Carbon fiber , epoxy resin and moisture
The following statements come off a website for a new seaplane (Seawind) being built in the states: - Epoxy resins take on considerable moisture (in the range of 8 to 12%). ...

pivoting technique
There's been much debate on a different thread about proper backing technique. Discussion hasn't included proper technique for turning while at a stop. In the olden days, when ...

Costochondritis (a form of rib pain)
Anyone dealt with this as a sculling induced injury and have any advice about how to deal with it and/or how to prevent it in the future? My doc said I probably did it by overdoing it (guil...

frightened sculler
I've had a couple new people in the last month that have been out in the Aeros, and have been terrified. One had fallen in the week before when I wasn't there, and was quite safe,...

16 out of 16
Congratulations to team GB on a good third day - every crew has progressed past the heats/reps. 3 out of 3 for Belgium as well (even more remarkable) Dave H Royal Sport...

RSR Etiquette
>Henry wrote: >But if you don't do some quoting then the rest of us might >misunderstand what you say, or even not get the point at all. Is >that what you want? Surely not. Ew...

World Best Times?? Are they valid
If the stream is flowing fast in Gifu (they had to remove the bouys a week ago) are the World Best Times set in some of the heats yesterday valid??

Who's your favourite for the M4-
Here's something to consider: -- E. Dronkert

Sports stars have a freakish advantage
RQ, as always. does her homework. She's posted a reference to a Sunday Time (UK) article titled as above, which has bearing upon recent discussions here: http://www.timesonl...

Making do with being overboated
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that might help. I'm a 56-57kg lightweight girlie and the single I've got access to at the moment is unfortunately a 70kg shell. Its quite a ni...

Connection problem
Now I'm finally starting to get some better connection in my scull... How do I stop myself sliding off the back of the seat?

glyn locke
Could anyone tell me about Glyn Locke single sculls? They're pretty rare in the US, and I don't know anything about them. There's one for sale, built in the mid or late 70s I think, with a...

poor finish?
To my eye, this looks like a very weak way to grip the oar at the finish. <> I lik...

Juicing at Worlds Gifu
Opinions (or flames) does anyone think this girl is juicing?? (or just more MAN-ly looking?)

So who is going to be in Motherwell?
I'll be there marshalling for all three days and I'm sure there'll be lots of others from here as well.

How Fast?
I'm doing my first regatta in a single on Monday... How fast should I drive with the scull on the roof of the car? And does it matter which way up I have the scull? I'm usin...

Safety and elderly rowers
Most members of my club are doing recreational rowing only. Although our waters are more or less calm, yesterdays outing with a gig-eight arouse a severe question to me. Recreatio...

Typhoon in Gifu?
Anyone else heard about the Worlds being postponed becuase of a Typhoon?

Adaptive team second class treatment from ARA
With only a few days to go to the world championships, I was surprised to see the GB representative in the adaptive sculls still training at Ardingly reservoir on Tuesday evening. I wou...

Rowing Lucerne
A nice city tour:

animated rowing movie
Hello everyone - I made a short animated rowing movie for 2 film competitions. caveat - all imperfections in rowing technique ar...

Oswald appointed chairman for 2012 co-ordination commission Good news from a rowing perspective for the build up to 2012 :)

River gates to be closed!?
"The current will be reduced as the river gates will be closed tonight and will remain closed until the regatta finishes on 4 September," says Otzetova is a quote on the FISA webs...

Who's contributed to the Wikipedia article on our sport? I think it's pretty good: there are one or two words here and there that I'd change but all in all it's a good summary. There's a long l...

Predictions for Gifu
Other than it could be windy (I see racing has been delayed by 2 days) who are the predicted medallists in Gifu. For what it's worth here are my thoughts: M1X Synek, Tufte, Drysda...

Anyone looking for dirt cheap fitness equipment?
Anyone looking for dirt cheap fitness equipment? If you're looking for the some cheap fitness equipment, "Health Club Quality" check out ...

It's not just rowers who ignore buoyancy
An incident here in Western Australia in the last couple of days shows the rowing community is not alone in ignoring buoyancy. Two men went out fishing off the south coast town of Espe...

Training eight 824&p=1&t=doc.tmpl&v=tabbed

how comfy are Carl's seats?
To the point: my butt hurts. Carbon seat in the shell I row is kicking my ass. Never been a problem before, but I'm thinking thoughts of a new seat. And I wonder (and am almost afraid to a...

I noticed this: Begs the question, what does this imply for rowing? Ultra, ultra, ...

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