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GLP Gordon L. Pizor Head Coach and Associate Director Wilmington Youth Rowing Association, Inc. WYRA

Cracknell on Google
Wow, Cracknell is on the front page http://news.google.com Never thought I'd see Rowing there

Risk assessments
Did anyone else notice this snippet about the Coupe de la Jeunesse in the latest Regatta magazine (UK) and wonder what it implies? "The wind came up from nowhere in the middle of Satu...

Sculling video
Listmates, Some time ago, there was a question as to good rowing videos. I want to add my suggestion and "review" of what I thought was an excellent sculling and sweep instructional vi...

FYI Henley regatta
The Henley Royal Regatta is from 29th June - 3rd July 2005.

Henley Royal Regatta coxing
Can women or girls cox for a men's crew in the HRR? -Kieran

Pinsent stops? Press conference tomorrow
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,4-1379890,00.html -- Firefox Web Browser - Rediscover the web - http://getffox.com/ Thunderbird E-mail and Newsgroups - http://gettb...

November rowing in Canada
The outside temps have been a bit chilly lately, hovering just at freezing. Thought I'd let you all see for yourself just how wicked it can be rowing in Canada in November ... and post...

cronical compartment syndrome
hi there, i used to row in belgium almost 10 years ago. My level was quit high, untill disaster struck. Cronical compartment syndrome. With that i had a mental breakdown (...

Looking for a used 2-/x in Europe
Hello, We are a club in Sweden who are looking for 2-/x 70-80 kg. We are intereted in Empacher, Filippi, Hudson or Euroracing no more then 10 years old. If ...

obstructive blah blah blah
OK Playmates I have just written to the Club Captain, and cutting out non-essential guff my words are "....we should make every early endeavour to search for a mutually agre...

Recovery advice from a broken wrist
Hi, Anyone got any experience of recovering from a broken wrist? Thanks to a rather doddering old chap in a very clean Peugeot who found my motorbike invisible and so pulled out i...

obstructive, devious, manipulative & fundamentally dishonest
Carl just wrote "...ARA has been obstructive, devious, manipulative & fundamentally dishonest" With the change of just one letter, this could perfectly describe the situation I ha...

"Summer Storm" Rowing Film, in London tomorrow
Regulars on RSR will remember I mentioned a German film called "Summer Storm". Well it's playing in London, at the Curzon Soho, this Friday (tomorrow) at 6.30 pm, and the followin...

GPS devices
Just a bit of research before Santa visits. is this a good bit of kit for Rowing purposes?? http://www.timex.com/bodylink/index.html Any other GPS devices better...

FA: Cardiosport Limit Plus Heart Rate Monitor, HRM
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7115802791&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Water resistant to 20M

ARA Water Safety Poster
Rachel Quarrel linked to a page on the ARA website with this poster on today: http://www.ara-rowing.org/docs/WaterSafe/Fit%20to%20compete1.pdf Look at the last point in the ...

FREE head race timing software
Suck it and see. http://www.invernessrowingclub.co.uk/rowgolf.html Works on windows 98 onwards with the .NET framework downloaded. I would love some feedback.

Boat Race Day Venue
Hi, I was wondering if the viewers of rec.sport.rowing could help me out. Christ's College Boat Club are looking to hire a venue for not too much money on boat race day prefferab...

Got a great online golf game..
wow, I found new online golf game, Shot-Online. I really love playing golf, but there's no enough time to go to field.. so I tried to find some nice golf game and finally! I got ...

Thames Regional Rowing Council AGM - Safety Report
I know it could be re-opening old discussions, but I would like to get other opinions on a comment made by the Thames Regional Rowing Council (TRRC) Safety Advisor at its AGM yesterday. The...

Stampfli 8 / Janousek J Class
Hi, We're looking at purchasing a new club (men's, 80kg) eight in the (very) near future. One of the key aspects of it will be its durability as well as its speed. Our curent me...

comparing rowing machines
If this newsgroup has a FAQ file somewhere, I assume this question has been asked before. If so, please feel free to direct me to the location of the FAQ. (Flamers need not reply) ...

Thames pollution and the Tideway Turd Race
Putney Town RC is now carrying the flag for all Tideway rowers wishing to see a cleaner R. Thames. If you care about the river on which so many row - either every day or on occa...

aviron France
dimanche 24 novembre c'est la journée du huit!! http://www.avironfrance.asso.fr/EspacePresse/CommuniquePresse/CP2004/CP_123.pdf

Double or Pair/Double?
During our double selection process, advice has been given to purchase a pair/double because of the versatility it would offer, added stiffness, and higher resale value. On the other hand, ...

Weight Training and Injury Prevention
I'm looking for advice on weight training for rowing injury prevention. A bit of background: I started rowing this year and suffered 3 instances of rib fracture/intercostal muscl...

Boat clubs in South Korea
Does anyone know of any boat clubs around Suwon, South Korea? Or, at a push, Seoul or the surrounding area? Thanks. N -- "You can't trust anyone!" - "Try pse...

Women's Henley rule changes
The HWR committee have had their winter meeting and have published the rule changes for next year's regatta here: http://www.hwr.org.uk/rules_qualification.asp Notably:

Does anyone have experience with cushions for the seat on a single? (I realize that one is expected to experience some pain this sport, still I would prefer to pay a smaller price for t...

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