no new posts...
is it possible that rsr has seen no new posts since may 27 (it is now 5/30)? according to google groups thursday is the last day anyone wrote...

Wing riggers - just a fad?
So has the bubble burst on the wing rigger. Looking over the pics at... I don't see many wing riggers. I see more of the carbon tw...

searching forsmall offshore passagemaker
i'm looking for designs for small offshore rowing cruisers something smaller sleeker than the boats used for crossing the ocean any ideas?? smo

Although folding rulers have been available for years, this one is metric, and I doubt you will find a metric folding one at your local hdware st. Additional note: I found a small metric wi...


Thanks to Royal Docks RC ...
My return flight to Manchester from London City was delayed yesterday evening by an hour and a half. Bummer, I thought: nothing for it but to get some work done on the laptop. Then I looke...

Urgent for Metropolitan Regatta
Can you Help? Bradford ARC needs a cox for this Sunday at Metropolitan Regatta as our normal cox is unavailable and we haven't been able to find a replacement. We are due to race at 12:00pm ...

Full time rowing coach wanted - Hong Kong
In order to meet increasing demand for the sport, The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club invites applications for the newly created position of Rowing Coach / Administrator. This full time...

TWO METRE BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS FOLDING RULER No injuries caused by sharp metal edges and retracting tape Precise measurements every time without flimsy tapes Quality product ...

London Docklands Regatta 2004
The 2004 London Docklands Regatta has been CANCELLED due to insufficient entries. Richard

New CII handles
Hi All Has anyone used these new handles yet. What is the point of changing the adjusting system? What was wrong with the old way? ...

HRR Results
Some time back a link to a website setting out past Henley Royal results was posted (not the HRR website). From memory the site seemed to have been run by someone in the US, was m...

I happened to watch the movie "Road to Perdition" last night, and was most intrigued by its opening lines. These are precisely as follows: "There are many stories about Michael Sulliva...

Summer rowing in Western New York
Greetings, RSR... shameless plug here... I'll be coaching the men's collegiate heavyweight crew this summer at West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo, NY. We'll be competing at US Nationals...

inside arm at the catch
He everybody, I know we went down this road with rowDML, but I think other than making an arm shorter (which I think might just be slightly more painful than a 2000m erg), nobod...

Rough water sculling technique
OK, this is probably one for the coastal scullers - but maybe any good technical sculler can help me here! I've got a couple of friends who are sculling on the sea. They've got good str...

draw for Met
Does anybody have this yet or am I being too impatient ! Mark

Force applied per stroke
Hello, this is a rather arid question. I hope it makes sense. How do you know what force is applied to each stroke? It doesn't seem like this is what the watts section of the computer...

Convertible triple/double/pair
My club is about to buy a heavy rec-type convertible triple/coxed double, mainly for use by handicapped youngsters. I have persuaded them to think about getting something which can als...

Canadians and their training
Interesting article about the defending world 8+ champs (gleamed off,

Xeno Muller's Sudden Retirement
Here is an article from USRowing on the sudden retirement of Xeno Muller at the starting line of the US Oly 1X Trials this morning. <...

xeno retires

Xeno retires five minutes from trials start?!
Whoa! What happened to Xeno at the trials? This article mentions something about responsibilities and about something depressing on television, but otherwise is extremely vague about what se...

Hudson 1x FS
1991 heavyweight wood hudson for sale in Montreal.

2x start
My partner (age 55) and I (age 75) are entering a 1000 meter sprint next weekend. We have tried many starting routines and are still wondering which is best. What are your ideas, opinions,...

Mixed doubles
Hey All I am trying to get my friend (Sam) back onto the water, but she is selling her scull so thats out of the question. If we row in a double, who should sit where? Sam's a hea...

arm and leg length
The "RSR is very dull" thread brought up a point I've been curious about for some time. So much time is spent dickering with rigging as we attempt to get the perfect set-up to achieve maxim...

Doping, Olympics.
I just read an interesting article about doping, as assisted by the California company Balco. This article is notable for the email messages reprinted at the end. "Steroid scan...

Re: anatomy of a capsize
The website was down a few days. The subject of how to get back in a single came up a couple times in this thread. Help yourself to this paper. It's a pdf, it has the Bair Island log...

letter to Alexandria
I looked up an email contact to Alexandria. Here's what I sent, I'll let RSR know the result: Sally Another article appeared showing where crews from your program were res...

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