HWR / Four's Head
I heard a rumour that there may be a meeting for all interested parties to discuss the development of Henley Women's Regatta over the four's head weekend somewhere near the tideway.

Anyone need a room at the HOTC?
Due to last minute change of plans and bad timing on my part, I will not be able to race at the Charles this year, Unfortunately the hotel I'm booked at will be charging my credit card rega...

Have FISA been cyber-squatted?
When I try to get to FISA's website at http://www.worldrowing.com/ (or at http://www.fisa.org/) it seems to tells me that the domain registration has expired. Oops! -- David Bi...

UK club (Bristol) selling some boats...
Coxed fours for sale "Susie Wong" - ancient stern coxed Sims IV+ white 85Kg plastic shell wood x-bracing etc., new matt Wood riggers 3 years back, in daily use until replaced last week ...

Weight Training for club level athletes
Wednesday 26th October Weight Training for club level athletes Dan Cleather, EIS About the speaker: Dan Cleather is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Engl...

Free Shell. LI. Pick it up, it's yours
Little River Marine Sea Shell. Hull is rough repaired but water tight when used last summer. Stoerd indoors for the past six years. Rig it single or double. Four oars, two seats (one wood, ...

Old Fart Story VI
So I've been tasked with catermaran chauffeuring a bunch of really old Blues at Ely, this was 97 so they'd be from the 47 boat, there's five or six of them and there all huge. Not in a tal...

New Events at Marlow Regatta (UK)
What new events would you like Marlow Regatta to offer in 2006? conversely, are there any that should be dropped? They are currently: http://www.marlowregatta.org.uk/index.asp?page=32 <...

Student paper Blockley report
I've been sitting on this since Friday waiting for it to appear online: http://www.cherwell.org/show_article.php?id=3511 -- Edd

Oar mounted stroke monitor
Somewhere on the web I saw an oar mounted device that counts stroke rate based on the rotation caused by featuring. Anyone know about this or similar device or where to find it?

Splash tops survey
about this time last year we had a discussion about splashtops - same name as this one if you want to google I'm debating getting a new one but in a quandry... I've heard ru...

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