For Sale [UK] 99p boats on eBay
More cheap (old) boats for sale on eBay: 2 * Training 2x 1 * 2x (Aylings/Carbocraft) 1 * 1x (unknown make).

Non-parallel slides - fantastic speed increase!
Not non-parallel with each other (which would be silly) but with the boat. The force curve on a blade reaches it peak long before the blade is at 90 degrees to the boat, at which poin...

Dodgy-Refs.Com Website For Sale
********************************************************* * This article is posted by an unregistered version of: * Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO version 1.5.2 ******************************...

Another Safety Issue
A recent thread concerning collisions and the issues of bow balls had me thinking after sculling last weekend. On the tideway in London we are beginning to see some coxless fours ...

News on "Out of phase rowing" patent
US Patent and Trademark Office has examined Kuntz et al patent application titled "Stroke cycle phase shift rowing." Amendment filed by Kuntz et al in response to UP PTO action indicates th...

Speedcoach Gold Interface
The interface has been available in theUK from Oarsport since the summer, but you will probably need to phone them.

World Champs 2006
The first event bulletin was circulated at the last ARA Council meeting and I see it's also available on their website at http://www.wrc20...

Any Comments on Dirigo ZXE's?
I was wondering if anyone had any comments about Dirigo Zxe shells? Thanks for the comments. Tim McAllister

c2 dyno
I notice that C2 are selling the Dyno for 1175 in the UK. It used to be at least 400 more than that. That can't just be down to exchange rate, can it? So can anyone explain why ...

Specific technique for certain boats
Hi, I would like to ask, different brands of boat have different design on the hull. So is there any specific technique (e.g. concern on the drive, release, recovery etc )for util...

Leo Blockley Memorial Website???
Tried to get to the Leo Blockley Memorial Website at but its not working. Has it been moved to new location. Help needed. Thanks T...

Bouyancy bags - Where can I buy
HI All I have seen some underseat bouyancy bags advertised and I was wandering if any one has an idea which are the best in terms of ease of installation, strength and resistance ...

Which is the best erg to own?
I am considering buying an erg for myself, and I was wondering what peoples opinions of which erg is the best to own out of (what i think) the top three? Consider that I am a on-water rower ...

Armada Cup
Is there a trailer from the UK going to the Armada Cup 30th October?

2nd multi-lane course in the Thames region
From the recruiting poster for Thames umpires, "The opening of a second multi lane course in the region is imminent." I thought it already had 2, Docks and Dorney. Should it say third...

Heel restraints-question?
Is it possible to have working heel restraints (give them a sharp tug and they don't come above the lowest fixed point) and still not be able to get your feet out? I ask because w...

Douglas makeover
Old CD single, before and after photographs: Hmmmm, I think Car...

Software for coaching
Dear friends, I'm looking for software to support my coaching. It should be possible to: -develop training schedules -compare the schedule with the executed training program ...

boat insurance
Our club insured our fleet thru U.S. Rowing. Last weekend we had a flood, NJ, and lost or damaged the entire fleet. The insurance carrier said that the boats were not covered by flood. ...

speed coach gold interface
i own a speedcoach gold with interface, and my friend is also purchasing one but cannot afford the interface as it is a ridiculous price. Does any one have any experience in making one? woul...

Funny video???
Having watched the Dorney sculling video and reading all the posts about bow balls and boats that float the question "what would happen if someone really hurt themselves performing one of th...

Nerdy Sculling Question
In sculling, how much does "button pressure" during the latter part of the recovery contribute to drawing the boat underneath oneself?

Stroke cycle phase shift rowing
I was intrigued by a little snippet in The New Scientist this week about a patent application for a radical new design of rowing. I searched the US patent office and found the relevant appli...

US safety comm.

[email protected] rower levelling and slides questions
Questions to users / owners of Concept2 rowers: Leveling: every time I see a side view picture of a Concept2 "C" rower, the monorail beam looks horizontal, with the seat p...

Bow Safety - again
Tony Curran has just emailed me 2 pictures of the bowball fitted as original equipment on a new shell from a leading Canadian manufacturer. I am appalled. The lower part of the ...

Funny Video.
If you want to see a 7 minute video of people standing up and generally messing around in fine boats... feel free to download this. (Best bet is right click and save) http://www.i...

Please advise on the "best" family sculling boat
Please advise on the "best" family sculling boat, suitable to row as a single and/or as a double scull on relatively flat water with two little children (approx. 5 years old) as passenger, n...

2 Dutch crews need place to stay in Boston
Dear friends, Two Dutch university crews (M and W collegiate eights) are seeking a place to stay for the Head of the Charles regatta. Apparently some plans fell through and now th...

Nice Oly 4- race but that bowball...
OK folks. Nice pic of the Olys 4- finish. But what is that on the front of the Canadian boat made by Hudson Boatworks

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