'The Skulls' on ITV2 Uk
I think it's on Saturday. The rabbit says: "Not the most intellectually stretching of movies, the opening sequence of a classic Ivy-style regatta are arguably the best bit..." s...

Navigation Lights
Howdy, I make rowing shell navigation lights for my club, Austin Rowing Club. If your club has rowers who are frequently out during hours of darkness, these lights may be of use. ...

No shit einstein... u started to comment, so i comment back

Dutch Rowin
check out this dutch website about our student rowing club: http://www.roeiboreas.nl bye

Dutch Rowing
Yes even in Holland we row check: www.roeiboreas.nl

Multi-lane courses - again
This has been a very windy weekend in the UK. Racing at Nottingham in the National Schools regatta was reduced to dangerous farce by winds gusting to 55mph/90kph. At Dorney's World Cup reg...

publicity for rowing events
You can get extra publicity for rowing events by posting details on www.wherecanwego.com Registration support http://www.wherecanwego.com

For those with access to binary groups
Heads up: someone posted the M4- race in alt.binaries.multimedia.sports (howto http://www.slyck.com/ng.php and following pages). -- Firefox Web Browser - Rediscover the web...

Clarification of NSR rules
It seems a little late to ask this now, as I will be at the regatta and unable to read any replies, but what are these rules intended to mean? (from the NSR rules pages) : "BICYCL...

65 Yr. Old Rower Drowns in Philadelpia
>From Row2k and Philly.com Rower, 65, drowns as scull capsizes A 65-year-old man died yesterday when his rowing scull capsized in the Schuylkill River near Black Road and...

Free cups of tea/coffee near Dorney ;^)
For anyone visiting Dorney this weekend who needs a break from all that high-class rowing & the glaring sunshine this weekend, or wants a cultural diversion, then Staines is not very far a...

OT: What the hell?
Hypothermia danger: What were these Brits thinking? http://www.thisislondon.com/news/articles/18889307?source=Evening%20Standard&ct=5

Times (of London) today
There's a hefty supplement on rowing in The Times today - worth grabbing a copy if you can.

Famous people who rowed
Hi All After reading the news article about Andy Holmes and his daughter not knowing about him being an Olympic champion and the same for Hugh Laurie I was wondering how many famo...

My understanding is you have 2 crews, the leading one with a rate cap in place, rowing as hard and effectively as they can at that rate, whilst a second crew races to pass them. Once ...

More world cup rowing tickets for sale (Saturday)
I have 2 enclosure tickets and 1 parking ticket that I can't use. Worth =A360, will take anything (that covers postage!) as they might as well be used. Call me on 07855 953108 and they'll ...

Dorney WC / National Schools (UK)
Recognising that the Nat Schools Regatta has a long established place in the calendar & the difficulty of changing dates, it is nons-the-less a shame that the biggest junior event of the yea...

Seeking place to stay for Head of the Charles
Dear group, I'm coaching one of two eights from RV Minerva, Holland this year, planning another raid on Boston. In the last two years we got two wins and a second in collegiate ei...

World Cup Rowing tickets for sale (saturday)
Sadly due to work commitments I am unable to make use of the tickets that I bought for the Rowing World Cup at Dorney on Saturday 28th May. I have 3 grandstand tickets and 1 car park pass. A...

Power strokes ...
I've no idea of its provenance (*) but were it made real it would make for interesting trialling! http://vrc.org.uk/graphics/2005/training/NewStyleSeats.jpg (*) apart from ...

Henley Women's Regatta
Roughly, what has the schedule been in the recent past for the Women's Henley? Do the open 8's have heats on Friday? Thanks, June

Sarah Gardiner
This is just a public thank you to Sarah for being brilliant and staying back for hours at a regatta to steer one of our men's crews this weekend - they were really appreciative of your ex...

If blister areas are to become calluses, is it best to pop? I have ignored them, but some have been torn open.

Junior Worlds
Hello everyone, Is anyone here going to be involved in this years Junior Worlds in Germany in August? Does anyone know anything about potential crews? I'm specidically ...

Boat race training Models....
Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone would be able to help me? I'm looking for training models which are specifically designed for boat race training (over 5000m). My club is cu...

for sale - tickets & parking for Saturday at Dorney
my beloved wife has entered us in a half marathon on Sunday. In Brussels. Apparently I now cant use my two grandstand tickets & car parking at Dorney**. Lastminute wont give refu...

World cup TV coverage
It all seems quite disappointing. Can't find anything on British Eurosport who normally show at least all from the S/F onwards. Does this mean that the BBC as host have shut them out and c...

J2+ this year
Is there going to be a coxed pair at the world juniors this year? The 'three years of <7 entries and you're out' rule may apply - but is contradicted by the 'Juniors mirrors Seniors' ru...

Neues deutschsprachiges Ruderforum
Hallo. Ich habe ein neues deutschsprachiges Forum f=FCrs Rudern eingerichtet. http://groups.google.de/group/Rudersport Wer lust hat kann ja auch mal vorbeischauen und ...

Extremely junior coxes ... am I being curmudgeonly?
Once again courtesy of Rachel (and a coffee break at work, of course) I came across this http://www.higgsgroup.co.uk/hot.com/main/news/news/story02.htm , which tells of a remarkable 10-...

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