Ping (as they say) ... Martin Harris, the mail address I have for you is out of date
I replied to one of your mails to receive a polite auto-answer saying you'd moved on. Can you get in touch with me about vets at LRC? The reply-to address on this post is valid, but better...
Found by following a link on RQs noticeboard. £411.25 to kit out an 8+.

Athens, etc. - the usual
Just read the following article about Athens. Given the discussions that have gone on here before I thought people might be interested.

speedcoach gold
I know we've discussed this before, but is it worth moving up from red to gold speedcoach? Hopefully there are now plenty of field users able to give a longer term review of the new uni...

Cracknell to miss Poznan
James Cracknell will miss the Poznan round of the Rowing World Cup, because of a rib stress fracture: -- David Biddulph Rowing web pag...

Theft of boat parts from boat
I realise many of those reading this are not from the UK, in which case this will have only limited relevence. Exeter College Boat Club (Oxford) men have had their entire cox box...

Huge single scull needed advice please
Hello all, first time post! I'm in search of a single scull to learn in, but I'm 6'8" (203cm) and 127Kg so I'm having trouble finding one and the one's i've found look too good to learn in a...

Old computer bits
Would you look in the bottom drawer of my red filing cabinet for a motherboard and tell me what it is, it should have a company name followed by a product name somewhere on it....

leg drive: hamstrings?
Hey folks... got a question for y'all: What, in your personal oppinion, do you feel is the contribution of the hamstrings to the force produced in the leg drive? Do you thin...

For Sale (UK): Wooden Stern Coxed Four £250
For sale Wooden Stern Coxed Four. The boat has been in storage for a while now but is servicable and ready to row. Approx crew weight 85Kg £250 or near offer Email or phone fo...

Another swamping story
Anyone know any more details?

¿Masters Regattas in Western Australia 2006?
Hi Playmates. I'm just back from our biannual State Masters Games regatta, held over our ANZAC long weekend in the historic south coast city of Albany, on a lovely 700 metre cours...

Boat selling scam
I posted an ad on irow classifieds to sell my single. I got one response from a guy that wanted the boat soon, sight unseen, didn't even ask about it. Long story short, it was one of those...

The Physics of Rowing
Someone at Cambridge Uni, UK, has produced this very interesting paper on rowing physics: I'm still reading through and no doubt plenty of people will f...

The Yanks at Henley
Quick question: Do American collegiate boat clubs have restrictions on how often they are allowed to come over to Henley Royal and Henley Women's? Do women face more restric...

Should you rig differently for long races?
In masters racing there are fast 1000m races and then there are slower head races. Should you rig a lighter or heavier load for the longer races? I've had coaches rig heavier for head race...

Was; 'Paul Smith on Slides' and 'Rowing Machines'
Shamed into action by Neil Wallace's caustic comments on lurkers, the following may be interesting to both threads; Last summer I was fortunate enough to attend the Imperial College

Getting to regattas
Guess all clubs have this problem: you've got boats, you've got a trailer, but how do you get them to where you want to race? Do you: a) hope one of your members has a tow...

Oxford City Bumps - Results
The results of the 2004 Oxford City Bumping Races are now posted on the CORC website at 50 crews took part in the event. City of Oxford RC retained the Head of the

For Sale (UK):Aylings Stern Coxed Four
For sale by auction on eBay - Old Aylings Stern Coxed four. Requires lots of attention, but may be of use to club with limited funds Starting bid 99p with no reserve. http://cgi.e...

RE: Never rowed. Out of Shape. Just bought a Concept 2...
I think that the categorization of Rowers here is poor, and I'd like to post an updated list: Rowers enjoy rowing Rowers try desperately to please their coach both on and off the ...

Rowing Machines
To use slides with an ergo or not to use slides with an ergo A question i would like help with; Whats the advantage of slides and will using an ergo with slides all the time assist wit...

Let's talk about rowing, people!
If you want to discuss or read posts regarding your favorite sport, come to and click on our forums. From there you can post and view messages pertaining to you...

BUSA Predictions
What sort of times usually win the Divisions, who are favourites to win each category etc. Any rsr's racing? Jimm ------------------------------------------------ ...

Coate Regatta (UK) 22 May 2004
I have been in touch with Coate Regatta to tell them that their website is out of date. The regatta will be on 22 May. I gather that the website will be corrected. Details a...

Paul Smith on Slides.
Paul sent me this link of him using the C2 with sliders (and a C-breeze, of course).

BUSA draw
Anyone know when the draw for BUSA draw is out? Cheers Jimm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- University of Kent Rowi...

Breathing rates
What breathing rates do you use during racing? Clearly, it is easier to breathe in a way synchronized with the stroke rate, but as you get more & more stressed at the same stroke ...

Never rowed. Out of Shape. Just bought a Concept 2...
On the recommendations of a friend who loves the Concept 2, Indoor Rower, I decided to use it to start my long overdue get back in shape fitness program. Aside from all the obviou...

Oxford City Bumps (24th April) - Starting Order
Oxford City Bumping Races - Saturday 24th April 2004 The provisional starting order, instructions, etc, are now posted at

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