Ergometer Subliminal Fault Creation
At the risk of having myself labelled as one of the more feeble minded contributors to this group, I would relay the following experience, as it may benefit somebody. Having spent...

Warwick Regatta - Private to Primary
Since it began, Warwick Regatta has been a closed event. First known as an "Invitation Regatta" and more recently, a "Private Match". However, in the competition review of September 2004, th...

Tideway Speed Limits
Dear All, As Tideway users will know (?) the speed limit above Wandsworth Bridge is 8 knots. As we are also aware, there is also the requirement to control your wash, but this i...

a little off topic sorry, but very amusing ahead of the tri nations
Well now, what a weird bunch of ppl... no disrespect indented to Uruguayans reading this po...

boathouse bitch, pt II
This is what's really weird about it. A bunch of people in the club got all pissed off because the two junior programs on site would empty the entire yard of all the Aeros and sin...

boathouse bitch
Who else here is the boathouse bitch? Who else here feels like they're the only one on the tarmac enforcing proper boat handling, ragging on people about proper lighting, yelling at parent...

Fisa Masters 2005 - Scotland - 8-11th September
Don't worry, I'm not involved in the organisation of this event. Just thought I would post a reminder that entries need to be in by 24:00 on the 31st July. (I know, I know..... I'm o...

Rig Height Too much height? Not Enough? Just right? Whadya think?

GAP position in Australia
Gippsland Grammar is looking for people just out of Uni. who might like to take a break as a GAP rowing coach. Meals and accommodation are provided along with a modest living allowance. O...

Scull - fluidesign
Has anyone got a Fluidesign 1x in the UK / Thames region for preference? I am thinking of buying one, but would like to try it first. Or can any readers stateside tell me a ...

New GPS Amplifier for Coxswains
Let's see if I can get flamed for spamming so horribly. It's a bit hard to get the word out to the rowing community, I apologize for bothering anyone. I would like to show off a newly launch...

USRowing National Championship again ...
... just wondering if there are any photos of that Indianapolis event on the net. Cheers

Layback worsening
I know this was discussed before, but I can't help noticing that it is being pushed even further! The photo of the Can 2- at the U23 Championships is quite something: http://www....

Dirty laundry...
Poor fella.... Does the right thing and ends up in the press.

Crackdown on speeding motor boats
Hurrah, the environment agency have decided to get tough,

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)
I received this email recently. It seems to make good sense... I hope it becomes common practice, so I have posted it here. I hope you'll excuse the intrusion. Neil. ...

Rowing makes you old
From the WU23 regatta: no. 5 needs a "make me look my age again" make-over badly. -- Firefox Browser - Rediscover the web - http:...

Lightweights or shorties?
Having yet again drawn the short straw and having to get up at the crack of dawn in Cardiff to weigh lightweights at the EUSA regatta and shared vicariously in the anxious test weighings, sw...

Bewdley, Anality, OARA inflexibility, and ARA Rules of Racing
(UK) A word of warning to all... If you suddenly have an influx of students, and attend a regatta which only accepts OARA entries, make sure they get their backsides in gea...

Ad: virtual training software
FitCentric will soon release NetAthlon 2.0 for bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and rowing. Right now NA 1.0 with a library of courses is for sale and registered owners can upgrade and save ...

Danger of Wing Riggers
I have been doing a bit of thinking, which can be very dangerous. In this case, though, it is more a case of something I have found that is dangerous. There is a serious ...

Edmonton Masters Results
Does anyone happen to know when, after two days of rowing, there may be any race results posted on the above games. Results from other sports have been posted from Day 1 yet rowing is ...

Holy cow
Those crazy canucks. -- Firefox Browser - Rediscover the web - Thunderbird E-mail and Newsgroups - http:...

More swampings of junior crews
Yet another US swamping fiasco has been drawn to my attention: Particularly stupid is the later reference to the Bre...

Women, bodyweight and weight training
I would be interested in what people see in Women's rowing today as regards weight training. Thames? Dutch? Canadians? How much is heavyweights, or circuits and when does a...

Help - my oars have been possessed!

borrow (rent) single in Maine, USA in August
Hi, I will be in Maine (Rockport) and would like to keep up my rowing (so I can race an open water marathon or half-marathon in early Sept). I'm pretty flexible on what kind of bo...

Google Maps again.. and then some
Sully wrote (some time ago): > google is pretty cool, have you blown a day on Google Maps yet? > I have, sadly. I went looking for bodies of water that had > rowi...

Once more about the NK impeller - calibration
My club just purchased a brand new Filippi Italia/S which I think is the F15 mould (70kg boat). I am the happy individual racing in it. Ufortunately the NK impeller can not be installed at 5...

Rowers damage the environment - How ?
Picture from Staines BC website of a banner at Molesey Regatta. I'm at a loss as to just how we damage the environme...

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