Adaptive rigging and blades settings
In a follow up to the Adaptive thread from a couple of weeks ago, I am also interacting with newly-arrived adaptive (arms and body) rowers at Vancouver RC. Currently they're using a very ni...

Flippi Wingboat HWT 1X for Sale Boston (USA) Area
2000 HWT (90kg) Filippi Wingboat 1X for sale. Filippi cover, backstays and speed coach wiring/impeller included. White with red stripe and red wing. Boat looks/rows brand new. Fast, stiff an...

Henley pubs for Lions game?
Can anybody suggest a good pub in henley to watch the lions game on saturday morning? Despite numerous visits to the town in the guise of both rower and spectator the only TVs I can ever re...

Wish I was there
Anybody else following the HRR website racetracker and struck by the number of close races? At the moment (tea interval) I count 16 distances of a length or less out of the 53 res...

Corsican Rowing Championships?
I have a friend, who I love dearly, but who will remain nameless for the time being. He is a bit of a "Walter Mitty" character, and can bluff like no-one else on the planet.

Lightning And the number of (UK) rowers ever struck by lightning while rowing is...? Next up - advice for sheltering f...

Capsized oarsmen rescued from Unterhavel
There has been an article in <a href="">Berliner Morgenpost</a>, which reads roughly as follows: Berl...

Perceptions of oarsmen by other river users.
Don't know if anybody is interested, but there is a thread here on a motorboat forum giving their view of oarsmen's behaviour...

Was Chinese Boats
Dear All, Have been reading with interest the thread on Chinese Boats. Carl's points are well made in explaining why Western manufacturing costs are higher, and there is mu...

Cox recruitment
Like many other clubs, we struggle to find full time coxes. What/how have other clubs done to recruit coxes? And what demographic, if any, should we direct our efforts towards? <...

Anatomy Of A Flip
Anatomy Of A Flip Rat Island Regatta June 25, 2005 Zeke Hoskin This was going to be my fastest race ever. I started hard and I wasn't all that far behind the pack when we got t...

True Blue
Does anyone know what scarf Michael Suarez is wearing at the start of True Blue? It's black, white and pink, by the look of it. Thanks, Peter

HRR Qualification
Ok new to this group but I would like to throw in a topic for discussion mainly because this year I'm looking for all the excuses under the sun for not qualifying at HRR (having qualified ea...

NK Coxbox radio adaptor and Oregon Scientific Two Way Radios
Hello was thinking about shelling out money for these things, and wondered what experience anyone here had of them? there is a previous thread (NK Coxbox radio adaptor) whe...

Slug & Lettuce
Having seen damage done to rowing & rowers by the conflict of interest that some seem to feel between supporting a brother mason & doing the right thing, I chuckled mightily today on readi...

College Ltwt Dies Due to Dehydration You are going to want to use BugMeNot ( to read the article because it requires registration, or better yet download...

HRR draw
HRR draw now available at -- David Biddulph Rowing web pages at and

boat repair - books?
Can anyone recommend any good books on wood and fibreglass boat building/repair and blade repair. Or web sites... or whatever. I want to find out more about the repairing o...

Dutch RowPro's
24 uurs roei estafette van de Dutch Rowpros We gaan met 8 man een etmaal lang in estafette vorm roeien op de Concept2 roei ergometer. We willen het huidige wereldreco...

Dutch RowPro's
24 uurs roei estafette van de Dutch Rowpros We gaan met 8 man een etmaal lang in estafette vorm roeien op de Concept2 roei ergometer. We willen het huidige wereldreco...

Dutch RowPro's
24 uurs roei estafette van de Dutch Rowpros We gaan met 8 man een etmaal lang in estafette vorm roeien op de Concept2 roei ergometer. We willen het huidige wereldreco...

Buoyancy for a Hudson T7
Hi all, I own a Hudson T7 (see, which I think is very much like a Canadian canoe in design. It is of open construction, and I w...

boat racks
What company was selling metal boat racks at the Head of the Charles last year? Mur

Streaming video of Holland Beker regatta
See subject, of all finals on Sat and Sun (this weekend). Check E.

Unclear rules...
Does anyone know the exact standing of ARA, or similar about technical failure upon the start? I have always thought that if there is a technical problem with a crew or boat withi...

World rowing live streaming
Hi All What type of system and connection requirements do you need to be able to watch the World Cups successfully over the internet. What is the ideal setup? Jam...

Thinking of buying a new sculling boat
Any suggestion on hull shapes? there seem to be quite a lot of new style sculling boats available. Doug

Another fatal accident report from a long time ago
One of my work colleagues is doing research on medical manslaughter (don't ask!) and she's currently working her way through the Times (UK) newspaper looking up all inquest reports. Having...

Adaptive Rowing
Wondering if anyone has any words of advice here? We've recently had a novice start up who is blind and I'm wondering if anyone has any brilliant ideas? At the moment we're having trouble wh...

Henley predictions
OK, I'm going to put my neck on the line a make some predictions as I do every year, although I seem to remember getting it spectacularly wrong last year! 8's Grand: Do...

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