Henley Royal Regatta - Announcement of New Events
HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA - ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW EVENTS APRIL 1st 2004. Unless one of your mates or fellow club members have made finals day, Sunday at HRR can be a bit ‘end of term'-i...

Rowing in North Carolina
Does anyone out there know of any opportunities for rowing (with or without your own shell) in the Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. I am interested in continuing to row when ...

Stream correction factor for Head of the River Race
Does anyone have a rough estimate for correcting times for Tideway Head on the Thames? ie. the fact that the top of the division has the fastest stream, which then (obviously) gets slower fo...

Power to Weight ratio
Hey. I'm looking for a power to weight ratio test. Hopefully something simple, yet astoundingly accurate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards Rich...

Agecroft Rowing Club - New boathouse on Salford Quays
Not many people have heard of Agecroft and most people must think to themselves when they see it on a draw "where do Agecroft row?" if they think anything at all. Well, Agecroft R...

Arms and body rowing?
Hello, I need some advice. Due to various injuries, I happen not to be able to run, swim or erg; I haven't been for four weeks and it is unlikely I'll be able to in the next fou...

Buying 2nd hand sculling boats in the UK
Other than the classifieds section in Regatta and the UK Noticeboard on Rachael Quarrel's Rowing Service site, can anyone suggest a good place to look for sculling boats for sale or add a wa...

AUS: 2004 National Championships Web Site
The nationals will be running from March 8 - March 14. Web site: http://www.rowingaustralia.com.au/Nationals2004/ - Live Results - audio - photos - plen...

bumpsdaq 2004
bumpsdaq 2004 is now open for people to register to play. It's an online trading game based around Cambridge (UK) rowing - it ran last year and was very popular, so I've done a new ve...

What no Pommie bashing ?
I'm astounded to see no thread after the switch to the 4- for P&C, even SSR said "if they race in a four rather than the pair in Athens it would like they've run away from a challenge" ...

WeHORR logistics
we're boating from furnival, we are also planning a pre race outing at 11am OTW, problem, one baby who needs his mum, apparently there is a rugby match at twickenham, so our general plan wou...

Head Race Timing
Hi all, I am looking for information on how clubs compile results from Head Races. My club currently hold 2 such events, with around 100 crews. We get the results by a method pret...

ARA Insurance
I have just found that the ARA Personal Accident Insurance does not cover you for when you are abroad, so you may want to check the small print. My own travel insurers seem not to cove...

Oxford Torpids
Results will be online live(ish) from 12PM GMT today. http://www.ourcs.org.uk/?content=/torpids/current.php Cheers, Stu

US Purchases given Exchange Rate
Hi, A bit of background that might be relevant, I've got relatives in canada, and the US. Given the exchange rate, I'm considering purchasing a scull from the US, and s...

Looking for Richard Ehlers
Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody could help with this one. I'm looking for Richard Ehlers. He rowed at Cambridge (I think 2001 but possible earlier than that). Would lo...

Oxford Blue
I am trying to buy a copy of Oxford Blue VHS. I am told that it is not available. Does anyone have a copy and willing to make me one? OR can you tell me where to buy it if there is a vendor ...

Boat race crews
Any thoughts? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/3522139.stm Jimm ----------------------------------------------------------------- Machine University of...

Isis timing at Reading HOR
http://www.twrc.rowing.org.uk/slug/04rhead01.jpg I don't think much of Oxford's timing (check out 3)! If this is representative of their technique then my money is on Cambridge. (Mind ...

UK - City of Bristol HORR results (again, apologies for the format...)
Start No Club Crew Name Status Boat Division Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time 33 Bradford On Avon Brown E 1x 1 01:02:44.51 01:15:19.80 00:12:35.29 E1x 77 Minerva Bath E 2x...

Go Xeno!!!

Hypothermia / safety articles
Further to the discussion about flipping in cold water ... The Albany Rowing Center has an excellent article about rowing and hypothermia: http://home.nycap.rr.com/albanyrc/Hypoth...

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