Direct or diagonal entry of the blade???
during my recent tehnique trainings, while working hard to improve my sculling, i found my self in a 'catchy' dilemma.... is a direct entry of a blade ( be exact, my blades would b...

Learning styles in rowing
My son is doing an AS project on the subject 'learn ing styles in rowing' - I think this also includes teaching/coching styles. As usual he is trying to balance his studies with an intensive...

Can a moderate rower become a coach?
At the clubs I frequent I regularly see crews with little or no experience going out on the water and (as they say where I come from) "rowing like drains", windmilling around largely, or com...

Hampton Head
Today's Hampton Junior Head has been cancelled. It's horribly wet and windy down here in Hampshire, so if it's anything similar in Surrey I'm not surprised at the cancellation. --

Boat propulsion
Hi all, I would like to put some things together, and therefore need a few assumptions to be valid. Basic assumption: The whole system of boat propulsion would work p...

rowing inventions
Hi, I'm writing an article about novel rowing inventions and I'd like to know what gizmos you have seen in your rowing community, such as the new rigger design the local inventor is testing ...

rowing inventions
Hello - Do you know someone who has invented a new device or modified a piece of equipment to improve rowing technique or speed, or some other variable? Think about things like the sliding r...

Jersey Rowing Club super boat
Jersey rowing club hold the London to Paric record in a seagoing sculling boat that I think they had specially built, is it a sixer (6x) can't remember. Does anyone know where this is ...

re: Single point of balance
We have taken delivery of a KIRS single and found that it had a tendency to "bury the bow" at the finish of the stroke. We have taken a guess and moved the rigger 25mm toward the stern which...

Choice of rowing machine
Hello I'm in the UK and looking for a robust indoor rower. I don't need all the whistles and bells of a C2 but it does need to be tough. Any suggestions? I've seen adverts for a H...

Endurance, boredom, technique, etc (was: Why so much endurance?)
Doing an hour's steady state last night, I had the notion don't know where it came from to take a look behind at backstops, as per sculling or bowsteering. Five strokes later, looked ar...

Participation of UK (GBR ?) crews at the Heineken Rowing Regatta
In a email conversation with Imperial on their possible participation at this year's Heineken Rowing Regatta (or Heineken Roeivierkamp, H4K) in Amsterdam we discussed the fact that the H4K...

which setting for Concept erg resistance? - my first erg race
I just entered an indoor rowing competition that happens this Saturday. I haven't erged very much, so it's maybe crazy to jump in like this. On the other hand, I've trained pretty hard for...

Help in US with finding re-hab-able 1x's
Hey eveyone, I coach a high school team and I have an ambitious plan to boat my varsity team in singles for training. Anyone know of older singles that are just languishing in their bo...

Draw Level
1. How many people here have been asked to sit in a stationary boat at backstops, blade "just floating" and make a note of where to draw to, then do the same at frontstops? (if you answ...

VLC Sprints
Oooooo, I think the mens B 8+ is going to be a close one, between Roodeplaate, Ravens and Eds... maybe VLC. -- Regards Dillon Mantle

London 2012
I've just been looking at the venues on There was a fuss, when it came to choosing the venue for the rowing, over Eto...

Does anyone have a magic trick to avoid blisters? I know i'll those it within 1 month if i train often enough but how can i avoid suffering to much Any ideas? Jean V

why so much endurance?
Am sure this has been covered on this group before but does anybody have a good answer as to why rowers do quite so much endurance work in the winter? The volume of low intensity work that ...

More water skiing
Hah. Recently on a Discovery program called 'Mythbusters', they checked out the so-called 'myth' that you could water ski behind an eight. Lo and Behold, they're out th...

Allan Bennett
Whilst watching the Milan World Champs DVD at the weekend, I heard the name "Allan Bennett" mentioned as coach of Aus W8. I presume that must be Allan "not a fan of...." Bennett who us...

Mike, I tried to email you today, and it bounced. I used the address found in your posts here at sully at forsythe, etc. Drop me a line with a better addy if...

Specific training towards a 2K
Here is an ipothetical situation. You know the exact date of a test, 2k only. That is all you have to do, and it's two months away. What sort of training would you do? Long ...

Boat Speed Curve
Hi All I know we all argue about the athletes power curve and what it should look like. But wouldn't it be useful to know the boats speed curve, because all the watts in the world...

Spraying Varnish on Wood Boat Repairs?
I love my wooden boat even though it is a heck of alot of work to maintain. I fix every little ding as soon as I discover it. I varnished a part of my splashboard a few months ago. I used...

Yet another swamping in US
RQ's New Rowing Information page gives this to a report of an Amhurst Univ, Mass, swamping while down south: from which the following ex...

rowing on different rivers, UK
hi all, our home river (cambridge, UK) is closed all day on Sunday so I thought I'd head to a different river for my mornings excitement. Does anyone know if there day ticke...

Cox wanted for Saturday outing with Novice crew
Putney Novice Crew seeking Cox for regular Saturday morning outing.. Men's novice crew are asking for help from an experienced cox to help with a regular Saturday morning outing Satu...

Rowing in St Petersburg, Russia
Hi all, I'm relocating to St Petersburg in two week's time, and would be interested to hear of anyone who has any experience in rowing there. I have been able to locate a club the...

England Rugby team and rowing
Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph: Dave Reddin, the England fitne...

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