Anyone see a daft UK headline today about Olympic competition in the EU?
I appreciate that this is off-topic here; I crave indulgence, however, because visiting all the relevant web sites and Googling till my eyes have gone funny have produced no information. I'...

Boat race Oxford vs. Cambridge
I'm thinking about traveling to London next year to watch the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Can anybody recommend a good place to watch the race, or at least a good pub where I can absorb the ...

More rowing anagrams
For those of You out there who don't read the Metro or are even not in the UK Winner Matt wept ashore = Matthew Pinsent, a rower

Blades off the water
Why keep the blades off the water? I have heard that some coaches advise not even to attempt to keep your blades off the water until you have had about two years experience as a s...

Erg time vs. on-water time
Does anyone have any data--even anecdotal--that correlates erg times with on-water (in a single) times for an individual? Just wondering if there is any rule-of-thumb that might be applied....

Definition of "stretcher"
Does the stretcher on a crew boat include the part that your foot goes into, or does that have a separate name? Thanks! --Harold Buck "I used to rock and r...

Two Mathematical Models
Hello All: We have some new information to offer in regard to maths computer models of rowing and invite comment from the group. Marinus van Holst and I have written comprehens...

Re: If Rowing was like:
liz (nospam) wrote: > Relay rowing - scullers have to pass a baton between each other without > falling in Why use a baton? You could have teams of coxed fours (o...

Re: Oars vs. Sculls?
PaulS wrote: > While sculls are certainly oars; An oar may, or may not, be a scull. > Sweeps are Oars, but are not sculls. > > You may row at a paddle, but not with a p...

If Rowing was like:
In the interest of making Rowing more marketable and keep its' seats for the Olys, I've devised a plan based on other successful Oly summer sports: 1. High five each other, slap ...

Oars vs. Sculls?
Which is a correct statement: 1) Sculls are oars, but oars are not sculls 2) Oars are sculls, but sculls are not oars. 3) Oars and sculls are completely different.

Re: skinny in skotland
rowdoc wrote: > > > So, dear Scottish cousins, how do they cope with such skinny water? > Where do > > > they turn the boat? And what happens if one come...

1x discussion (please contribute!)
Hi, all: I own a beautiful Hudson wooden 1x that I bought in '95. We (our tiny rowing club) lost our boathouse in '97 and I relectantly sold it as I had nowhere to keep it. I re...

Effect of reduced freeboard on swamping rates of shells
felipe <[email protected]> writes >Here are Hudsons documents on wing rigger clearance: > > >http://www.huds...

Use of GPS system in rowing?
Hi, I'm interested to know if anyone has tried the Oregon GPS device as an alternative to a speed boss/impeller; is it any good? Here is a link to the device on Concept2 pa...

Hi Rachel, Unfortunatly I was away on holiday for much of August and only got back today. Sounds like Alan Stewart (our Sec) looked after him. Reading the thread Caroline missed h...

Wood 1X repair
Anyone know of a great wood boat repair guy? The hull skin on a recently acquired 1X needs replacing (it's a veneer). Other than that, great boat!

For the last several weeks I have not been able to log onto I get an "access forbidden" statement. I tried this from 2 different servers so I don't think its a proble...

Front page of Evening Standard is that MP will be knighted. I have not seen any other sources to confirm this story though.

History of Lightweight Rowing
Could someone point me towards any papers or articles that give the history of when lightweights first came into Olympic and other competitions. I am also interested in how the weight limits...

Rigger off sides OLY8
Can someone tell me why it was considered mportant to get the riggers off the sides of the USA shell? Was it due to possible high wind and bad swells, or for some other technical reason? <...

Doggett Coat & Badge on 11 September
It's the famous race on the Thames on 11 Sept. Starts at 13:15. See They're expecting 300 boats, carrying 2000 competitors. Should be great...

Thames pollution
Seen in the Guardian today:,13790,1292082,00.html 'They are seeking to prove for the first time whether polluted water is causing intestin...

No doubt Carl would be appalled to know that 45 nations competing have a blazerati ratio (blazers:athletes) of more than 1. The worst are Oman and East Timor with 3.5. Even Ireland has 1.5. ...

Medals in sculling and sweep rowing
Just out of interest, how common is it to win medals in both sweep and sculling boats in consecutive Olympics? I was under the impression that it got pretty specialised up at the ...

U.S. Men's 8 boat manufacturer
Someone mentioned that they rowed a Hudson. How does Vespoli fare in this arena now? Have they been in general overtaken by Hudson? (I haven't been around this stuff for a few y...

Pinsent voted off
..the IOC's athlete's commission:

German 8 stroke cycle
With thanks to Henning for the video. You'll enjoy this one. A great camera angle. blades clearly visible and the Cox's head doing a nodding dog at the catch. http://www.inv...

upgrade to view
I got the same message, clicked for the upgrade and got it, and then it worked. I was surprised because my computer is new and gets automatic Microsoft upgrades.

first rowing drugs medal casualty? "Ukraine's women's quadruple sculls rcrew was stripped of its bronze medal on Thursday after one of the rowers failed a...

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