Skiing behind an 8+
[email protected] wrote: > Allan Bennett wrote: > > More impressive is this: > >,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ > > ...

London Tri - August 2005
Just to let you know that London Tri entries are now being taken. These enties go very quickly. It is a great event and suggest it as a good way of keeping some fitness over the summe...

how to teach boat feel
Open ended question: how do you teach boat _feel_? We all know people who hopped in a boat the first time and just got it. And we all know people who, although they might have most of...

Layback on the ergo
Am I doing it wrong? These guys are a good 15 degrees further back than I think I ever get. (They're

Bad news
Noticed that one of the best little rowing web sites (SARA) around has lost it's webmaster. Question is how does a little area like Scotland produce a much better site than the ARA? I tend t...

Rowing in NYC
Does anyone know where I can start rowing in NYC, or Westchester county? I have rowed for a club in Alabama for 3 years, and miss it very much.

Carl said. >1. Like you, I think rowers with dicky tickers have every right to go >rowing, & even to die while rowing. Only 1 in 10 people who suffer cardiac arr...

Sir Steve Redgrave contact
I want to write to my rowing hero Sir Steve Redgrave to ask for his autograph. Anyone know how I can contact him? regards

Taller than your average bear!!
Hello All Much needed help! I'm what could be called a touch of a Giant at 6'8 and weight in at a very dainty 125kg :) Enough about me, I posted hear a while ago searching f...

Damper dampening my performance
A couple of things on this topic. Having been used to doing tests at IC where if you dropped below 36 for one stroke you had to restart I returned to Kingston and the coach there ...

Coxing in London
Any experienced / semi-experienced coxes looking to cox mens or womens crews in London? Sons of the Thames (Hammersmith based club) looking for more coxes for Henley qualifier boa...

I'm nuts, right?
I visited Neil's beautiful club this evening and finally looked through the sets of Strokecycles. It's a really nice tool, it's a shame that they don't show any bladework. http:...

Damper dampening my performance
I've googled on the subject; lots of hits but nothing conclusive. So forgive me if I'm reanimating a corpse that should be left in peace ... I did 5-min intervals this evening on...

RSR Meet and Greet (suite)
Any further news on the Dorney RSR get-together in May? I've already booked a futon in Maidenhead for the weekend. Assuming it's on, what do we need? A tent, internet acc...

Skiing behind an 8+
Hey all, A while back someone posted an inquiry as to whether is was possible to ski behind an 8+... Discovery Europe (I think) has a series called Mythbusters where they got th...

AUS/WWW: 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta
Rowing Australia Web Site: Host Committee Web Site: ...

unusual E-bay item wonder if they'll get any offers?! Sarah x

New world records
On the 8th 'Ergohead', a 6 km (for seniors) / 20' (for juniors) indoor rowing event in Amsterdam, three world records have been broken yesterday. M 18:48.5 Akos Haller (HUN) ...

Junior rowing & safety
I seem to remember Rachel(RQ) mentioning about Seal Skinz waterproof socks being very good. I looked at the advert the other day and I havnt seen them myself but wonder if the material used ...

This is working for me! Just try!
MAKE MONEY QUICK AND EASY Can you really make money so easily? Just read this. A little while back, I was browsing through a newsgroup, just like you are now and came ac...

Blogging and Rowing
I have been rowing seven years now and for most of that time have read RSR, row2k, and the other rowing sites. However, I am also curious about other sports beyond rowing but unfortunately...

Cracknell to do Flora London ?
So Cracknell sez he`s gonna do the Flora London in under three hours eh ? Big deal. I know a girl who can run it 45 mins faster than that !

BBC website rowing section
Talking of rubbish media coverage of rowing, has anyone seen the somewhat "sparing" calendar which is on the rowing page of BBC online:

Lactate threshold
I've seen lots of discussion about lactate acid in verious postings. I am trying to get a little better understanding of the value of this, and also trying to determine if this can be usefu...

scull catch/finish angles and foot height/angle, confused ???
Couple of questions about sculling rigging, catch angle, feet height etc... 1) If you can't get a 110 degree arc, should you try to get the catch as near to 70 degrees as possible...

Henley Womens Rules
After due consideration the HWR Committee has decided to remove the requirement regarding the finishing position at the Women's Head of the River race as a condition of entry into the Senior...

Sculling boats group test: cont.
Sully worte: >For speed testing, why 500? Why not shorter distances, >with more repetitions where >you can avoid anaerobic fatigue as a limiting factor. >The o...

sculling boat group test
Are strain guages easily available nowadays? I understand these used to be used to check rowers but surely with impellers and speed coaches this would be a useful guide as to boat speed. One...

Women's Henley rules - again
If anyone has any comments on the rules or wishes for clarification then please email [email protected] (accessed via the web site) and we will be pleased to answer them This would be muc...

Squid clothing Nice rowing clothing website (if you like flash). Has anyone here any experience with their products?

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