Live online commentary of Worlds A-finals
I'm doing live commentary online at the Wchs - and A-finals only. Pages ...

Athens weather
A very interesting article, from a different perspective. and for updates on the forecasts for the rowing centre, this l...

Brand new
Hello all.... I'm a sea kayaker. It means I'm not use to rowing....I'm more into paddling, sorry !!!:) But I just received a gift, a brand new Aviro 500 made by Decathlon, the

Olaf Tufte's Stroke Cycle
Here we go. Best one yet ?? This is taken at about 1200m into the race, as he makes his push into Hacker's lead.

Romanian positive
Please let it not be Georgeta. She's lovely.

Marcel Hacker's stroke cycle I've not had a great chance to look at this one yet. A beautiful position at the catch though. There's quite a bit...

Live commentary from Banyoles
We have live commentary on GB races at in the results section and some photos in the albums section

Concept II rowing
Hi, I have been using the Concept II machines for a few years. I think my techniques are OK, but I did not pay much attention to details of my training. I have alway...

Re: Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
PaulS wrote: > "Rob Collings" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > > But it also reduces the change in velocity...

adjustable blade with wooden handle?
Hey all, Found this on photo of Pinsent & Cracknell, just...

Free Beer
Has anyone in the Oxford area got a few spare minutes this Saturday morning to help unload and rig some boats at St Edwards School? Your reward will be a pint at The Trout Inn (and a nice w...

Re: Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
Carl Douglas wrote: > Asking for "slide control" if someone is moving too fast, however, tends > to result in just the slow down before the catch which "go in early" is...

Re: Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
PaulS wrote: > "Neil Wallace" <rowing.golfer*NOSPAM*> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > > it is not a question of dra...

Stefano Basalini's stroke cycle.
Still frames again..... or a tiny wee (400KB) animated gif

Re: Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
Alistair Potts wrote: > There is a serious point, which goes beyond our arcane debates on rsr: > notwithstanding the 'whatever works' principle, if the boat really >...

Goodbye LM8+
Am I the first to spot this? Anyway, it looks like the LM8+ may be going the way of the LW2-. Seville 2003 entries: 6 Milan 2003 entries: 6 Banjoles 2004 entries: 5

Where's Nick?
Hey RSR folks, how about a Nick report? He left here in great shape a couple weeks ago, but haven't heard from him since! Mike

Riggers lost at TTRC at head time
I know it's a long time since the heads, but I've had a request for help tracing some riggers lost at TTRC the weekend before the Schools Head and The Head. Details at http://www.rowin...

The new Univeristy College Oxford Boathouse
Has anyone had a look at ? The old and very grand orginal can be seen

Fiona Milne Stroke Cycle.
Hi all, With permission from FISA, I've made a page showing Fiona Milne's "stroke cycle". Let's see ...

Re: Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
How would you keep your feet at the right height? Surely you'd end up with them resting on the bottom of the boat?? Or you could use your leg muscles to hold them in place but then that isn'...

Feet Out Experiment - PaulS vs Carl
Time for a proper experiment. Here's the challenge: take your shoes out of your boat and see if you can row just using the footplate to push against. No method of pulling yourself...

Eights at the World Championships and at the Olympics
Hello, I was wondering where I could lay hands on a list of the eights that were entered into the World and Olympic regattas for the past ten years (well a few years) for exampl...

Re: when to do 2k's
yes sounds good - one thing that I learned when i was starting off doing 2K and 5K tests, is that there are somethings that you can do to make you stronger and cope better in the test ... ie...

Re: when to do 2k's
You obviously haven't seen him recently - minus the hair. Didn't even recognise him at Nat Champs! (which Neil forgot to mention that he won). Rob.

Re: when to do 2k's
there is already quite a bit about this topic on this forum - try searching for 2K test there is a long discussion called "2k training" Concept 2 website has lots of advice ...

when to do 2k's
hi, i was wondering how often i should do a 2k erg test. I have done 2 in the last two weeks, i have PR'ed both times. But i'm getting the signal that a 2k each week isn't proper? I read ...

Franco-British J16 match
Results of this weekend's match in Vitré are now available at: or

I can not understand why certain "posts" that contain gross, sexual, spam-type material-content, whether it be false suicide of infamous people or with sexual content, stay on the site for w...

being the bow man
Hi all, long time reader first time poster. I have just completed grade 10 and my high school juniour career has ended, next year i will be racing in the senior category. I must say i had ...

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