Density of cold water
As the temperature of water decreases, it's density increases until the point it freezes, then due to the crystal structure of ice, the density decreases. So, right at the point that water ...

Anonymity on rsr
Carl brought up the issue of anonymity - I was wondering what others thought about it.. I must admit I played the anonymity card because the rsr group seemed very tight-knit, and ...

Empacher K13 mould for a lwt man?
Hopefully someone on this forum can help me with a query I have. I am looking at buying a new boat after having been using a 12+ year old Empacher (its the K series but I dont know whi...

Hi there, just a curious question from somebody who is not really into rowing ;-) Where would you put the upcoming »San Diego Crew Classic« regatta in terms of ranking amon...

FS: Concept 2 Model C ERG
This is the at home machine with very little mileage on it in excellent condition. It comes with the PM2+ monitor, the serial computer interface, a 4 m cable and an 8 m extension cable, t...

Series III waterrower with Series III monitor in cherry for sale.
Used Series III waterrower with Series III monitor for sale. $800 obo - make me on offer. Rower is made of cherry wood and is over $1300 new. Rower is in great shape and hasn't been use...

New 'Magik' oarlock failure
Warning: 2nd hand account. Essentially the same type of failure as Neil experienced. A pair with the new gates had to pull in one oar when an eight passed on our sometimes narrow canal. The ...

Womens henley regatta results
Does anybody have a copy of any of the results for the coxed fours results from last year? I can only find the winning and record times on the website. Alex Wilbey

Rowing technique pics
Hi All Any idea where I can get good clear pics of sweep technique similar to the sculling ones on Thanks Jamie

Boat Race and academia
>From today's FT "I'd guess they're as academically dim, or at least quite unrequired to be academic. The idea that anyone can take so many months off...

Concept II or Croakers ??
Hello, Can any one tell which oar might be a better buy, Concept II or Croakers?? I am sure they are both very good. But beside the price, I would like to know in the long run if...

drunk cruising
Just got an email from the PLA: - "Greg All our harbour service launches carry alcometers and in the event of an incident, administer a test. Our bye-laws allow us to preven...

Balance point oar handles
I'm always interested in new ideas......Has anyone ever seen these in action or tried them ? The logic seems fairly sound.

Effects of Altitude on Rowing
Hi, In South Africa we have a rather strange situation where our national championships are held for the most part at a high Altitude in Pretoria. I think the altitude is about 25...

Sun & Cruisers!!
Now the sun is out, so are the cruisers taking little regard of all other river users; rowers, canoeists and sailors alike. Is their any chance the ARA could persuade the PLA to put up...

Egg timer from the 30th century is here!!
Hi, HAPPY EASTER BREAK!!! We are developing the Eggs-Actor 3000 timer for the XP operation system just in time for Easter Season!!! It is designed as a timer for meal preperatio...

The flesh is weak but the spirit is weaker ...
I'm not exactly a super-fit athlete but I am increasingly aware that rowing, even at my decrepit stage of life, is a "mind game" as much as one of body. More specifically, I find that if I'...

Race Warm Ups and Creatine Phosphate (CP)
This (probably silly question) is for the physiologists out there. It is known that we utilize the CP-ATP energy system during short (15 seconds or less) bursts of speed such as a spri...

Tideway gossip
Is it true that the Blue boats had an impromptu river closure on Saturday? I heard that the 'start zone' was closed which caught out some crews already on the water. This inc...

Well, what did we think of ITV at the Boat Race?
Contrary to sarky opinions earlier (mine included) I thought they did it quite well. A fair amount of rowing and not so many minutes spent in riverside pubs and interviewing random people. ...

Boat Race official times
ITV's communications mucked up, so they couldn't hear us on the boats, and they stopped their watches a second early at the finish, before the flag had dropped. so: - M...

Do Cambridge miss Harry?
Cambridge have struggled to maintain their dominance since the passing of Harry Mahon. Since his death they have had on more occasions than not, stronger crews on paper, but lost (not this y...

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Henley Oxford/Cambridge races results
I seem to be first back, so... Cambridge won the women's boat race Oxford won the women's reserve, women's lightweight, men's lightweight and men's reserve lightweight.

Wing 8's for "the Darikies"?
Is that a wing rigger Emp I see being sported by Oxford this year? Might be interesting if the weather comes up? Jay

Boat race on the Net
where can I follow the race please?

Marc-Oliver Mewes, Email? Info?
Marc-Oliver Mewes used to subscribe to this group and I have lost touch with him. If anyone has any method to contact him, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

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portable stroke meter?
I recall last year that there was a post about a portable stroke meter, i.e. it did not hook up w/ magnets to the seat or anything... I think it just had a simple accelerometer or somethin...

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