Ketler Rowing Coach Ergometer For Sale
Ketler Erg for sale. An unwanted Christmas present as I am a cox not a rower! Can be viewed, and bid for at:

At risk of being bombarded by harsh email replies, for some reason, my recent posts have not been posted. I feel like I have been quarantined! Any help would be appreciated! Gordon

Xeno Muller Strokecycle
Hi all, Another stroke cycle.... and a very worthy addition IMO. Xeno Muller on a C2 model D with Slid...

Heel Restraints (different slant)
Hello I've mentioned our rowing shoe distribution recently, thanks for all your help and over the next few weeks I will try to clear up some of the (possibly) myths I've been to...

Respect and help for COXNS
Been reading posts about the coxswain--I have great respect for a skilled coxn. Both my now adult children were coxns, and I learned alot from them about "coxn-neglect-abuse." I now remind...


For Sale - Alden Martin
> Includes oars and row master, Red over white, great shape. $1600

Marinus Van Holst
Hello All: Marinus VanHolst of the University of Delft is recently ill and going through a difficult time; I am sure he would welcome some "best wishes" from us in the rowing community.... sportsman/woman/team of 2004
Vote for the Sportsman, Sportswoman and Sports Team of 2004 in the Fan Poll:

:-) *** A Love Gift For You! *** (-: << click link

New toys from Dreissigacker
Hi group, Concept2/Dreissigacker recently announced a new blade shape and a new scull shaft option: See ...

RATS will need a US chapter pretty soon - US EPA wants to dump more sewage in the watercourses
"WASHINGTON (December 9, 2004) -- Millions of Americans will face an increased threat of bacteria, viruses and parasites in their water thanks to a new federal policy allowing sewer operator...

wanted: midweight graeme king single
midweight king Michael Donahue at [email protected] thanks, merry christmas all

2001 Hudson 1x for Sale (145-175 lbs.)
Toddler and business travel tag-team to administer one-two punch to rowing. It's a TKO. Looking for a good home for a boat and blades... 2001 Hudson 1x -- built for 145-175 lbs. Two...

Footplate Shoe Drill Patterns
Hello I've just agreed for RowData to become a UK Distributor for H2Row Shoes. H2Row now dominate the supply of shoes in the US with their high-quality, good value offerings. Be...

recruiting new coxes
Christmas crackers... Howabout a challenge at your various clubs plum pudding regatta. Get a load of buoys out and as well as the standard coxed fours / eights that many cl...

UK Telly Straford-upon-Avon Clubhouse
What's this all about? A repeat, apparently.... and at an unearthly hour.... don't remember seeing anything about it before. And Pink?? Getting above themselves, perhaps? <...

recruiting new coxes
I suppose a few coxing stories in relation to recruitment wouldnt go amiss? The first year I rowed at Henley we had a guy called Angus Gait coaching and Simon Allen stroking. Angu...

RSR meet and greet 2005
'tis the season of goodwill to all.... So, thinking in a muddled fashion as ever.... I wonder if we shouldn't plan a big RSR regulars and lurkers bash for 2005. May I sugges...

Exciting info about Alden Martin for Sale
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Frankfurt Rowing Clubs
I am moving there in the new year and I would like to join a club to re-start my rowing career. Nothing too serious (at 1st anyway) and a friendly, sympathetic to non german speakers. ...

For Sale Alden Martin
Post if interested

Ed Coode
A quick Cut and Paste from RQ's rowing service "Congratulations to Ed Coode and his girlfriend Clare, who got engaged this weekend. Ahhhh....!" tie the knot quickly Clare.....

Indoor rowing motivational tools
At the European Indoor Rowing Championships in Amsterdam last Saturday: (Sorry, no idea what was going on there, I had left by then). <...

Test the nation
Chris well done. The Vesta tie looked good too!

Row,row,row your boat ........
I let my slaves row my boat for me, because I'm a Roman Centurion ! Hail Caesar!

message for Cracknell
You aint won nothing. All you got was won either by Redgrave or Pinsent.You aint won nothing. So get off Radcliffes back.

Sealant / Paint - What to use for repairs ?
I need to seal/repaint the bottom support rail for the foot stretcher in my 1x. Araldite? varnish? paint? some sort of gel coating? Any advice what to use would be welcome.

Lady RSRer photographed in the bath with two men!

Looks like Robin Williams is joining the ARA setup afte the next Boat Race to be head coach for women and lightweights. Jon -- Durge: [email protected] http:/...

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