Feedback in rowing
Hello, how do you give your rowers a feedback to controll thier technique or to perform a better technique? Has anybody tested some Feedbacks like NK Speedcoach or Displays to sho...

Trains to Henley RR questions
As I understand parking at Henley will be non-existant or a nightmare, I am looking to find out what train lines serve Henley as it may be advantageous for us to drive from our lodgings in K...

seeking 2+
I have been asked to help track down a high quality 2+ shell that could be raced at the upcoming World Championships. If anyone in Europe has access to a shell that they would be willi...

A rowing related death of another sort.
At the risk of being cold-hearted, I thought that I would pass this along to RSR. Thank heavens few of us have this to worry about. - JD Bangalore, June 28 (IANS) : Four br...

where did we go wrong?
Hey all, Interesting article on FISA website Now I'd like to know why people don't consider rowing a...

Wind Correction Factors
Just wondering whether anyone had any decent data on how to correct times for pieces done in different wind conditions. Clearly head winds slow you down and tail winds speed you up, but by ...

[FA] Concept 2 model B erg (UK) This erg's in good condition, used privately by a friend and then sold to me in December. I've hardly used it, it's onl...

Rowing in Rwanda?
Hello, I am currently rowing in the UK, enjoying it very much (only started last autumn). From October, I will be spending two years in Rwanda working, and was curious to find out...

HRR draw -- David Biddulph Rowing web pages at

FS: Concept 2 Rowing Machine
Concept 2 Rowing Machine Excellent Condition $550 Ask for Norman, 726-7206

Henley Qualifying Times
Did anybody clock the qualifying for the Thames ?

What kind of boat(s) should we get?
I am on the board of a club for high school aged rowers. I don't know much about crew, but am simply an involved parent, so please be patient with me. We have some surplus capital and...

Strange boats in the HRR boat tent
Apart from the eight with hard anodised Aerowings that someone had decided to paint maroon and gold (sacrilege?!) there was eight with a small fin and rudder fitted underneth the two seat as...

DC Rowing coach missing from launch in Potomac River
This is not the same program in DC that has had two multiple boat swampings this year. Here is the text from the Washington Post. Rowing Coach Missing in Potomac

technique training in rowing
Hello, I īm searching for some literature for technique training for rowers. I found lots of things for beginners - but what's up with the "professionals". ...

Carl Douglas in the States
Well, I guess that after lurking, and finally posting here, I finally realized that looking at beautiful photos of a CD shell is just not good enough. Does anyone in C...

Good Erging Shoes
As I quickly found out when I took up the sport of rowing, alot of time is spent on the erg doing pieces, and having running shoes such as New Balance which have the plastic heel support in ...

Video of me sculling.
If you have a good connection, feel free to download this video of me sculling. It is a 12.7MB download. The first bit ...

Hi everybody Could I get a feel for how different clubs from around the globe charge their rowers in membership fees. Do you have different levels i.e Senior Competitive, Junior, No...

Black gunk in slides
A bit of a debate has kicked off on the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs message board regarding what the black gunk actually is that seems to accumulate in slides. And what the best...

Rowing Solidarity
My club Montevideo Rowing Club was born on 1874 founded by English people. My country URUGUAY won 8 olimpic medals in his history. 4 were won by rowing and 3 of them belonged to sportemen ...

More ARA Posturing over Shell Buoyancy
John Mulholland has reported the following from the ARA Water Safety Committee on: "The ARA can not set a standard without becom...

A thumbs down for safety
From This weekend there was a 2k regatta in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands, on a 4-lane course that is the wider part of a canal...

Swiss Thames Entry
Does anybody know anything about this crew? I heard a rumour it might be an under 23 national crew!

GNC Sucks dot com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED:

Blade stiffness
Hi there, A mate of mine has opened a Pole Vault company specializing in the construction of sectionable pole which can be used in Pole Vault. He claims that they can add (or re...

bike/boat combination
Crazy idea for the summer - we are considering building a catamaran type boat powered by a bicycle. I seem to recall seeing discussion on this NG in the past, but cannot find it thriough Goo...

Ergo software
Hi, just spotted a - at least for me - new ergo software on TV, from the pic it says "Rowpro", here's the source: (BTW, i...

USA 4- in Lucerne.
What a finish!! Simply stunning. For those who didn't see it, they appear to have found about a length and a half over Canada and GB in the last 250m. Where did they find that bur...

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