Vechtrace - October 8, 2005
Hi all, time for our annual meet-and-great on the Dutch/German border. Entries close on October 3, 20:00 (CET). Please visit their website or contact [email protected]

A new rowing toy
Something to keep an eye on: ...

Google Boat Race Game
You need Google Earth for this, which means you need Windows. You have to do your best tideway steering over the boat race course (use tools -> Measures, set to Path and the unit t...

Scary Story III
This must have been ninety-three, or maybe ninety-four lying in two inches of water in a boat with four guys I didn't know at the top end of Strathclyde Park. The storm had all ...

Mirrors for sculling
Having just acquired a sunglasses-mounted mirror (the Heads Up, here among other sites) to assist me in my steering/safety in my sculling on the...

Regatta boat review
I like the idea of the "review" article in the latest copy of Regatta.......all the UK builders are there.....hang on! they seem to have missed out a manufacturer of beautiful high quality s...

Glow in the Dark Shirts
Try Godfreys, they do a good range of reflective performance kit!

One aspect of rowing which has become safer...
>From an obituary of Imperial College and Thames stalwart John Levy in the Guardian: "Levy's presence in Imperial boats was keenly heard during the war when several college eig...

Flexibility and the reach test
I am coaching a young athlete with potential, and recently carried out a video analysis which showed apparent lack of flexibility in hamstrings and lower back. We conducted a reach test, and...

Fluidesign ?
Hello Everyone, I am considering ordering a Fluidesign light double and would be interested in any and all feedback from owners or current users. I have rowed both the single and ...

Funny Excuses
Hi Group, After making the webpage about my hungover crewmate and seeing it permeate the web.... it got me thinking. If you realised at last minute you were going to let dow...

Any Surrey University Boat Club Alumni out there?
Hi there I'm sending this out on behalf of Duncan Russell who is at present the newly appointed position of Alumni Secretary for Surrey University Boat Club. Basically ...

We have struck gold..... we stick out our tongues at all you impoverished clubs
Some good news for our club at last. I am delighted to inform you all (especially any of you who may be in a position to help us with our equipment supplies) that our club has finally...

Talent ID & TES
In case any of you have missed it: Gerald Haigh's article in the 'Opinion' section of the Times Educational Supplement of 23 September... I don't know if it's available on the w...

Glow in the dark shirts?
As the days get shorter and I start to burn batteries in bow and stern lights, I'm wondering if anyone knows of garments that give off a glow/reflection even in really dark conditions. This...

Personally, I think rowing is a damn fine hangover cure but..... I guess the lesson I should learn is never admit to havin...

Rowdata cox-amp pro
Now that this is quite a 'mature' product, I wonder if anyone has any feedback on it? How is reliability, resilience, battery life etc? My gut feeling is that it looks a goo...

Heel Restraints
So there I was, out sculling yesterday, with a pretty nasty oil slick on our river from some git throwing several litres of used engine oil into the river upstream. And I caught...

ISIS sculls
Dear All A lovely Saturday was had by our little club(well mainly me and my family though pleased that this effort was doubled by another keen dad and his sprogs and a pal) at ISI...

Anyone have experience with Nordic Walking?
Was wondering if anyone has experience with "Nordic Walking". Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Sy -- Please post and r...

Stupid Story II
So it's the summer of '99 and I'm somewhere on the river so way upstream from Hammersmith its untrue and the stream's going the wrong way so we've already rowed about 3 thousand miles and ...

Anatomy of a "corporate regatta"
Agecroft RC followed the lead of a number of other clubs "down south" and ran a corporate rowing challenge-thing last weekend. A great day was had by all and a fair amount of money was ra...

FS: Concept 2 D Like New Rowing Machine with Heart Rate Receiver
I have a Concept II D like new ergometer for sale in NC area. This equipment has been used only a few times and is like new in every way includes memory card, unopened VHS tape, manuals and...

Stupid Story
Apologies for the profanity, it's the mood I'm in. So it's about ten years ago and I'm hanging around outside Goldie for god-knows-what, I'm late, or early, or something, no-one's aro...

rig height
Hi all, an engineer well-known in rowing circles is questioning the height I have on my sculling rig. Measuring from the lowest part of the seat to the bottom of the openin...

I've heard of getting back into a single, but this .. and they finished the race too. -- Henry Law <>< Manchester, England

Is rowing fundamentally dangerous?
In the USA today another Boxer died. Clearly a dangerous sport. A rally driver was killed last week. Another dangerous sport. Hey we had three deaths in the recent run in the North? Running,...

Is Faces of RSR moribund?
I've tried posting a pic of myself twice now and nothing appears.

Untimely death of a sculler
Kiran van Rijn, a sculler from Vancouver, BC, was training on Burnaby Lake, 22 September, 2005 when he fell out of his boat. It is reported that when rescued by his coach, he said that he...

event publicity
One of the better What's On sites. You can post your own events for free. John South Pangbourne

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