Rowing videos
I know there are people here that are also cyclists, as am I. I was doing a trainer ride the other night watching a Chris Carmicheal video. He has produced a series of these for indoor tra...

10/11 tooth cog usage on Rowperfect
Just wondering, wrt regular users of RP out there, how much you use the smaller cog. Or with less prejudice, in what proportion do you use the two cogs, and under what circumstances (for wha...

Coastal Rowing UK (Was ARA Membership)
William R. Platt" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > Very Interesting! > > It's great---we do not...

Bouncing Blade
Some of my novice rowers - - newly returned to the water last week - - are struggling with horizontal drive. They're not digging or opening the back early, but rather the blade 'bounces' a b...

FYI Someone in this group is infected with Netsky virus/worm
I've had several mails infected with the current variants of Netsky which have pretended to come from members of this group. The nature of the worm is such that such mails don't come from t...

Google News Alerts
Hi all, Whilst the rowing service and row2K both do a splendid job of linking to rowing news items, the above link allows you to use g...

fluid rower
I'm wishing to openly publicise to my rsr playmates that I am currently entering into some involvement with the Fluid Rower. It just happens that the co-owner of the product is my former loc...

Lactic Acid
If I understand it correctly, for a given muscle cell, the amount of lactic acid produced is dependant on the force of contraction. Is that why (on the erg) 30 minutes at SR 18 firm pr...

fore and aft rigging on singles
Have just got a new Lola Aylings 1x with wing rigger - it's the first boat I've had where the riggers are adjustable fore and aft - does anyone have any advice on best practice for setting t...

Trying to sell a boat
I'm trying to sell a single shell. I've posted an ad on Row 2K classifieds in the past and on sites offered by boat companies. Does anyone know of other web sites or other places (newslett...

Single & swamped
Thought I would pass on a couple of lessons learned the HARD way. I'm sure folk will have lots of opinions ... In a head race a couple of weekends ago my Fluidesign decided it could n...

Boat Catogary
Hmmm, what would one call this a 10++ maybe?

One-Legged Erg Times
It strikes me that erging using only one leg at a time would help identify people who have a problem underusing one of their legs, and would be a useful exercise for the underused leg. ...

UK - City Of Bristol HORR schedule of racing.
Apologies for the format! Start No Club Crew Name Status Boat Division 1 Exeter S3 8o 1 2 Monkton Bluefriars S3 8o 1 3 Cardiff Uni N 8o 1 4 UBBC A N...

IRA Regatta Pins Various Years only 99 cents!
On eBay, IRA Regatta Pins from many years 1973 through 1992. All start at 99 cents with no reserve! Follow this link then check seller's other auctions to see them all. ht...

Concept 2 Sleaves on Braca Sport shafts
Hi I want to fit Concept 2 Sleeves on to a set of Braca Sport Sculls. Has anyone done this, or knows if this is possible? I am being really lazy. I should just measure the s...

I Lost my Virginity at Crash-Bs
I Lost my Virginity at Crash-Bs Today for the first time in my life I competed in a rowing regatta the World Indoor Rowing Championships aka Crash-Bs at the Reggie Lewis Indoor...

Cambridge Lent Bumps Results Service
Hi, For those interested in the results of the Cambridge University Lent Bumps this week, you can follow the results live via WAP at , where you ...

No more TV coverage of the boatrace.
I was interested to read this today...

just wear a dress?
Hey Everybody, Found this on row2k... Very interesting (and a touch scary)

Yet more speculation/comment/rumour about Olypmic selection
What's this people are saying about the British Olympic selection then? Is there any truth to it? Jon -- Durge: [email protected]

CRASH-B Sprints 2004 results posted
All 2004 results are now posted... except for the Junior Mixed Double. Good racing everyone! -- Geoffrey S. Knauth ...

CRASH-B 2004 results posted (events 5-20)
The results for events 5-20 of the 2004 CRASH-B Sprints have been posted at: The results for events 1-4 (wrapping up now) and for the coxswains' race and j...

FISA regatta for the UK
At long last the UK is going to host a FISA regatta again. There will be a world cup regatta at Dorney in May next year - Thurs, Fri, St of the Spring bank holiday weekend. It w...

Plastic Boats Needed
I know this is a long shot but we are looking for a plastic eight and two plastic fours to replace boats which have been broken or are on their last legs. Being a small club we do not have ...

Yet more swampings and sinkings (UK)
We hear that the Nottingham Head of the Trent was affected by high winds and rough conditions this morning. Several shells in the first division were swamped and we are told that at least s...

Burway Head
If anyone stayed around long enough to see or has a copy of the results.. in particular Men's S3 and S4 Eights, could they share? Cheers, James

The Benefits of a Bow Fin.
Hello again. This is just a note to say that since March 2001 I have had a bow fin fitted to my single scull and have been enjoying the benefits of it ever since. These benefits ...

anyone have any experience with rowbikes?

(UK) Opening of the new boathouse at Agecroft RC, March 28th. All former members welcome.
Our beautiful new boathouse is nearly ready for occupation and we're having an opening ceremony on Sunday March 28th. 9:30AM sees an "open outing" - lapsed members, current members, ...

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